Brother Ishmael Tetteh is a Spiritual Master, whose international presence and message of World Peace over the past 35 years has empowered thousands of lives from Africa, to Germany, to the UK, and now the United States.

As Founder and Spiritual Director of the Etherean Mission in Ghana, a trans-denominational metaphysical organization dedicated to self-awareness and study of the natural sciences, Brother Ishmael’s charismatic presence has graced the podiums around the world. From the New Thought Alliance in South Africa, the Assoc. for Global New Thought in Palm Springs, to many U.S. churches, organizations television and radio programs throughout the East and West Coast. Many lives have been changed by his presence and teachings.

Brother Ishmael has published over twenty books including the “The Way Forward,” eighteen principles to radically change your way of thinking, living and being to bring about a life of harmony, peace and success and “Inspired African Mystical Gospel,” a rediscovery of lost treasures within African mystical and cultural practices. He has also developed tools and seminars for stimulating creativity, mental and emotional cleansing and self-healing. Popular seminar topics and keynote speaking engagements include, Growing the Empowered Child, Keys to Empowered Living, Pain-to-Power, Possibility Living, Conscious Living and Finding Your Life’s Purpose.

In his goal for world peace, Brother Ishmael developed “Growing the Empowered Child.”™ Growing the Empowered Child ™ is a program designed to raise children without anger or fear, who are able to recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of themselves and of every other person they encounter. When this is accomplished, we have cultivated a powerful and peaceful child whose only weapon is love. This is certainly the formula for peace and progress for all humanity.

Growing the Empowered Child™ has been incorporated successfully with the youth of the Etherean Mission and one school in Accra, Ghana. Plans are now under-way to build the first Growing the Empowered Child™ School. Games and techniques from the Growing the Empowered Child™ program have also been incorporated in various programs and a school in the United States.

His metaphysical technologies for the harmonious functioning of the mind, body and spirit through nature’s principles have guided thousands of students and patients to heal conditions considered terminal by Western medical practitioners. His audiences are introduced to Ancient African Healing Techniques, these are the same techniques utilized in his Hospital program in Ghana, where spiritual, herbal, and traditional medical practices are united.

In addition to a Special Congressional Award for outstanding and invaluable service throughout the international community, he has been awarded Mayoral Proclamations from the cities of Santa Monica and San Francisco, who have declared April 25th and March 17th as “Brother Ishmael Tetteh Day.”

Those who know Brother Ishmael enjoy the magnificence of his spirit and warm, loving presence. His truths are filled with divine wisdom and healing, which move people deeply and bring about profound transformations.