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  • Familycare 1 Fullsize

    Effective Parenting

      A start point for this subject is my book Growing the Empowered Child – A Formula for World Peace. The empowered child is the child who is happy, confident, creative, and responsible and with a drive for excellence. We do this by raising children …

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  • Sexual Energy

    How To Use The Sex Energy

    Youth and Children are the seeds for the future. Many adults forget that they have been youths before. Many youths are without any meaningful care. Parents are busy earning money and other homes are broken and those who do their best to be homes at …

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  • Handshake

    Value for Power

      The difference between the rich and the poor is the value they planted into themselves when they were young. Power is your ability to be what you want to be; have what you want to have do what you want to do. In future, …

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  • Keep Your Dream

    Don’t Steal What is Always Yours

    When you eat your own unripe cashew fruit, your mouth will be sore; when wait and it gets ripe, you will enjoy a delicious fruit. One day, sex will be available for your breakfast, lunch and dinner and you may not want it sometimes. What …

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  • 2011 Friendship Day Collection

    Productive Friendship

      Friendship can destroy or make you. The right approach to friendship is to know what friendship means. Friendship is a special relationship in which you help each other to become better. Friendships must, therefore, be purposeful. You can have several friends where each friend …

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  • Technology Learning 2

    EMAT 04:

    EMAT O4: The Learning Technology EMAT is an acronym of Etherean Mission Application Technology and the first three central technologies of life is on sex, communication and money. The fourth technology of life is Learning. Life itself is a learning classroom. EMAT 04 The Learning …

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  • Joy With White

    Taste of Joy

      Gain the ability to choose the good feelings you deserve. This means, you are truly rich because everything that anyone wants is to satisfy a feeling. Bring to mind events of positive emotions such as love, peace, joy and for each of these recall …

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  • Pi 334

    Empowered Games

    Growing the Empowered Child An empowered child is the child who is happy, confident, creative, responsible and has a drive for excellence. We achieve this through easy-to-do games for the clearing of fear, and anger and also help them to identify and celebrate their uniqueness …

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  • Guys and Chicks Corner

    This is for you to write your comments. What Guys think of Chics or Shodies as some call the girls; and what do Chics think of guys? What Shoddie will a Guy like to marry and what Guy will a Shoddie like to marry? Do …

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  • Into Adulthood

    How to grow successfully into adulthood. Learn more

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