“but Jesus asked him, ‘Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?'” (Luke 22: 48)


Jesus responded to the kiss of betrayal. Be loving in the face of betrayal and love the betrayer. That is unconditional love.

Jesus could have refused the offer of kiss, but he washed their feet so he could only see the holiness of divine love in Judas and in all. Then he asked, are you betraying me with a kiss?

Loving the man you know is coming to betray you, is huge. The master of love was betrayed by the symbol of love, which represents the love he believed.

He responded to love ignored the betrayal consciousness of the one using the symbol love.

The main lesson or teaching is that be loving even in the face of betrayal and even the betrayer. For more information on online betting check out can you ask a casino to ban you