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Sacred Citation, one of the major spiritual works in the Etherean Mission, comes off on Wednesday, 05 April 2023.

A 13-day fast by Mystics towards the Citation started on Friday, 24 March 2023. Members from the Congregation could also join.

The 4 days Citation Fast for members starts on Sunday, 02 of April preceding the citation Wednesday, 05 of April 2023 till about 3 PM on the citation day when we have the citation feast. You are to fast from Sunrise -drinking water all day. Break the fast at Sunset (about 6:00 PM) with non-root and non-meat food and non-alcoholic beverages.

Collections of Citation request and offerings is ongoing till Saturday 01 April 2023 when we meet at Church at 6:30 PM for the Pre-Citation Night Service.

Write your request on a plain WHITE sheet of un-ruled paper without any marking. Start by writing Your Name, Date of Birth, and your Mother’s Name. Then your request follows. Put this in a white envelope or plain white handkerchief

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