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  • HS

    Attitude of Faithfulness

    Cultivate the attitude of honesty, integrity and sincerity with life and life will be in integrity, honesty and sincerity with you. You mind is a manufacturing factory where ideas are processed into finished products. Deliberate on what you want to say in your mind before …

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  • Godwithin

    Believe in Miracles And Be A Miracle.

      Infinite possibilities came together for your creation. Your journey into this life started from the first day of creation and the possibilities are endless. When you think of life, you will realize that you are life’s miracle and as such you are here to …

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  • HS

    The Exalted God Presence

    You have woken up today as the Exalted Holy Names of God. Be the joy that life prayed for to everyone who will share your life and let life be in eternal gratitude to God. Do something sweet and noble that will make someone say, …

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  • C4.1 Trans Adult


    The chick pushes to hatch from the egg; the pregnant woman in labor pushes to deliver her baby; the river pushes its way to the sea; and the tree pushes its way up the soil. For us humans also, we need to push to grow, …

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  • Meditaition Tech

    Empty Yourself

    At the beginning of the year 2012, I asked a member of the church, as I usually do, what her goals were for the year. She said “I will look out for someone who needs real help to progress and help the person.” Her response …

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  • 12193387 457409131131171 4953940490810815503 N

    God Loves Through you

    Love means seeing the good and the divine in yourself and in all of life. Bible says ‘God is love’ and again ‘Love your enemies.’ The love you give away you will keep. This means that the more you give out love, the more you …

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  • New Beginning

    Cooperate With Life (3)

    You have to live life knowing that God is the one doing the good through you. Life is lived by cooperating with the responsible God (universe.) Stop being responsible and know when to say that “This is now something for God to do.” In seeking …

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  • BIT Julian 2

    Cooperate With Life (2)

    Feeling responsible for everything in Life prevents you from seeing or manifesting what God wants to do or be through you. You therefore do not make time to capture the divine promptings of God for your life. You end up scattered and you achieve nothing. …

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  • BIT Julian

    Cooperate With Life (1)

    Many people do not know when to say “It is God’s time” and “It is my time.” Do not feel responsible for everything else you enter into anxiety, tension, worry, hatred and fear. Amazingly, many people are even afraid of what will happen to their …

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  • Etherean Family

    You are one with God

    Nature is the greatest Bible of God. You are nature. You breathe Nature. You eat nature and you drink nature. Nature is the body of God. Nature is Life. Feel the love and the wisdom of God in the air that you breathe. Feel God …

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