This year’s Planetary Liberation Day comes off on 15th of September 2012 at the Etherean Mission Temple Accra off Dansoman Road -Sakaman with the theme: Inter-Political and Inter-Religious Harmony: The Road To World Peace.
Many Ghanaians as well as foreign nationals domiciled in this country have made several calls to our politicians and the Ghanaian electorate for a peaceful election. Most of the wars fought in the world stem from political struggle and religious fanatism. The events in the Middle East and in Nigeria by Buko Haram are current testimonies to this. Political turbulence has engulfed many African countries including Kenya, Congo DR as well as our Western neighbors, Cote d’Ivoire.

Etherean Mission on its Annual Planetary Liberation Day program has chosen for this year the theme “Inter-Political and Inter-Religious Harmony: The Road To World Peace” to discuss how politics and religion can become true advocates for peace.

Bro. Ishmael Tetteh, the Leader and Founder of Etherean Mission believe that the path to peace and progress in Ghana requires setting up a National Agenda that all political parties especially and religious bodies will respond to. To do this, we need to set up a national ‘Think Tank’ made up of seasoned politicians, scientist, ministers of God and civil society to determine what the national character of Ghana is and what to do to sustain it or, what it should be that honours all Ghanaians and what is to be done to create it. Character is very important because it determines the needed attitudes for success.

The Agenda will also determine what we want to develop or evolve into. It will thus establish the needed social and secular education to create the required man power for its realization. When such a National Agenda is set, political parties likewise religious bodies will simply have to focus on what processes they have to pursue for the realization of this National Agenda.

Presently, when you look into the manifesto of all political parties, they are literary speaking the same things in languages to please the masses which may not necessarily be for the ultimate good of the nation.

When both political parties and religious bodies are focused on ways to fulfil the national targets, they will have little time for insults and counter insults; there will be little space for vain promises or initiating policies just to impress the masses. We will have national identifiable goals for political parties to work towards and that will foster peace.

The ‘devil’ they say finds work for the idle hands and there is too much space for mental and emotional idling in our political and religious sectors. Political parties that refrain from insults and fault-finding and focuses on principles and processes for honourable goals, supported by religious bodies in positive and effective prayer, are bound to experience total harmony for World Peace.

The Possibility of Peace
Bro. Ishmael Tetteh notes: “In my lifetime, I have seen the cold war dissolved, I have seen the Berlin wall come down, I have seen Apartheid dismantled, I have seen the man of colour in the White House and I have seen Grass root movement through social media topple governments. In our lifetime, we can come together and topple ignorance by demanding a slight shift in human thinking and social development.”