This is a guide to finding the Life Enhancing Tools that will meet your needs.

Every tool you find here is either received through direct dialogue with the Master of Light who are concerned with the evolution of the planet, or from the directives of Nature, thus making them easy and organic to apply for lasting effect.

What do you want to be that honours you and promotes life? What is your life goal and impact?
If you are serious about making real and lasting improvement to your life and impacting your world positively, then we have the life tools for you.

Whatever you look for in life that benefits life is supported by life. Whatever your life quest, think of the specific benefits it will bring to life as a whole.

Life Quest  Life Tools
 I want to be spiritual, be able to talk with angels, enlightened, know my life purpose and experience inner peace Spiritual Persona; Centre of Love; Creative Abundance; Sacred Remembrance
I want to create great wealth, have financial freedom and be an agent of positive change in the world. Successful Creation of Wealth; Cosmic Possessions; Centre of Love; Creative Abundance; Creative Substance; SCM, The Template;
  I want to attract my right suitor; and/or improve my relationships and communications so that I can also impact my world positively.Sacred Divorce; Marriage; Centre of Love; Creative Abundance; Creative Substance; SCM, Cosmic I; Guidelines to Daily Management;
 I want to improve my health and sexual libido so that I will be vibrant to impact the world positively Wala; 12 Vital Breaths; African Heaven, The Health Reset Program
I want to be free from fear and anger, improve my confidence and will power so that I can make the right decisions and be an example of good to humanity.  Meditation in Paradise; Creative Abundance; Liberator 1 Spaceship; Possibility Living; The Way Forward
  I want to improve my academic performance; learn easily with fast memory recall. Learning Technology, Accelerated Learning; Learning Genius Activator; EMAT 04 Book,
 I want to be happy, self-contained and fulfilled Centre of Love; Spiritual Persona; Meditation in Paradise; Creative Abundance; Cosmic I;
 I want to grow the child in me and/or to drastically improve the world by raising empowered children. Word Empowerment Game; Growing the Empowered Child;