There is one main Church Services on Sunday and a Mid-week Crystal Meditation and Prayer Service on Wednesdays.
Sunday service is in three parts. These are the Morning Meditation, Metaphysical Studies and Main Services.

  • Meditation Service that lifts you into God contact. Most meditation sessions end up with ‘Dance Meditation’, a unique program for anchoring and expanding your psyche.
  • Metaphysical Studies that gives you spiritual understanding of scriptures and of life. . There are currently six main Metaphysical classes made up of the English Class, Children, Lower and Upper Youth Classes and three local dialect classes in Ewe, Akan and Ga.
  • Main Service. It provides you with the inspiration, motivation and spiritual support needed to handle life and breakthrough obstacles.

Service Times

8.30 AM
9.00 – 10.15 AM
Main Service:
10.30 AM – 12.30 PM
Crystal Service on Wednesday:
7.00PM – 8.00PM
Crystal Service on Wednesday (UK Branch):
8.00PM – 9.00PM