There are two schools of thought for the provision of a sane society. The first, which I call Brick and Metal Civilization, is to provide physical structures such as roads, big buildings, computers and telecommunication, social and economic structures of laws, industry and politics; where success is measured by economic gains. The second school of thought, which I call Human Based Civilization, proposes that while structures are good in themselves, they amount to nothing and will collapse on themselves without the provision of programs that enables humans identify their core innate potential and develop their uniqueness, where success is measured by happiness and peaceful coexistence. It teaches that unless a person is seriously mentally imbalanced, his innate desire is to be a force of good to himself and his environment. The provision of Brick and Metal Civilization, which we are in today has created enough weapons of mass destructions that can at the push of a button annihilate the entire human race. When success is measured by external gains of structures it will generate greed and ferment fear, hate and anger and in recent times, with suspicion that a nation was also amassing weapons of mass destruction, those who have already amassed it came into alliance and attacked it.