Effective Parenting

  A start point for this subject is my book Growing the Empowered Child – A Formula for World Peace. The empowered

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How To Use The Sex Energy

Youth and Children are the seeds for the future. Many adults forget that they have been youths before. Many youths are without

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Value for Power

  The difference between the rich and the poor is the value they planted into themselves when they were young. Power is

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Don’t Steal What is Always Yours

When you eat your own unripe cashew fruit, your mouth will be sore; when wait and it gets ripe, you will enjoy

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Productive Friendship

  Friendship can destroy or make you. The right approach to friendship is to know what friendship means. Friendship is a special

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EMAT 04:

EMAT O4: The Learning Technology EMAT is an acronym of Etherean Mission Application Technology and the first three central technologies of life

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Taste of Joy

  Gain the ability to choose the good feelings you deserve. This means, you are truly rich because everything that anyone wants

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Empowered Games

Growing the Empowered Child An empowered child is the child who is happy, confident, creative, responsible and has a drive for excellence.

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Guys and Chicks Corner

This is for you to write your comments. What Guys think of Chics or Shodies as some call the girls; and what

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Into Adulthood

How to grow successfully into adulthood. Learn more

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