Our Story

Etherean Mission is the road to total spiritual freedom and creative abilities.  It gives you the opportunity to study the core principles of life and provides you with the requisite tools and abilities to handle life and the universe you live in.

We are Spiritual Educators for the realization of the finished kingdom of God that is present in everybody.

Etherean Mission is a place of joy, where all are supported to discover and express the highest good and purity that they are. Each person embodies the full pure presence of God and our conscious practice, therefore is to see and express the good and the divine in ourselves and in all of life.  That is the practice of love.

Your Spiritual University

When Christianity missed out on Jesus’ teaching that the Kingdom of God is within each one of us, it lost its touch with spirituality and that is where Etherean Mission starts its spiritual journey.

Etherean Mission is rich with spiritual wisdom, and we may best be described as the University of Spirituality.

There are two school systems in life; Secular Education, provided by our school systems and Spiritual Education that is to be provided by our religious institutions.

When it comes to Spiritual Education, most religious bodies are virtually bankrupt. Religion has become a set of fear based dogmas that keep changing from one religious sect to the other. Spirituality on the other hand is to listen to the Indwelling Presence and do what is right for you and the world you live in.

Religion separates people, spirituality unites all. Religion is about hell fire and a final destiny, spirituality teaches the immutable of karma and puts you on your own unique eternal journey. As unique that everyone is, each person has a unique path for his or her soul evolution.

Etherean Mission is about your spiritual growth. Though the Bible is silent on the 18 lost years of this great teacher, it however indicates in Luke 2:52 that he was increasing “in stature, in wisdom, and in favour with God and men;” meaning he was going through Personal Spiritual Development. Clearly Jesus did not just rise to the perfection he demonstrated from ages 30 to 33 when he was killed. He was going through the needed disciplines that increased his physical being and presence. He did not come into the world with all knowledge. He had to go through the needed disciplines that added to his wisdom and fostered a closer bond between him and God and between him and other people. Simply put, he learnt how to relate with God and with his fellow human beings.

Stemming from Jesus’ first mission of Divine Empowerment, teaching us that the Kingdom of God is within each of us, Etherean Mission’s main spiritual research is about the Indwelling Kingdom. Our focus, therefore, has been on the nature of Spirit, Mind, Feeling and their relationships with the body and in these, we have made great strides. Today, we can scientifically transform any criminal by the application of specific spiritual tools.

Is it not strange that we go to school and learn many things but we are not taught anything about the very mind that we use to learn? From birth to death, we are bound to relate with ourselves and with others. Is it not strange that there is no systematic education on who and what you are, how you are constituted, how you operate to enable you know how to relate and cooperate with others?

Jesus’ teaching that “The Kingdom of God is within you” is the greatest of all teachings and it means that indwelling you are all of the possibilities of God. And, Jesus is right; the possibilities of Peace, Love, Joy, Creativity, Intelligence all come from within you and if heaven is a place where you can experience these, then you can experience them now.

The word “Etherean” adapted from the English word “ethereal” means heavens or of the heavens. Etherean Mission is to enable you experience your heaven here and now. If you sleep ignorant, you will wake up ignorant and if you do not have heaven as your experience now, you will not have it in any hereafter.

Indwelling you is a vast world of infinite possibilities. The horizon of the egg to the chick that lives in it is big. You can imagine the new vast horizon it sees when it breaks out of that shell and is hatched. Similarly, when you break out of your human shell you will discover a vast inner world of infinite possibilities. It is for this that scripture would say, that greater is he that is in you than the he that is in the world. The marvel of every invention in science, medicine and technology that we enjoy today comes from within some human being.

Etherean Mission is about your spiritual evolution. Many of our spiritual tools are practiced under Essential Life Education and they include Soul Processing and many other Meditational Technologies.

Why Your Tithes?

Paying Tithes & Offerings

The army marches on its stomach, the saying goes. Without food no one survives, be it an individual or organisation. You need spiritual food for fuller living and Etherean Mission provides that. You’re proud as an Etherean and you are thankful for that. Gratitude is no more lip service when it is backed by actually giving out to feed that which feeds you.

How committed are you to this church and its long term survival and goals. Brother Ishmael Tetteh may not need your money to live but as an Etherean worth his/her salt, Etherean Mission is your charge to keep and maintain. The major source of funding for the mission is what you provide as tithe, offering and other pledges you make. Do you think the church is in a position to maintain the next generation of leaders? Take a look at how much you offer as support for the Mission and you will realize it is time you get committed to the church that nourishes you.

A Master’s program in Ghana, for instance, costs an average of  GH¢13,400  per year which translates into over GH¢1,100 every month.  The payment from each student enrolled in the program goes to take care of teachers, administration staffs, cleaning and security staffs, utility bills, the teaching spaces.

On the other hand, no payment of fees is required for spiritual education, which is absolutely imperative,  because it is like the air we breathe and has to be available for all and at all times. Thus, such fees cannot be imposed on anyone and yet the system needs the resources to pay the teachers (ministers), administration, cleaners, utility bills, security, the temple and many others. There are many other sundries that are not catered for in the secular education.

Anything we do that establishes and or promotes good on earth is our practice of giving to God. God does not come down from heavens in the skies to receive monies to Himself or Herself.

Give all you can, to do the greatest good that you can because very soon, you shall exit your body and nothing that you have will be yours except the good that you planted into life. The good that you planted into life is the good that you planted into your soul and that is your heaven.

Paying Tithes & Offerings – Full Message

There are seventeen mentioning of tithes in the Bible but that is not the reason why you must pay tithes. Paying tithes is a Natural Law and if you flout it, you are the poorer.

If you keep planting on the soil and harvesting year after year without applying manure to the soil, your harvest yield will dwindle.

You must necessarily manure the soil and that becomes the invisible energy to give you the plentiful harvest. Similarly, you must tithe to your spiritual source or what nourishes you spiritually.

Secular Education and Spiritual Education

For a balanced Earth life, we must have two types of education: Secular Education and Spiritual Education.

Secular Education from the primary to the university level gives you knowledge and skills to provide for your material needs.

Spiritual Education gives you knowledge and skills to grow the Inner Person and evolve your soul capabilities. Without the spirit, the material is non-functional. Spiritual Education, therefore, is of far more importance than Secular Education.

Material pleasures are temporary whiles spiritual pleasures are eternal. Naturally, we must all strive for spiritual growth and all the rest shall be added as stated by the Master Jesus in Matthew 6:33.

The Need for Your Offertories

A young lady undertaking her Master’s program in Ghana says that she pays GH¢13,800 a year for her course and that is calculated to mean that she pays a little over GH¢1,100 every month. From the payment of these fees, teachers, administration staffs, cleaning and security staffs, utility bills, the teaching spaces are all paid for.

Like the Air for breathing, Spiritual Education is so absolutely imperative that it must be available for all and at all times, thus such fees cannot be imposed on anyone and yet the system needs the resources to pay the teachers (ministers), administration, cleaners, utility bills, security, teaching space (church, mosques) and many others.

It will even need vehicles to visit members in need and many other sundries that are not catered for in the secular education.

To maintain the Spiritual Education centres, members must necessarily, according to their spiritual growth and relationship with God give through tithes, offertories and other fund raising activities to run the institution (church).

God does not come down from heavens in the skies to receive monies to Himself or Herself. God is the force (source) of Life and we are here on earth as Spirit beings to evolve for the promotion of life. Therefore, anything we do that establishes and or promotes good on earth is our practice of giving to God.

Many people have benefited from hospitals and schools built by religious institutions. Your individual monies may not be enough to build such schools or hospitals. However, through the payment of tithes, offerings and other such fund raising activities, we collectively fulfil such big projects for the soul of posterity whose spiritual blessings, spoken or unspoken, will continue to bless your life.

Maintain Your Ministers

Often, the focus is on ministers possibly exploiting the congregation for their personal benefits. While this is possible in isolated cases, we must know that there must first be the genuine before the counterfeit; and the genuine religious organisations by far outnumber the counterfeit ones.

Many people do not have an idea of what it takes to be a minister. To deliver a good sermon alone requires days of research, prayer and meditation. You carry the burden of everyone. Some ministers also double as administrators.

Surely, ministers need decent accommodations space and comfort to enable them to meditate to download the needed wisdom to minister it to the members.

We must know that the ministers have the same needs as anybody else and they must therefore be adequately paid or catered for.  Joel Goldsmith, a renowned American Spiritual author said that ministers need at least three times the average salary of a middle class income earner. For Ghana, where the average middle class earning is about GH¢5,000, this will mean that the minister should have at least GH¢15,000. This is a far cry from what most ministers earn in Ghana.

The children of ministers must go to the same good schools as your children do and pay fees. They will need adequate accommodation that befits the glory of God. They will pay for the fuel and buy the same produce at the same cost on the market. They must dress decently and possibly in a royal appearance so as to make you feel proud of them.

How do you want to see your ministers? In tattered clothing? Of course not! Ministers do not receive remuneration from the heavens in the skies.

You must set up a movement for the adequate remuneration for your ministers and contribute effectively to make it possible. Make him a royal not for his sake but for your sake. If you want to see him honourable, make it happen. Even if the minister is working part-time, there are many sundries that he or she will have to commit to that requires extra funding. You will want to have that extra hours salary so do the ministers.

What Your Tithes and Offertories Do

Your tithes, offertories and payment of your fund raising pledges convert into honourable projects that promote goodness on the planet. When your life promotes the goodness of life, life’s goodness promotes you. It is a natural law to give.

The sun gives of its light and warmth not to show it where it must go or to warm itself but for you to have life. The rivers do not drink their water; the earth does not eat itself and the Air does not breathe itself. All of life is giving unto itself for life to be; and you as a unit of life must give cheerfully and heartily for the promotion of good courses.

Do not just pay your tithes, pay correctly as a covenant with Ultimate Reality –God. That will remove the fears you have associated with giving and lack and thus open you to have more.

Give all you can, to do the greatest good that you can because very soon, you shall exit your body and nothing that you have will be yours except the good that you planted into life. The good that you planted into life is the good that you planted into your soul and that is your heaven.


We are not here to eat, mate, pee, pooh, sleep and die? For the wonderment of life that has made our lives possible, we must be here for something much more and to be unconscious of the reason for being here, is to be walking dead.

Who or what we are as humans is an existential question to which our teachings would answer that we are spirit beings using a human experience to express our spiritual attributes. Knowing this and living it is what will make our lives meaningful. Etherean Mission empowers you with this knowledge for your evolution.

The Core and Ultimate Purpose of Life

The core philosophy that every Etherean, as well as every true seeker, needs to awaken to is that:

  • We are units of Life, here on Earth to evolve, in service to Life, for the promotion of Life.

Within this philosophy, you can discover the grand purpose of Life, which is to promote itself. And it does this through the evolution of its constituent units. We humans as units of Life are, therefore, also to evolve to advance Life’s overarching agenda of self-promotion.

Every unit of Life is within a yet larger unit whose grand purpose it must work to fulfil. In the human body, cells function to sustain a tissue. Tissues work to fulfil the purpose of organs and organs function as unit of systems to fulfil the purpose of those systems like the digestive system or respiratory system. On a grand scale, every planet belongs to a solar system, which in turn belongs to a galactic system and possibly, yet larger systems all the way to the body of the cosmos, a living presence in which we live, move and have our being, and which we call God.  We are here as units of the cosmos, to fulfil a cosmic purpose.

As inhabitants of the planet Earth, we are interdependent units that are all extensions of one another, belonging to one another, here to give life and service to one another in order to promote Life on Earth.

Everything in life is promoting itself to serve other lives. A grain of corn in the ground becomes maize for use as food by animals and humans; and so is every fruit bearing tree and other plants.

As a derivative of the Core Philosophy what should be fundamental to our worldview is that:

  • We are emergent entities. We emerged from Life like the wave emerges out of the ocean

We were not created and put here on earth. Rather we emerged from Life and we are enriched with all of its abilities. If we can have an idea of what we emerged from, then we can realise that we are composed of all its attributes. We emerged from the very material of this universe and its very nature must be our nature. Its creativity, love and intelligence are indeed part and parcel of our being.  When we recall what we have emerged from, then we would feel its richness as ours.

Your Spiritual Constitution & Your Purpose in Life

You are constituted of the same material as the spiritual world you emerged from. This is a world of infinite Creative Love Intelligence at work, and so are you.

To start you on your purpose-journey, ask yourself, “What is the greatest good that I believe must happen to humanity and to life?” However frightening the answer may be, know that you are here to make it happen. You are a custodian of all that you have – including your intelligence, love and creative abilities and your properties, health and wealth – and one day, all you have will be given away. While you have life, you  are to employ all your resources to do the greatest good that you believe in, and encapsulate it to outlive you as your cosmic legacy.

To know your purpose, you will have to know who and what you are as spirit being. You are not a sculptured moving machine. You are spirit using this human body to accomplish your purpose within your apportioned lifetime and exit through death. You must develop a high sense of urgency to fulfil your purpose; tomorrow may be too late.

You are here to evolve for the promotion of Life.

Knowing this simple but great truth, places the Etherean on the right footing in Life.

You are a unit of life here in service to life for the promotion of life. You are a cosmic seed, planted on Earth to grow to promote life. Your inner resources of Intelligence, Creativity and Love are all to be used to promote life; and as an immortal spirit, the good you promote should outlive you as your legacy.

Etherean Mission provides you with the appropriate spiritual tools to find your unique purpose within the grand purpose of life. Our materials on Essential Life Education will help you discover your purpose.

The church teaches:

  1. The overall purpose of life.
  2. Your unique purpose in the overall purpose in life.
  3. The necessary spiritual tools for the realization of your purpose in life.

If you agree to the above, then, you have a calling, not only to learn and evolve for the promotion of life; but also to reach out to the world. Your soul grows proportionally to the growth of the good that you are in others.

With the awareness of this great truth, you may declare:

I am here to evolve for the promotion of Life. I did not bring myself here on Earth; I cannot afford not to be here on Earth and cannot resist exiting from here; I am the Cosmic Idea of the Creative Love Intelligent Universe that must happen and is happening. I rise up and show up to speak my voice for the evolutions and promotion of life; and the Cosmos heals through me.

The God Question

At the heart of every religion is the God subject. To know and worship God is the reason you go to church. Different ideas of what God is, has created different religions, sects and cults. Etherean Mission has come to teach the Universal God that all people can relate to; and this God is known through Nature. It is in the very body of Nature and expresses through Nature as laws and principles.

This is the Etherean knowledge of God:

  • God is not a person; it is not a humanlike ‘sky-king’ who solicits our worship and praises in return for doing some good to us. Such a concept is idolatry.
  • God is the Creative Love Intelligence that constitutes the very substance of Life and Nature that embraces the ever-expanding universe. Life or Nature is God in expression. You are a being of Nature; you eat, mate, pee, pooh and function according to Nature’s principles and coding.
  • To know God, you must know It through Nature that was here before your first parents and made it possible for you to be here.

Must Watch Video Resource: You must watch ‘Awesome God’ and ‘Awesome God Reloaded.’ They will blow and expand your mind about God and feed your soul with truth. Watch these at least 4 times every year.

Worshiping God

Those who worship God imagining him to be somewhere up in the sky, seek to win his favour with pleadings, praises and austere penances. A God who can yield to human persuasions would be no better than the humans who indulge him.

Worship, to the Etherean, is the expression of the qualities of God. To worship God, therefore, means to identity how you are constituted of divine qualities of God, such as kindness, care, understanding, patience, teacher, counsellor, and creativity among others; to meditate on them and call forth their expansion to bless life and honour our creator. What expresses God honours God.

When we sing in church it is not to flatter God but to recognize the possibilities of Life and expand our God values. God is Life and Life is God. Worship is the way of life that glorifies God.

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Being a Christian is more than just an instantaneous conversion – it is a daily process whereby you grow to be more and more like Christ.

Billy Graham

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.

C. S. Lewis

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