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  • What Your Parents Should Have Told You

    No one is an orphan; you can get all the ideas and advices of parents to grow into maturity. Here are a few from youth and adults who have experiences. You are unique. You will not succeed in trying to be like somebody else, so …

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  • The Right to Riches

    Simple steps to become a millionaire Learn more

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  • Good Parenting

    Good Parents

    Add to the list here by giving your comments. You can explain to justify your comments. What are the qualities that make a good parent? A good parent guides but does not impose his will on his child.

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  • Time Management

    What is ‘Time’? ‘Time’ is defined by man as a period spanning from a beginning to an end. To measure it, it has been divided into units to give an idea of what has been spent within a particular period. Time can therefore be said …

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