Taste of Joy

Joy With White

Taste of Joy


Gain the ability to choose the good feelings you deserve. This means, you are truly rich because everything that anyone wants is to satisfy a feeling.
Bring to mind events of positive emotions such as love, peace, joy and for each of these recall the events in which they happened.

When in that feeling notice the sensory values of taste smell, touch colour, sound and texture feel.
Draw anything that represent the happiest day in your life.

Allow your eyes to close and relive the event and notice the sensory values of taste smell, touch colour, sound and texture feel.

What is the colour of this happy event? What is the smell, taste, sound and texture?

Write all the sensory values against this event.

Do the above for three happy and joyful events; and also for Events of Peace, Love, Kindness, Intelligence and Creativity.
How to Use the Taste of Joy

Do this for a few days till you are very clear of the sensory values of each of these. Now when you are communicating with somebody, bring between you and the person the color, smell, taste, sound or texture of joy and happiness and your meeting with the person and enjoying your kitchen and bath will be sweet. You will be loved and appreciated by all.

Here is another: When feeling angry, guilt or shame, bring to mind a sensory value of Love, Peace or Joy or a combination of these and other positive emotions and you will feel good with yourself.

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