Youth and Children are the seeds for the future. Many adults forget that they have been youths before. Many youths are without any meaningful care. Parents are busy earning money and other homes are broken and those who do their best to be homes at all are experts in just telling the youth what they should and should not do. No one listens to them.

This page provides you with all the missing knowledge and to give you the platform to put your questions, blogs, articles and comments. Together, we build the knowledge base for you and the future youth to follow.

How to use the sex energy

At a younger age, you did not have hairs on your genital and there was no sexual feeling. Later on as you advanced in years, you started having hairs in those places and your sexual drive came along with the hairs. (How can one call what God has created as evil)? In all of these, some people have the hairs and the sex drive in greater proportion than others and a girl or a boy who wants what you term as ‘so much of sex,’ cannot be said to be promiscuous.

In building construction, the higher the building, the deeper the foundation to carry it; similarly, the greater the sex drive in a youth, the stronger and more powerful his or her future and that can be either positive or negative. The sex energy is a creative powerful tool. By directing the sex drive towards your noble visions or studies you create or nourish your future. Misusing it by engaging in canal sex, you waste your treasure especially when you are not ripe for it. You can use the sex drive to creatively learn and master subjects, which were otherwise very difficult for you.

Strong sex drive is for creation. Shaking of hands, kissing and penetration of a man into a woman are all sexual acts because they are all intercourse – flesh of the opposite sexes touching each other. When penetration takes place, a baby, which is creation, may result out of it. You, therefore, know that if the sex drive can create a baby (a living spirit taking in a body), then it can be used creatively to master all subjects and the whole of life.

Without vision the people perish and sex is for the creation of your visions.

Creation of vision

At age 12 when Jesus went to the temple, he told the people that he was about his fathers’ business. Age 12, which is the age of puberty, is the time to start identifying and developing your vision and to use the sex energy to support your vision.

The success stories of the few who started experimenting with the sex energies for creating their vision were so successful that the rest of the youth jumped on the bandwagon.

When I asked the men in the youth class to raise their hands if any of them had experienced a wet dream before, everyone became silent. But, when I raised my hand, almost all hands begin to go up slowly. Adolescents who had wet dreams always shied away from letting it out because they were told everything concerning sex was evil.

Creating Your Desire with Sex Energy

  1. Have a thought that can give you erection or arousal is.
  2. As the arousal builds up change to another thought that shows that means you are successful.

If a thought can give erection then wandering thoughts over girls or boys is a waste of time and that energy should be channeled to a more productive thinking.

These are all simple natural sense techniques but they are very powerful.