Etherean Mission has taken on several projects to improve the lives of many. These include the Hospital Project, Education Scholarships, World Peace Project, the School Project and Research. Content

THE PRIDE OF ETHEREAN MISSION: is the wealth of its time-tested efficacious spiritual tools that address the Spiritual, Social, Psychological, Physical and Financial needs of humanity. These have been made possible by our regular research into the nature of mind and spirit and how these affect the various aspects of our human life. This on-going research requires huge funding.

Hospital complex

etherean hospital

The Hospital Complex is on three floors and is at the final stages of completion awaiting funds for operation. The ground floor will house the Complementary and Alternative Medicine, among others, will be employing the use of herbs, hydrotherapy, massages, yoga, walk therapy and chiropractic therapies.

The middle floor has a 45 bed in-patient ward and facilities for surgery. The top floor is the spiritual hospital that will offer 24-hour unbroken prayer and will use our numerous spiritual mind sciences to promote health. Our focus is on adding life to your years and years to your life.

Hospital Donation

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School Projects For Growing The Empowered Child Program:

We want to build a school for various communities. The school will use our Growing the Empowered Child (GEC) processes and games to empower children. An empowered child is the one who is happy, confident, creative, responsible and with a drive for excellence. Through our GEC programs, we have the tools to make that happen and building our own schools is the logical way forward.


We want to offer Education Scholarships to deprived youths in Ghana and in every Etherean Mission centre in the world.

The unique difference to this program is that, beneficiaries will be given spiritual education during their vacations to enable them to unleash their core potential and attain spiritual enlightenment and thus produce being of integrity.


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Essential Life Education (ELED) is the provision of the Knowledge of the Self and of Relationship and it is the foundation of Human-Centred Civilization as opposed to the current Structure-based Civilization, which is bound to collapse on itself. Our goal is to have Foundations to sponsor institutes to promote this knowledge system to schools and to offer adult education on our radio and TV media.

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The world peace project is to address the fundamental causes to inner conflicts that eventually result in outer conflicts and war. It will create the culture of peace, show the processes to peace and provide the tools for peace.

World Peace Project Donation

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