Etherean Mission:
Heavenly Mission

We are dedicated and committed to our Mission of anchoring heaven on Earth.

To make this happen we are providing you an array of spiritual and mystical tools for personal transformation and growth, self empowerment and connection with God.

Many of these tools are available in DVD Videos, Audio and in E-Books.

Not all of these products are currently set on our website for purchase, however, upon request, you will be provided with the price and the product.

Some of the spiritual tools include:

1.    Possibility Living
This is based on our discovery of the language of the mind. With it you can harness all the fears of the mind and make them allies for your growth and advancement into infinite good.

This Product is availble in this book HERE

2.    Cosmic ‘I’
God the ‘I AM THAT I AM,’ created you in His/Her spiritual image and likeness. So, when all human beings say ‘I’, it activates an awakening energy in them. With this process, you harness the collective awakening energy of humanity and that takes you to the source of humanity, where you are empowered to heal or promote your life and the lives of others.

3.    Path of Pure Potential
Potential simply speaks of the things you can do and truthfully, no one has potential. The field of infinite potentials exists and few accidentally connect into it and become channels for its expressions. Those who know how can connect into it consciously whenever they need to and become channels for its expressions

Unleash your full potential with this spiritual program that identifies the things you can do and uses that energy to connect you to the Potential field of the universe.

The magic is in the practice.

This Product is availble as an online course HERE 

4.    Positive Expectations
When your hopes, aspirations and expectations are externally dependent, you create room for disappointments and you lose power. Regain your power by putting your expectation back on yourself and activate your inner will to move into action and achieve.

5.    Principles for Empowered Living
When the core philosophy that runs your life is not in harmony with nature, your life is full of confusions, fears and degradations. The applications of the core principles will change your core philosophy and bring it in harmony with Nature.

6.    Sacred Remembrance
This is a spiritual practice of focusing on the good that you have done or been and using its energy to connect with the good and the divine of the universe. With this practice, every good happens to your life naturally.
The magic is in the practice.

7.    Sacred Greetings
Greeting blesses twice; it blesses the person you greet and yourself. This program connects you to the divine intention for having anyone in your life; and the soul force of those you greet with this process powers you exponentially.

8.    Cosmic Possession
You heal the sense of loss and activate your soul’s ability to have and retain so that you increase in all riches of love, health, joy, inner peace, wealth, money etc. Now, your good no more slips off your hands; you have riches and it stays with you.

9.    Creative Abundance
You heal the false sense of scarcity which breeds most fears and immense yourself in the ‘Abundance Energy’ of life. Then, when you will a desire a thing, it is abundantly supplied.

The magic is in the practice.

10.    Creative Substance
A powerful way of sounding a simple statement, “In the Beginning’ that takes you to the Source of Life and merges you with the creative process for you to create or recreate your life and desires. With this program, you activate the spiritual memory of the

Beginning where you come from; you merge with the process of creation and you are thus a creator capable of creating your desires.

11.    Centre of Love
Raise up the vibration of love on the planet by activating the huge power of love that resides in you and as you. When love speaks, the world listens. Love is the greatest power on earth and with it you can cleanse, heal and empower your life. You are a love being and with this tool, you activate all the love energies with which you were created to be the highest blessing on earth.

12.    Positive Descriptions
Your life is the combinations of the mental and verbal descriptions you have about yourself and about others. The mind does not know the difference between you saying you are a fool or failure or somebody is a fool or failure; it puts either on you. With this process, you describe yourself into magnificence and into the freedom to enjoy all good.

The magic is in the practice.

13.    Spiritual Persona
This is the master key to enlightenment. Enlightenment is, knowing who and what you are, knowing how you know it and having the ability to freely express it. Stepping into the vehicle of your Persona Images, you can travel into the angelic realms of the universe; and you come to the full God experience.

This program gives you the time-tested tools to discover yourself through the identification of your divine images. It then wins the Logical Mind that could have sabotaged you as an ally for your empowerment into enlightenment. Using your God images, you clearly discover the vision that pulled you here on earth and the mission you set yourself to do.

14.    Cosmic Persona
Consider this as the Complementary part of Spiritual Persona.
With Spiritual Persona you identify the good that life does through you and with Cosmic Persona you identify the good that life does through its many miraculous channels for you. When you are conscious of the good that life does through you, you activate your magnetism to attract more good.

15.    Healing Hand
Everyone can be a channel healing. All you do is to lay your hands and connect to the healing vibrations of the universe. Knowing the healing centres is the key.

16.    Faith Generation
Faith must be substanceful and evidential. When you connect your mind to the substance and evidence of the presence of God in your life, you have faith to move mountains. This program shows you how.

17.    Creative Belief 
This is a powerful spiritual prayer process that you may use to heal and advance your life. The process recovers the power of your spirit to act its will over the body to cause desirable changes. With this prayer process, you can transform any habit of the life you live in the body.

You are not the body; you are a spirit being in a physical body experience. That which lives and moves the body of you is spirit; Spirit of the Living Father Mother God. With your involvement with life, you have come to believe that you are this body and succumbed to all of its weaknesses.

With this process, you literarily detach from the body and command what you desire through it.

18.    Success Genius
The only limits you have are those you set on yourself or allowed others to impose on you. Break through the limits of your mind and embrace infinite possibilities.

The magic is in the practice.

19.    Creative Genius
If we all think the same, there will be no creative life. With this program, step into the vibrations of other minds and blend all ideas in the workshop of your own mind to bring out creative solutions. Dare to think more and creatively. Move from Patterned Reproductive Thinking to Creative Critical Thinking.

20.    Unified Consciousness
Life is one organic whole. To negate any part of it is to castrate yourself from it and since this is impossible you live in a limbo. Give yourself the evidences of oneness and enjoy all the glorious frequencies of life.

21.    Star of David
This is the awakened and exalted state of man. When you take its symbolic position, you are positioned for awakening and being lifted up.

The magic is in the practice.

22.    Manifestation Power
You have manifested many things in the past. By recalling them you will activate your power to manifest the great life you desire. This program shows the steps.

A second program for manifestation is to focus on what is working in your life to activate what is not working to work.

This program shows you all the tequenics needed.

23.    Soul Processing
A master program to cleanse the cuds (mental and emotional pictures of pain) and activate soul abilities. It has specific programs to heal mental and emotiona trauma and physical diseases.

Your life is run by information and moment by moment you are processing information. Food processors process food stuffs and Soul Processing processes the information in your soul and makes them manageable. This is the master tool that runs many of our spiritual technologies.  Some of the specific tools of Soul Processing are:

24.    Decision Processing 
How many times have you decided to do something and failed? Now you regain the spirit’s ability to decide to do or have something and it is done. Decision is a two-step process of deciding and doing; and this practice wakes you up to it.

25.    Location Processing
The spirit of God that you are is not limited to the physical body. With this practice you are able to locate fully in the body and in other places out of the body.  The Bible confirms out of body experience in 2Cor. 12:1-4. When you can detach from the body, you as a spirit can command the body to obey your will and it will.

The magic is in the practice.

26.    Mystic Pendulum: 
A spiritual process of breathing out to the Centre of the Earth with intention and breathing in to the Sun. This process aligns you with the life force of Nature.

The magic is in the practice.

27.    Gratitude 
The grand attitude for manifestation: The practice of gratitude requires that you state who you are grateful to; what you are grateful for and the benefits. Use Nature’s three steps for gratitude for the five types of gratitude. With this process, you connect to the good of the universe and manifest your desires.

28.    Name Consecration
Change Your Destiny Through Your Name .Your name is the sweetest sound in your ears and it holds what you believe about you. It is a powerful contact point between you and the universal energy. Names have power. Re-baptise your name and make its pronunciation a powerful invocation of divine energy into you.

29.    Royal Divine Identity
Who and what are you as a divine child of God?. This program is about activating the software of the Kingdom of God in you. There is a temple place of the divine in you; when you find it, you will speak all your commands from there and it is done. Royal Divine Identity is to find this sacred place.

30.    Ancestral Connection
The wisdom and attainment of your ancestors is available for your inheritance. You chose that line of incarnation for a definite reason. Connect with the rich heritage of your ancestors and tap their wisdom and support.

31.    Nature’s Transformation Meditation
Everything on earth and in the infinite universe is also present in man. They therefore developed a program of merging with the greenness in plants so that they attain the ability to absorb spiritual energy from the sun and from the cosmos. By merging with other life forms they activate the God-power that that creature represents.

32.    Conflict Resolution: The art of building bridges
Life is a conflict. Growth is the maturing over conflict. We will not be without conflict for a long time. Knowing how to handle conflict is the necessary training.

The art of building bridges deals with resolving individual internal conflicts, marital and relational conflicts

33.    Sex and Spirituality
Sex, contrary to popular opinion, is sacred energy imbued with creative power. Man is the highest of all creation, the power that can create man can create everything. It is a sacred creative instrument. Lack of education on sex and its spiritual potency, makes you destroy yourself unknowingly. Sex is nature’s precious vehicle of expansion.

34.    Installation of Power Centres
Your body is the temple of the living God, a sacred temple capable of containing gigantic healing energy. Each part of your body has the potential of holding spiritual energy. In the same way that you store energy in a battery for future use, you can build vast spiritual energies in the organs of your body temple. Become a walking dynamo through installation of power centres in your body.

35.    Forgiveness Program
Forgiveness is not what you do for comfort of another, it is what you do for your growth and comfort. Unforgiveness is like putting your hand in the fire for your enemies to hurt and that is pure self abuse and molestation.

36.    Sacred Divorce
Many people do not attract suitors and many consistently attract the wrong ones of the same type. Others in marriage do not enjoy it. That is because they are married to all their past lovers. This program empowers you to find the divine reasons for every relationship, then it frees you to be available to attract what you deserve or enjoy the relationship that you have.

This program is available as an Online Course 

37.    Spiritual Similes
This is God’s paradise and everything in life represents an aspect of God’s creative power, love and intelligence. When you identify the spiritual values in any of life’s objects, you activate its similar values in yourself and are empowered. Moreover, you enjoy this paradise.

What God quality or virtue does everything you see reminds you of? The answers put you in paradise.

The ant is a very wise intuitive creature that knows its way to the food crumps in houses

Declare your oneness with the life object or element with evidence.

Declare what values you are in this oneness, while holding in mind the valure of that life object. IE: “Like the ant, I am wise, knowing when to make the move, I am intuitively guided to my supply that I enjoy in abundance…”

If we and all things are the same there will be no creativity. Life created variety for the purpose of creativity and evolution. Hence differences in the elements, creatures, religions are for creativity.

38.    Creative Imaging
Beyond Creative imagination is Creative imaging in which you actually relive the good you want to experience with feeling as though it is happening. You enter into the past or future as though it is here and now to change what needs to be changed and to create what you desire.

39.    Meditation in Paradise
This is a reprogramming tool that comes in audio.

The first track gives you performance booster in your spiritual, social, psychological, financial and social life. It calms you in those five areas while opening your inner vision to infinite possibilities.

The second track gives you a mind discipline that enables you to choose your thoughts and feelings. This ability alone is your key to inner happiness and success.

This program is available HERE

40.    Learning Technology
Recorded in audio, it empowers the mind to learn, process information faster and have a fast memory recall. An ideal tool for students of all ages.

This program is available HERE

41.    Accelerated Learning 
This is an additional tool for learning and in addition, this unique recording uses bi-aural technology to gently exercise and awaken the innate abilities of the left and right brain hemispheres for the fastest learning experience.

The use of this product include using it to acquire new habits, change habits and have been a great tool for the cure of addictions of all sorts.
All a person needs to do is to hold in mind the ideal lifestyle, character or attitude needed for the expected success life while listening to this program with stereo headsets. When you hold on to your vision while listening to this audio it creates a strong mental image needed for its manifestation. Think of it as the easy path to success. It is also a powerful relaxation tonic.

This program is available HERE

42.    Learning Genius Activator
Put your learning into full gear with this product. Habits are things we have learnt and with this product, you can unlearn old habits and install new ones in just a few days. It is, thus, an ideal tool to break free from all sorts of addictions.

Just listen to this bi-aural technology programming with stereo headphones while you hold the ideal habit in mind and do this for a few days and you are done.

This program is available HERE