Welcome Message

Embark on a transformative journey into the New Era of Spirituality, guided by Brother Ishmael Tetteh, a visionary who has dedicated over 50 years to promoting world peace through inner peace. As a universal citizen rooted in the wisdom of Africa, he demonstrates how Nature serves as the ultimate teacher, revealing profound truths about our existence.

Just as we study the laws of a country to navigate its legal system, we must explore the laws of life to enrich our journey on this planet. The New Era of Spirituality offers a gateway to these profound laws, empowering you to uncover their significance and apply them to your own spiritual evolution.

Discover the deep connection between humanity and Nature, as we are all beings governed by its spiritual laws. From the rhythm of our bodily functions to the breath that sustains us, Nature intricately weaves its influence into every aspect of our lives. In this New Era, we delve into the spirituality of Nature to unlock its secrets and align ourselves with its divine purpose.

Join us on this enlightening path towards inner peace, global harmony, and a deeper understanding of the universal forces that shape our lives. Embrace the Organic Spirituality of Nature and awaken to a new realm of spiritual enlightenment.

Core Principles of the New Era of Spirituality

By meditating and understanding these core principles, you are inviting yourself to appreciate the nature of Ultimate Reality, the source and destiny of humanity. Ultimate Reality, which we choose to call God, expresses itself through Nature and the workings of the human mind.

  1. God is essentially the universality of creativity, love, and intelligence that permeates and animates all aspects of existence and expresses life in the body of Nature as one Spirit that is eternally changing in frequency to function as world processes. There is no life and God. Life is God and God is Life, the wholeness of existence.
  2. Humans are emergent beings, rather than created beings, within the fabric of the universe purposed to evolve through service for the promotion of life. Man is therefore a manifestation of the faith of the universe has in itself.
  3. Man’s life on earth is not for permanence, but an opportunity to develop the quality of our soul to evolve our physical existence, and everything we have, or use supports the development of the soul’s life beyond the grave, in order to experience heaven as a state of ever-evolving goodness.
  4. The mind is man’s greatest instrument for building conviction and faith. When the mind carries a progressive working philosophy it becomes a stable channel for the flow of love in all situations
  5. Every expression of life, including our thoughts, feelings, and sensory perceptions, is an extension of our being that deserves our absolute respect and support. True worship involves cultivating an understanding of the interconnectedness of all things and holding a deep reverence and respect for life.
  6. While we are on earth, the degree to which we are aligned with Nature determines the extent to which we express the creativity, love, and intelligence of our being.

Foundation Principles of The New Era of Spirituality

These Foundation Principles are derivatives that elaborate on the Core Principles, offering additional insights that clarify the core principles for a deeper understanding.

  1. We are essential units of the creative, love, and intelligence that permeates and animates all aspects of existence.
  2. We are one with the spirit and body of Nature that is eternally changing in frequency to function as world processes.
  3. We are emergent beings, within the fabric of the universe purposed to evolve through service for the promotion of life. We are, therefore, a manifestation of the faith of the universe has in itself.
  4. We are not here for permanence; hence each life is an opportunity to develop the quality of our souls to transcend our physical existence.
  5. Everything we have or use must support the development of our lives beyond the grave, in order to experience heaven as a state of ever-evolving goodness.
  6. Our minds are our instruments for building conviction and faith and a channel for the flow of love in all situations.
  7. Our thoughts, feelings, and sensory perceptions are extension of our being and gateways for our spiritual expression that deserve our absolute respect and support.
  8. We live Life, so we must respect Life and hold a deep reverence and respect for everything in life.
  9. While We are on this earth, the degree to which We are aligned with Nature determines the extent to which we express the creativity, love, and intelligence of our being.

Foundation Principles of The New Era of Spirituality Personalized

Here, the Foundation Principles have been personalized as declarations of truth to be read in the First-Person singular and embodied as your own. Feel each of the principle as you state them holding their evidence in mind

  1. I am an essential unit of the creative love, and intelligence that permeates and animates all aspects of existence.
  2. I am one with the spirit and body of Nature that is eternally changing in frequency to function as world processes.
  3. I am an emergent being, within the fabric of the universe purposed to evolve through service for the promotion of life. I am therefore a manifestation of the faith the universe has in itself.
  4. I am not here for permanence; hence my life is an opportunity to develop the quality of my soul to transcend my physical existence.
  5. Everything I have or use supports the development of my life beyond the grave, in order to experience heaven as a state of ever-evolving goodness.
  6. My mind is my instrument for building conviction and faith and a channel for the flow of love in all situations.
  7. My thoughts, feelings, and sensory perceptions are extension of my being and gateways for my spiritual expression that deserve my absolute respect and support.
  8. I live Life, so I respect Life and I hold a deep reverence and respect for everything in life.
  9. While I am on this earth, the degree to which I am aligned with Nature determines the extent to which I express the creativity, love, and intelligence of my being.

The Foundation Teachings of The New Era Of Spirituality

As infinite as the universe is, so are the teachings of the New Era of Spirituality. This is our bold attempt to summarize them for your contemplation.

  1. Life Is. There is no separation or distinction between Life and God. Life is God and God is Life, or Existence. There is no God in the Sky and even if such an entity exists, it must exist as a unit of the Cosmic God.
  2. Life is Creative Love Intelligent Energy, vibrating at varying Frequencies to manifest as the Functional Purposeful Universe.
  3. We are creations, so, there is a creator, and the creator is pulsating in its creation. We are not created beings by a creator who is outside of its creation; we are emergent beings from a creator that is expressing as us. The waves exist, so there must be their creator; but their creator, which is the ocean is not separate from the created waves; the ocean is pulsating in the waves.
  4. The Creator, God, is not a person. God is the Creative Love Intelligence that constitutes all life, an organic whole from the atoms to the galaxies. It is the body of Nature that starts from where you are to the ‘ends’ of the ever-expanding universe.
  5. The Universe is a Bundle of Laws Evidenced in Nature. As such, Life is run by immutable spiritual laws and principles.
  6. The Universal God, is God on Earth through the Elements of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, bonded by the Ether.
  7. Each of us is a unit of One Infinite Limitless Life, and humanity is one being, here to achieve Life’s Goals. Hence, the Ultimate Purpose declaration: You are a Unit of Life, here to Evolve through Service for the Promotion of Life. And to the degree that Life supports, promotes, and expands its units through you, you are prospered. Embrace Your wholeness and prosper with Life.
  8. Just as no two persons can experience love in the same way, our experiences of God as Life are not the same. Everyone experiences God as Life in their own unique ways.
  9. To live Life, we MUST respect Life and apply the laws of life to experience our needed satisfactions.
  10. Man is an imperative of the Cosmos in Expression – a field of infinite possibilities.
  11. We are cosmic possibilities in expression; and here to focus on the possibilities of the universe that we are. With this understanding, you will assess yourself by the possibilities of the universe that are to happen through you.
  12. Man as spirit is divorced from himself and from his true power.
    Life on Earth is True Paradise, but divorced from ourselves, we are seeking a paradise for the dead while we wantonly destroy this paradise that we live in.
  13. Spirituality is the Realization of Our Connectivity and Unity with Life. Religion, on the other hand, is an invention.
  14. As God is self-evident through creation, spirituality, must be evident-based, and that is the basis of African Spirituality.
  15. The mind is man’s instrument for building conviction and faith. When the mind carries a progressive working philosophy it becomes a stable channel for the flow of love in all situations
  16. The Power in within and the path to is from without. Through your recognition of the wonderment and magnificence of Life through the senses, you connect to their corresponding macro frequencies, download, and express their virtues.
  17. An active participant in life is one who is conscious of his choices and responses.
  18. Nothing is waste or without meaning in Nature; nothing is good nor evil. Everything serves as a gateway for our spiritual expression.
  19. When money values overtake human values, and human values takes over spiritual values, there will, eventually, be no humans to enjoy the money values.
  20. What was impossible yesterday has become today’s possibility. Tomorrow’s possibility might look impossible today. Tomorrow will birth the impossibilities of today.

In Summary: Deconstruct

You have to deconstruct and unlearn your religious programming of a sky god who created us in his image and likeness but has been out-witted by one of his own creations, called the devil, and he is fighting to win his creations back to him, with a promise of heaven for those who will either accept the salvation grace of his son Jesus or follow any of the prophets he had sent.

Free yourself from the need for salvation. The gospel of salvation by the Abrahamic faiths is a gospel of fear and it has succeeded in creating manipulators and the manipulated.

Free yourself from the “word of God” holy books. A holy book is one that brings you to the awareness of your wholeness, despite your circumstances; and the word of God is what makes you godly or godlike. If there is any ” holy book” that represents word of God, it must have existed before the advent of writing. The only source of knowledge about God and life is Nature and that book must be, and is Nature. If Nature is the only holy book of all religions, the world will speak one language of love, not the conflicts and divisions we witness all over. Today, the three Abrahamic faiths that lay claim to Jerusalem as their spiritual home, are fighting over it based on their respective holy books.

Key Benefits

Some of the key benefits of going through the programs of the New Era teachings on Organic Spirituality are listed below.

It gives you a level platform for research into your spirituality and the spirituality of the world as a whole.

  1. It unites the world and enables us to celebrate one another as unique extensions of ourselves and celebrate life as a whole.
  2. It accelerates individual and global evolution.
  3. It becomes a source of unity for the world that enables you embrace and celebrate the uniqueness that everyone brings to the table of life.
  4. It shifts your focus from seeking an external god to exploring your own inner being.
  5. It awakens you to the interconnectedness of all human beings and all life, thereby promoting oneness, and a realization that we are all unique units of Life through which it expresses.
  6. It brings a realization that Life is its own possibilities in expression; and that is why every unit of life is cosmic possibility in expression. When you awaken to this, you begin to respect and value yourself. Negative self-image that makes you needy – needing attention, feeling unworthy, feeling not belonging – is dissolved.
  7. It challenges your values and calls for a revaluation of values in a world where material values take precedence over human values and human values over spiritual values. It is to reinstate the natural order where spiritual values inform and influence human values, which determine our choices in terms of material value.
  8. It makes us friends with the Universe, thus, stimulating happiness and peaceful and celebratory coexistence.
  9. It demands a rethinking of the core desire of civilization: no true civilization can happen without the reinstituting of the wisdom of Nature. Today’s civilization is one of concrete jungles and communication technology that connects us physically but disconnects us from at the soul level. True civilization is when we are able to realize our connectedness to one another and to Nature and evolve our thinking within Nature.
  10. Today, many people are asking questions and wondering why the world is going the way it is going. The teaching of Organic Spirituality comes with a realization of how divorced we are from Nature and ourselves. Once we become aware of where we are going wrong, it becomes a lot easier to discover a solution. The teachings also lead the way by providing a lot of fodder for introspection and promotes doing things that are mutually beneficial to humans and the Nature we live in.
  11. It, therefore, becomes the bedrock of true civilization by giving recognition and attention to the mysteriously spiritual and sense appearing physical.

New Era of Spirituality – A Break from Religiosity

Are you one of those seeking a profound shift from religiosity to a deeper connection with Nature and self-discovery?

Welcome to the dawn of transformation with Organic Spirituality, the Spirituality of the New Era, which redefines your comprehension of God, human existence, and purpose.

Experience a paradigm shift towards an “organic civilization,” where progress transcends individual growth to embrace the flourishing of our planet as a whole.

Liberate yourself from religious constraints and conflicts as you embark on a path of self-discovery and interconnectedness with all life forms.

Discover the Key Differences Between Religion and Spirituality!

  1. Religion organizes people to connect with spirituality. Spirituality studies the nonphysical aspect of man and Nature for evolution.
  2. Religion follows Scripture; spirituality follows the Laws of Nature within you.
  3. Religion separates spiritual and physical life; spirituality sees them as a continuum of universal energy.
  4. Religion practices conditional love; spirituality practices love without boundaries.
  5. Religion provides paths to follow; spirituality lets you create your own path.
  6. Religion promises heavenly glory or punishment; spirituality focuses on karma and growth.
  7. Religion ties holiness to institutions; spirituality finds happiness within and takes responsibility for it.
  8. Religion creates divisions; spirituality reveals the oneness in all religions.
  9. Religion dictates beliefs; spirituality encourages personal discovery of truth.
  10. Religion instills fear; spirituality nurtures love and growth.
  11. Religion discourages questions; spirituality encourages exploration and investigation.
  12. Religion requires belief; spirituality promotes knowing through investigation.
  13. Religion limits thinking; spirituality expands thinking.
  14. Religion focuses on a God in the sky; spirituality sees Life as God.
  15. Religion controls with dogmas; spirituality empowers with universal principles.
  16. Religion indoctrinates with beliefs; spirituality encourages critical thinking and exploration.
  17. Religion worships the vessel instead of accessing the teachings; spirituality focuses on applying teachings for personal growth.
  18. Religion dictates truth; spirituality encourages independent discovery of truth.
  19. Religion is subject to human whims; spirituality is revealed by Nature with uniform principles.
  20. Religion is based on fear; spirituality is based on love.
  21. Religion gives something to worship; spirituality gives Life to experience.

Choose Organic Spirituality for a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth!

Organic Spirituality – A Spiritual Approach Rooted in Nature

Step into the New Era of Spirituality and break free from the confines of traditional religion. Embrace Organic Spirituality – a refreshing approach that reconnects us with the wisdom of Nature and our true purpose.
Organic Spirituality is a nature-based path to self-development that honors the interconnectedness of all life. By aligning with the spiritual laws of Nature, we can unlock profound truths about existence and cultivate inner peace and harmony.

Why should one embrace Organic Spirituality? In this transformative approach to spirituality, we find a path that promotes peace, love, and right living – just like traditional religion. The difference lies in the approach. Nature-based spirituality draws evidence from the natural world, avoiding the imposition of beliefs or doctrines. It values evidence and reasoning to uphold its principles and truths.

In the New Era of Spirituality, you shift your focus from seeking an external God to exploring the divine essence within yourself. This realization leads to a deep connection with the spiritual world within, prioritizing inner growth over external rituals and ceremonies.

The divisive nature of traditional religious views separates God from humanity, leading to a perception of God as separate, Nature as a resource, and humans as divided. The New Era of Spirituality aims to unite us with God and Nature, emphasizing our interconnectedness rather than division.

The Basic Concepts of Organic Spirituality. Empower your life like never before by studying the key concepts that redefine spirituality, setting it apart from traditional doctrines and movements.

  1. GOD: Explore a new perspective on the divine as the Sacred Darkness from which all creation emerged. Understand God through universal creativity, love, and intelligence expressed in every aspect of nature. Witness the creative power, loving presence, and guiding intelligence of God in the intricate workings of plants and the natural elements.
  2. HUMANITY: Challenge the notion of human superiority over nature and embrace our interconnectedness with the divine. Recognize humans as emergent beings within the larger body of life, reflecting the attributes of God.
  3. DEVIL: In a world where traditional beliefs paint the devil as a malevolent force seeking to lead humanity astray, Organic Spirituality offers a fresh perspective. There is no opposing force to God’s power; instead, every force works in harmony with the creative process, even destruction serving as a catalyst for new growth.
  4. NATURE: Nature, often seen as separate from both God and humanity in religious teachings, is redefined in the New Era of Spirituality. Nature is not just a physical entity but the very embodiment of the divine spirit. By recognizing Nature as an integral part of the divine, we cultivate respect and reverence for all life, leading to sustainability and harmony with the universe.
  5. GOOD & EVIL: Dive into the depths of intention and interpretation to understand that good and evil are not fixed entities but fluid concepts shaped by our actions and mindset.
  6. DARKNESS & LIGHT: Experience the harmony of opposing forces in the New Era of Spirituality, where darkness and light coexist to create a balanced existence. Embrace the balance of light and darkness within yourself, unlocking a deeper understanding of spirituality in the New Era.
  7. PAIN AND PLEASURE: Realize that nothing in Nature is wasted. Pain and pleasure are both integral parts of life’s equation and are equally valuable. Pain, like the necessary resistance that reveals the spectrum of light, uncovers your potential for a sense of achievement.
  8. POSITIVE & NEGATIVE EMOTIONS: Discover the power within both positive and negative emotions, recognizing their potential for growth or destruction depending on how we harness them. Shed the chains of guilt and self-judgment around negative emotions, understanding that they are natural aspects of human experience. Learn to navigate your emotions with grace and wisdom, using them as tools for personal evolution rather than letting them control you.
  9. HEAVEN & HELL: Reimagine the concepts of heaven and hell in Organic Spirituality – not as distant afterlife destinations but as states of being experienced in the present. Strive for personal growth and goodness to create your version of heaven on Earth, while steering clear of destructive thoughts and emotions that lead to inner turmoil.
  10. ULTIMATE PURPOSE: Move beyond the confines of worship to embrace the evolution of consciousness. Through gaining experiences and understanding, progress from a lower state of consciousness to a higher one, serving as an instrument for the promotion of life itself. Discover the profound truth that your ultimate purpose is to evolve through service for the betterment of all life.
  11. SCRIPTURE Reimagine Scripture in the New Era of Spirituality as Inspired Teachings! In traditional religion, scripture is revered as the holy word of God, demanding unquestioning adherence despite contradictions and errors. In Organic Spirituality, recognize the holiness within humanity as part of the body of God, evolving and progressing through wisdom from various sources. Nature itself is the ultimate scripture, offering practical wisdom alongside outdated material.
  12. FAITH: Elevate Your Faith to Cosmic Heights with Organic Spirituality! In the New Era, faith transcends belief in God or oneself to embody the unwavering faith of the creator. Align yourself with the limitless expression of the creator’s faith, becoming a channel for its power. Embrace the realization that you are the faith of God in expression, empowered to achieve the impossible and face life’s challenges with magnificence.
  13. KARMA: Explore the Concept of Karma in Organic Spirituality – Embrace Balance and Harmony! In the cosmic dance of cause and effect, karma plays a crucial role in shaping our lives. Embrace the understanding that our actions and intentions have consequences, creating a cycle of energy that influences our future experiences.
  14. PAST PRESENT FUTURE: Past, Present, and Future all Interconnected! Organic Spirituality invites you to explore and discover how the essence of your past shapes your present actions and influences your future. Embrace the wisdom of the past, live fully in the present, and step confidently into the future with Organic Spirituality guiding your way.
  15. PRAYER: Tune in to Nature’s Evidence of God. Instead of seeking divine intervention through supplication, tune into the evidence of God in Nature. Align your desires with the natural world and witness the abundance that surrounds you. Let prayer be a harmonious dance with the universe, where your intentions manifest in alignment with the rhythms of Nature.
  16. DEATH: Embrace Life’s Cycle! Death is not an end but a natural part of life’s eternal cycle. By accepting death as a transformative force, you can truly appreciate the beauty and vitality of life. Embrace the concept that death paves the way for new beginnings, just as every sunset heralds a new dawn.

Core Practices

The following are some of the programs in Organic Spirituality that you may subscribe to for your whole life empowerment.

1. Break Free: You Can Have What You Want

Are you ready to break free from the chains of past events, interpretations, and internalized patterns that have been holding you back? It’s time to reclaim your power and embrace your authentic self with this transformative program.

Discover how the critical voices of the past – from parents, peers, and teachers – have shaped your self-perception and limited your potential. It’s time to silence those voices and step into your greatness with confidence and clarity.

Our Reclamation Program is designed to help you assert your right to have what you want in life. Say goodbye to self-doubt and embrace a sense of deservingness as you reclaim your desires and rise into prosperity.

Empower Yourself with ‘NO’: If you struggle to assert yourself and say ‘No’ to others’ demands, our Power of Saying ‘NO’ Program will help you overcome the fear of negation, enabling you to make decisions that align with your true self and avoid unnecessary or harmful requests.

Take control of your life by breaking free from past negativity. Express yourself freely, pursue your desires with confidence, and live a life that aligns with your true essence. Don’t let the voices of the past hold you back any longer.

2. Finding Your Purpose

A time comes and we call it death, when nothing belongs to you except what you are. What are you at your core? To live and not know who or what you are is a tragedy, and to not know your purpose is a disaster.

When faced with the question of readiness for our final moments, many admit to having unfinished business. Yet when pressed on the specifics, words often fail. Deep within, we all feel a profound calling, a purpose that seems just out of reach, leaving us in a perpetual state of confusion and inner conflict.

Living without a sense of self and a clear mission robs life of its meaning. Enter the Purpose Program – a transformative journey designed to help you uncover your true purpose.

This program is dedicated to guiding participants in unraveling the mysteries of their existence by addressing fundamental questions: Who am I, and why do I tread this earth? Through this transformative journey, you will achieve the following objectives:

  • Discover your life’s purpose and align your existence with this divine plan.
  • Embrace the unfiltered truth of your being, your authentic self that requires no external validation.
  • Break free from the chains of anxiety, frustration, fear, and depression by Understanding Why You Are Here and leveraging life’s challenges and joys to fulfill your purpose.
  • Embrace a successful life without unnecessary stress.
  • Recognize that purpose is the cornerstone of a fulfilling existence, aligning yourself with cosmic forces for success across all dimensions of life – spiritual, social, psychological, physical, and financial.
  • Navigate your life’s path with unwavering confidence, seeing clearly the road ahead and walking it with certainty.

Embark on this transformative journey with the Purpose Program and unlock the true potential that lies within you. Discover your purpose, align with your destiny, and live a life filled with meaning and success in every aspect.

3. Soul Awareness

Whenever you find yourself saying, “My mind tells me…,” “My feelings are hurt…,” or “I see whatever,” you are acknowledging the presence of an “I” within you, the conscious observer playing the roles of thinking, feeling, and perceiving. This realization holds a profound key to mastering your mind, emotions, and senses, allowing you to awaken to true awareness.

By operating from this place of pure self-awareness, where the “I” serves as a detached observer of your thoughts, emotions, and sensory experiences, you gain the ability to initiate, halt, or alter their course, thereby reclaiming control over your inner world.

This transformative practice is known as Soul Awareness, where the soul represents the amalgamation of the observing “I” with its mental, emotional, and sensory aspects. The process is to enable you to be aware of the mental, emotional and senses bodies as an observer and director.

Engaging in the Soul Awareness process for just a few minutes each day can yield profound benefits, enriching your life with newfound clarity and control. Imagine a reality where your thoughts align with your desires, your emotions reflect your true feelings, and your sensory perceptions match your intentions.

4. Inner Life Mastery

Have you ever found yourself trapped in the shadows of your own doubts and fears? Do you long to embrace a life filled with purpose and joy? It’s time to embark on a journey of Inner Life Mastery.

If you’ve ever felt:

  • Stuck in a rut, with no clear direction in life.
  • Overwhelmed by feelings of emptiness, depression, or anxiety.
  • Haunted by past traumas and abusive relationships.
  • Struggling to find inner peace and balance in a chaotic world.

You are not alone. Your inner world holds the key to unlocking your true potential and reclaiming your power. Inner Life Mastery empowers you to navigate the depths of your soul, understand your beliefs and emotions, and emerge as a conscious creator of your own reality.

Discover the transformative power of:

  • Mastering your thoughts, emotions, and senses to create a life of abundance and fulfillment.
  • Harnessing the wisdom of your senses to shape your perceptions and reclaim your imagination.
  • Cultivating inner peace through mental, emotional, and sensorial literacy
    1. The Inner Life Mastery program transforms your reality from within and supports your journey to healing, re-emergence, and empowerment Nature’s Principles and Practices for Empowered Living Possibility Living

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards total harmony with yourself and with Life? Welcome to a revolutionary program that draws inspiration from the wisdom of Nature itself – guiding you to connect with your inner Source Energy and providing you with practical tools and practices for an evolutionary life.

Just like a parent safeguards their child from harm, we all strive to protect ourselves from injury in our interactions with the world. Yet, emotional wounds can run deep and linger, affecting our well-being and sanity. It’s time to shift our focus from the external causes of hurt to the internal healing process.

In this unique program, you will discover:

  • The power of acceptance: Acknowledge that pain is a natural part of life, but it does not define you. Embrace your wounds as opportunities for growth.
  • The art of forgiveness: Release yourself from the burden of emotional hurt through forgiveness and gratitude, transforming painful situations into catalysts for personal development.
  • The gift of self-reflection: Recognize that your thoughts, feelings, and actions can be sources of self-inflicted pain. Learn to nurture yourself with compassion and understanding.
  • The wisdom of letting go: Free yourself from the need for external validation or apologies. Find peace within yourself, regardless of others’ actions or intentions.
    Embrace the principles and practices inspired by Nature to empower yourself, heal your emotional wounds, and cultivate a life filled with gratitude, forgiveness, and inner peace.

2. Cosmic Emergence

Embark on a transformative journey with our Cosmic Emergence Program, where you’ll awaken to the profound truth that you are a magnificent being, intricately connected to the vast and benevolent universe itself. Just as a wave emerges from the ocean, you emerged from this universe of infinite love, intelligence, and creativity, carrying its essence within you.

Imagine recognizing your greatness not as a distant concept but as the very core of your being. By understanding your cosmic origins, you unlock the power to transcend the pettiness of the world around you and embrace a state of profound happiness and fulfillment.

  • Discover Your Cosmic Magnificence: Through the Cosmic Emergence program, you’ll be guided on a clear path to recognizing and embracing your true greatness. Say goodbye to self-defeating mindsets and limiting beliefs – it’s time to step into your spiritual magnificence and make meaningful contributions to life.
  • Return to Your Center and Find Balance: Reconnect with your true nature, heal past wounds, and embrace the present moment with tools designed to help you align with your higher self. Be the answer to the future by living authentically and purposefully.
  • Connect with Nature’s Wisdom: Experience the magic, mystery, and wholeness of God through Nature as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Shift from mere philosophizing to tangible experiences of spirit in Nature, unlocking your true potentials along the way.
    Don’t let your cosmic magnificence go unnoticed – The Cosmic Emergence Program awaits, ready to guide you towards a life filled with purpose, joy, and spiritual fulfillment. Embrace your magnificence and fulfil your cosmic destiny.

Soul Awareness

For your immediate spiritual growth and inner mastery, here is the soul awareness meditation. It is also accessible from: (to provide the link)

The Soul Awareness Meditation

AIM: To Be Aware of you (the “I”) that observes the environment with its senses of Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, and Hearing, feels sensations in the Physical Body, thinks thoughts in the Mental Body, feels feelings in the Emotional Body.

This awareness means, you can choose when to participate in any emotions and be able to use them instead of they use you. With that, you may free yourself from anxieties, worries, fears, depressions, and gain access to your inner worlds for inner self-mastery for success in every area of your life.

The Process

Experience Observation of The Environment

With the eyes open, turn your heads slowly to the left and to the right and observe your environment. See, smell, taste, touch, hear, and notice your environment. And without speaking it, and loud in your soul clearly state “I observe my environment” stating what you are observing in your environment, such as, I see red flowers in a blue flower vase; I smell the aroma of a stew in the air; I hear a far-off music; Etc. As you do this, put emphasis on the “I” that is observing all these.

Experience Physical Body Sensation

Allow your eyes to close and scratch some portions of your body, such as your thigh, hand, and feel the sensation. And clearly state what is happening. Knowing “I am feeling this sensation in this part (mention the parts)” of my body”, stating the part of your body that has the sensation. Be conscious in your statement “I” that is feeling this sensation” (NB: stress the “I”); be conscious of the “I” that is feeling this sensation.

Experience Emotional Body

Now, bring in several feeling of joy such as when your team or party won into your Emotional Body and permit you to feel them. “I am feeling this feeling of joy /happiness /love in my Emotional Body”. Describe the feeling and observe where the feeling is located in your body energy system. Be conscious of the “I” that is feeling each of the pleasure feelings and stress the “I” as you state it.

Experience Mental Body

Now, bring in a thought into your Mental Body. A thought such as that of your dream car, house, or that of your favorite subject. Permit you to think that thought and state within, “I am thinking this thought in my Mental Body”. Describe each thought, noticing the “I” that is thinking all these. Experience them.

Experience Spirit Body

Now contemplate on the “I’ – the great spirit and power within you. Feel you, taste, touch, smell, hear you – the “I” that observes its environment, perceives sensations in the Physical Body, feels feelings in the Emotional Body, and thinks thoughts in the Mental Body. Be conscious of this “I”. With every inbreath, feel you the “I” with every outbreath notice you the “I”, announcing you to your Mental, Emotional, Physical Bodies and outer perceptions.
TO END: Bring your attention to and feel the thoughts in the Mental Body, the feelings in the Emotional Body, then scratch some part of the body to feel the sensation in the Physical Body and allow your eyes to open.


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