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Program NumberProgram NameHighlightsDownloads
1Quest for Salvation (1)People of all religious faiths want to be saved; Salvation is not to be saved from anything; It is the restoration to our original image and blessings of God; All these are based on the Etherean Mission Flyer.Download Now
2Quest for Salvation (2)Work out your own salvation; Cultural self-respect & dignity; Divine empowerment; Salvation gives Immortality consciousness; Jesus said take up your own cross daily; deny self and senses; communion (be like Jesus in flesh & spirit.) All are based on the Etherean Mission Flyer.Download Now
3Conquest of the Devil (1) Understanding the Bible; who and what is the devil; conquering  your devil; knowledge/experience of God; gift of day & night through movements of the earth;  witchcraft; light (love) conquers devil/evil; the power of anger & hatred.Download Now
4Conquest of the Devil (2)Human devils (doer of evil); the all-powerful God and the power of devil; creating devil for yourself; devil/enemies; Immortality consciousness cannot fear devil; witchcraft; Absolute Love will not create another power to haunt it’s children; fear can cause evil; born again of water/spirit as in Jewish tradition.Download Now
5The Glory of PainWorking in harmony with nature; Pain is part of the equation of God; employing pain and pleasure for evolution; animals have two options for pain but humans have three others in facing pain.Download Now
6Jesus the Christ (1)The real name of Jesus is Yeshuah; Who and what is Jesus, the origin and meaning of Christ; the name Jesus used as a brand name; no salvation in the name of Jesus but in the practice of Jesus; Jesus’ teachings/emphasis of the Kingdom; the mind and spirit; the three phases of Jesus.Download Now
7Jesus the Christ (2) The real name of Jesus is Yeshuah; The God qualities within you; Intelligence, creativity and love coded in life; good/evil and anatomy of the mind, what Jesus said about himself against that of his disciples about him.Download Now
8Jesus the Christ (3)The parable of the prodigal son; Directing our attention to spirit consciousness since we are spirits; the name Jesus and God’s  heaven/hell.Download Now
9The Christ Mind (1) Jesus taught and lived exemplary life; Jesus did not teach mankind to worship him instead of God; some of you will not taste death till my second coming; my Father is greater than I; The name of Jesus now a commodity in churches.Download Now
10 The Christ Mind 2_ ChristmasBe reborn and enter into immortality; Born again (of the spirit); the energy, power and wisdom of Christmas; the new rising sun of Christmas; nature & spirit.Download Now
11 The New You _ 31st Night Re-birthing yourself into the new year; knowing who and what you are as a spirit; be the channel through which life expresses its blessing in the new year.Download Now
12What God is (1) You are the miracle for 2016; A new you is happening to 2016; how to find God in the Bible; What God is not Who God is; the awesome intelligence in every unit of life.Download Now
 13What God is (2) The Bible and the word of God; the Bible and Jewish tradition and culture; religious fanatics; African perspective of God.Download Now
 14What God is (3) Awareness of God; vastness of God as the body of the universe; the miracle in awakening to God consciousness and creativity.Download Now
15What God is (4) God does not need any power to help Him; Human beings are extensions of God; evolution of the human being and soul; the creative love intelligence in every unit of life.Download Now
 16The Power of the Spoken Word Cursing and blessing; words and thoughts; the power and effects of words to the mind and body; effects of anger; noting the reasons for certain thoughts in the mind; doom and gloom speakers; listening to spirit(voice of God.)Download Now
 17 The Power of the Spoken Word (2) The power of the tongue; Spoken word has no eraser; Internal conversations and their effects to the body; Power, love, intelligence are within you (the Kingdom of God); Change your word and internal conversation to change your world; Cleansing mental and emotional constipation of the body; Effects of anger on the body; Planting positive thought seeds in the mind; Positive description; Meditation & prayer for positive thoughts; The power of appreciation.Download Now
18 The Art & Science of BlessingJesus’ blessing after the resurrection; Calling the evil with positive names so as to transform it; Definition of blessing; Values of blessing; Types of blessing with breathing meditation; Bless everything negative you see or hear; Blessing the good or the abilities that you have stopped doing so as to be more of the good and the blessing.Download Now
19 Prayer Meditation & Fasting (1)The edge to prayer; Prayer is connecting with God; Knowing what God is before praying; God is the author and finisher of the vast intelligent universe; The creative love intelligence in the atom to the universe; All that man needs is to awaken to the reality of his Godhood; The story of the prodigal son; God does not give, He/She is the Giver and the Gift itself.Download Now
20 Prayer Meditation & Fasting (2) Your body is a huge energy field of intelligence working without your input; God is the intelligence coded in your body; God knows what we need before we ask; The essence of prayer should not be to ask God for things but to tune you to the frequency of what you need; Principles of prayer; God answers your prayer so as to fulfill God’s plans for humanity; 3 ways of answers to prayer; Prayers that are amiss and may not be answered & the rightful exercise of prayer; Let there be light moment (surprised idea moment).Download Now
21 Prayer Meditation & Fasting (3) Tuning in to the Master’s (Jesus) consciousness; Awakening to the truth (Christ power of your being); Attributes of God (creative, love, intelligence); Male/Female qualities of God; Drink offering in the Bible, and other rituals of prayer; Subliminal programming of Africans; ; Prayer is the process of harnessing your mind, feeling & body to experience the absoluteness of God; Prayer aids or tools.Download Now
22 Prayer Meditation & Fasting (4) Love in action in the solar system and elements; African Prayer; Four steps of declarative prayer;  declaring the good you are; The Lord’s Prayer.Download Now
23 Prayer Meditation & Fasting  (5) Meditation and Aids; Stating problems & solutions; Meditation & perceptions; the science and effects of sound; types of meditation; declarative payer/meditation.Download Now
24 The Law of Karma (1)Meaning of the word Karma; Theories of Evolution/Life (Mundane, Theological & Metaphysical); thoughts feelings & actions; Law of Karma in relation to religion and physics (cause & effect); other laws of life e.g. force of gravity; the removal of reincarnation from the Bible in 533AD; Reincarnation in the Bible; examples of reincarnated people; thoughts and their effects; the type of world that individuals create for themselves; types of Karma.Download Now
25 Karma, Reincarnation & Liberation(2)The Evolutionary Imperative and the Law of Karma; Universal Laws of Life; Karma places responsibility on your physical, emotional, and mental actions; Creating your heaven or hell through thoughts and feelings; Reincarnation and the cycle of life; History of religion and the Bible; Types of Karma; Identifying problems and their solution; Other types of Karma;  Liberation from the Karmic error. Download Now
26 Karma, Reincarnation & Liberation(3)How to make the Law of Karma work for you; Liberating the soul; The Law of Karma and desires; Love, Blessing & Positivity; Discovering the spiritual persona & making the law work for you; The effects of thoughts and feelings and how to turn them into positive ones; Using the law for your goals; Service & money; Karma & the spiritual world or heavens; the evolutionary processes of life.  Download Now
27The Power of Desire (1) How to create your soul desire; The Law of desire; Desire is the fuel of all actions; Desire is the moving principle of life; Eastern sciences and philosophy on desire; Desire is a necessity in life; instances of desire in the Bible (Jesus’ temptation, parable of the prodigal son, …); Desire can overcome stage fright; desire’s possibilities; Effectiveness of desire (intensity & concentration); Elements of desire that should be considered; Focusing on what you desire.  Download Now
28 The Power of Desire (2)Tapping into the energy called God and converting it into fulfillment of your desires; the anatomy of the mind (spiritual mind science); states and stages of the mind; creating desire in your dreams; planting a desire in a period of one month; the spiritual signs of nature; stating and focusing on appropriate desires; meditating on your desires; women and the power of the womb; positive feeling of desire in prayer; power of the mind; positive and creative declarations.  Download Now
29 The Christ Journey of LoveThe spiritual imperative ( the 5 blessings of God); the vision of Easter (dying to your senses/sin to resurrect your Christ nature); the history behind Easter; the righteousness of the Pharisees (the responsibilities placed on you); the story of James & John’s mother asking for favour from Jesus (Mathew 20:20-23); Jesus did not die to save us, you must also take up your cross, drink of his cup and go through his baptism; Easter and the Christ mind during the symbolic triumphant entry.  Download Now
 30The Christ Journey of Love (2) Christ is not a person but Christ is the God consciousness within each one of us; Awakening to the personal Christ consciousness; Jesus shamed Peter for his human suggestion; Failure to forgive others is keeping the pain and suffering from it; Jesus celebrated the Passover; Jesus in Gethsemane; Surrendering to God during dark nights; Jesus demonstrated love even at the moment of his betrayal; Focusing/seeing the hand of God/love that can come out of the enemy in times of pain; Accusations against Jesus yet he did not deny his divinity and so must you not deny your divinity. Download Now
 31The Christ Journey of Love (3) Jesus’ Christianity as against the Church’s Christianity; Just praising the name of Jesus cannot grant humanity salvation; Jesus never said we should worship him; Peter defending Jesus & Jesus’ rejection of the defence; How Jesus grew in stature and favour with God and men; Jesus betrayed with a kiss (a symbol of love); Jesus is a symbol/personification of love; To see and walk in Love is to be in the consciousness of Jesus; The name of Jesus is commercialised in the Church today;  Jesus demonstrated love even when he was nailed on the cross. Download Now
 32The Christ Journey of Love (4)The meaning of John 3:16; Divine consciousness as against human consciousness; Jesus’ crucifixion proved his teachings; Wake up to the reality of Jesus’ teachings; Knowing yourself as a spirit; Jesus gave up his life to teach us the way of salvation; The message of God’s kingdom is peace (love) and not division; The blood of Jesus stands for self-denial, absolute spiritual body and total focus; Have a realistic Christ evolutionary plan; Christ’s spirit will cause you to triumph over obstacles and like Jesus, you will become God’s joyful message to the world. Download Now
 33 Health and Healing (1)Disease is a state of not being at ease in your spiritual life, in your social life, in your physical life, in your psychological life and in your financial life; Taking charge of your health; Living in harmony with nature; Disease can be caused by lack or excess of something; The fives causes of diseases; The intelligence that God has given to you; Eating right (natural foods); Resting your body; Importance of recreation; The health reset program; The link between the physical and psychological causes of diseases; The power of the mind; Essential Life Education; Soul Processing; How to avoid diseases. Download Now
 34 Health and Healing (2) Astral and soul causes of diseases; The human soul; Solution to soul causes of diseases; Soul processing; Solution to the soul causes of diseases; Heavenly bodies emitting vibrations; Lunatic can mean ‘madness influenced by the moon; Peculiarity of human beings; The influence of the seasons on your energy;  curing astral causes of diseases; Amassing the right energy for a healthy living. Download Now
 35 Health and Healing (3) Spiritual causes of diseases; Types of Education ( spiritual and circular); Knowing who and what you are as spirit; The human spirit; The essence of religion; God knows you before you were born (Jeremiah 1:5); Your original blessings (Genesis 1:28); Little or no spiritual education in religious bodies of today; The effect of your thoughts on others; your thoughts are like radio, receiving and transmitting information; Macro and Micro thought systems; Strengthening your aura; The results of anger; Starting your day right; Becoming health conscious; Impact of music on your health; The cure to diseases (Awakening to your God consciousness); Living the healthy life. Download Now
 36 Family Power (1) Discover the power in family unity, love, and in honouring your parents and your ancestors; Get focused on your family blessings and not on curses so as to claim your family blessings; Tap into your own root power and support system and to use it to advance your life; Tap into the wisdom of your ancestors and disengage yourself from their Karmic negativity and connect with their rich and empowered consciousness; Achieve greater heights than your parents and ancestors. Download Now
 37 Family Power (2) Know practically what to do in order to heal a broken family; Know how to create a spiritual family; Practically understand what it means to honor your ancestors or parents; Know what blessings await you as you honor your ancestors; Take charge of your future; Be positively empowered to impact society and unborn generations; Achieve greater heights than your parents and ancestors. Download Now
 38 Family Power (3)Know the impact of the relationship between Jesus and his spiritual ancestors; Know the procedure to use in creating a spiritual family; Practically make your family a fountain of blessings; Become the answer to the prayers of the unborn generations; Experience true deliverance from ignorance; Become the center of God’s love for the benefit of humanity; Know what to do in healing a broken family. Download Now
 39 Relationship (1)Know the major problem of humanity: relationship; Understand relationship as a journey from conception, through birth to eternity; Understand why most relationships are breaking down today; Understand why you and others behave or function in certain ways; Practically come to the knowledge of self-discovery; Relate well with yourself and with others; Receive life tools to help you maximize your relationships (be it social, economic and environmental.) ;Become a peace maker in healing this world of relationship breakdowns; Understand and take mastery of the various levels of relationship. Download Now
 40 Relationship (2) Free yourself from the misconceptions about relationship; Understand how your relationships affect all areas of your life; Understand why most relationships are breaking down today; Understand why you and others behave or function in certain ways; Practically come to the knowledge of self-discovery; Relate well with yourself and with others; Receive life tools to help you maximize your relationships (be it social, economic and environmental.); Become a peace maker in healing this world of relationship breakdowns. Download Now
 41 Relationship (3)Consciously participate in your relationship; Practically come to the knowledge of self-discovery in your relationship; Understand how your relationships affect all areas of your life; Understand why most relationships cannot stand the test of time today; Understand why you and others behave or function in certain ways; ; Relate well with yourself and with others;  Maximize your relationships; Become a peace maker in healing this world of relationship breakdowns. Download Now
 42 Relationship (4)Understand how you operate in order to cooperate in your Spiritual, Social, Psychological, Physiological and Financial Quests in life; The real meaning of “I love you;” Seeing the good and the divine in others; The essence of marriage; Growing the empowered child; Parenting as a relationship; Knowing how the mind works. Download Now
 43 Relationship (5)The divinity of sex; Types of orgasm; The role of the mind in sex; Premature ejaculation and it’s causes; Effects of pornography on your sexual life; Causes of impotency in relationships; Sex, Communication and money; Differences between sex and love making; Factors that influence relationships; The role of sex in marriage; Understanding what you are in your GPS, how much TESC you have and what you are in your SSPPF; Causes of premature ejaculation; Making your relationships better. Download Now
 44 Make your Relationships BetterHeal your promiscuous drive; Resolve conflicts in your Relationships; Effectively manage your business Relationship; Know the rules for successful marriage; Understand divorce and its results in marriage;  Know practically the role of parenting;  Receive relationship guidelines for men and women; Become a Relationship Counselor. Download Now
 45 Power of the Spoken WordKnow the spirituality of words; Understand the Law of Karma’s impact in words; Know the meaning of reaping what you sow; Understand negative and positive words; Use positive words to change your life; Heal the broken hearted ; Become an agent of good for humanity. Download Now
 46  Power of the Spoken Word (2) Know the fruits (good or bad) of your words; Understand the healing power in words; Use the promises in God’s Word to effect a positive change in your life and in that of others; Understand the reason why curses and blessings can work through words; Overcome negative words; Heal the broken hearted; Empower others to use positive words. Download Now
 47 Power of Forgiveness Know what Jesus said about forgiveness and become a forgiving spirit; Forgive others as often as you are offended;  Love your enemies; Free yourself from harbouring pain; Overcome unforgiveness; Better your relationships; Avoid unnecessary hurts in relationship; Understand the God essence of your pain in life.  Download Now
 48 Power of Forgiveness (2)Practically free yourself from past pains; Help other people to overcome retaliation; Become the centre of God’s love for all people; Use past pains to become better in life; Become a giver of life unto life; Strengthen your social relationship, economic relationship, and spiritual relationships; Become a life coach; Understand what to do in ensuring peaceful coexistence among people.  Download Now
 49Success Principles and LawsCreate your wealth; Create your health; Think, see and feel success in your endeavours; Use natural principles to achieve success; Create your loving relationships; Experience God and dine with angels; Learn from real life situations for your personal success; Gain keys to unlock your success. Download Now
 50 Success Principles and Laws (2)Create the map to your wealth; Create your happiness and success; Have the consciousness of wealth creation; Remove the obstacles to your success; Connect to your spiritual source of wealth; Know the secrets behind wealth creation and success; Impact humanity with your wealth; Use action to create more wealth. Download Now
 51 Living From WithinTurn your trials into triumphant stories; Create your happiness and success from within; Know religious views on the inner life; Use life’s challenges for your highest good; Receive keys to activate your inner peace; Let your outside life conform to your inner convictions; Become a role model to humanity; Activate and manifest your desires from within. Download Now
 52 In the Grace of GodExperience the fulfilling Power of God; Choose a success destiny and walk into it; Be empowered to manifest God’s Grace.  Download Now
 53 In the Grace of God (2)Be the Grace of God to humanity; Experience the fulfilling Power of God; Choose a success destiny and walk into it; Celebrate the Grace of God everyday; Be the Grace of God to Humanity.  Download Now
 54 In the Grace of God (3)Free yourself from the lack mentality; Know the spiritual meaning of the story of the Prodigal Son; See yourself as the power of God here on earth to benefit humanity; Receive Grace keys to unlock your indwelt potentials; Empower people to rise up and be the change they desire; Be the world changer now.  Download Now
 55 The Power of SilenceKnow the Power of Silence; Experience the Presence of God; Experience the Origin of Creation; Connect to The Field of Raw Spiritual Energy and use it to create your desires; If Silence is golden, then you will learn the Secrets of the Golden Pot; Heal your life; Use Silence for your highest good.  Download Now
 56 Path of Pure PotentialsUnleash your potentials; Learning how to connect to the Potential Fields in the Universe to manage your life; Use pains and opportunities to maximize your life; Arise and change your world now.  Download Now
 57The Three Magical Statements (1)Know the spiritual highway that guarantees joy and fulfillment; Transcend Pain; Embrace past mistakes and use them as catalyst for your growth into greatness; Open your life to creativity and be empowered; Be a huge magnet for all good; Create your world Now. Download Now
 58 The Three Magical Statements (2)Know the spirituality of Love; Learn to use the power of Love for your highest good; Heal your broken home and relationship; Be the centre of God’s Love for all people. Demonstrate True Love Now.  Download Now
 59 The Three Magical Statements (3)Embody the divine consciousness that you are God; Understand your God nature; Know and use your spiritual qualities; Manifest your five original blessings; Create your world with your words; Be the God of Love for humanity. Speak Creative Words as God.  Download Now
 60Angelic Connections: Lessons for the Advanced SoulDiscover the channels that God uses to bless you; Learn how to summon Angelic support to meet your needs; Connect to Your Angelic Support Now.  Download Now
61Visioning (1)Capture your God-given vision and be inspired to pursue it, Practically activate your vision in life and manifest it to the maximum;  Become a life coach to inspire others towards their desired goals in life; Avail yourself for Life’s good to flow to humanity through you; Be Inspired to Activate your Vision. Download Now
62Visioning (2)Get answers to questions about your spiritual visioning; Manifest God’s specification for your life; Receive keys to maximize your life; Activate your Vision Now. Download‑M][_>
63The Indwelling PresenceAwaken to the Kingdom of God that you are; Activate your indwelt potentials and manifest them; Become a peacemaker and be an agent of world peace; Heal your world today; Awaken to your God Nature Today. Download Now
 64 The Indwelling Presence (2)Connect to your God self; Activate your inner peace; Heal yourself from past pains and embrace your change today; Teach people to embrace the truth about God; Be the Presence of God Today! Download Now
 65 The Indwelling Presence (3)Sacrifice your time, your energy, your space and your circumstances to manifest the indwelling presence of God that you are; Harmonise with life to promote life; Free yourself from past pains and guilt so as to achieve your highest good; Help others to overcome their emotional challenges; Be Full of God for the benefit of all people! Download Now
 66 The Indwelling Presence (4)Know God through Jesus’ words; The Kingdom of God is within you; Awaken to your Christ Power; Be the Centre of God’s Kingdom unto all people! Download Now
 67 The Glory of Death The only way to live fully is to consciously die to the self; The essence of Death; Effects of the fear of Death on  Humanity; Overcome the fear of death. Download Now
 68 The Glory of Death (2)Learn from the experiences of others concerning death and the afterlife; Unfold the mystery about death; Understand the truth about what happens to your soul after death; Know how to consciously die to the self; Correct misconceptions about death; Free yourself from the fear of death. Download Now
 69 Born Again Know “Born Again” as a daily process of life; Understand the implication your spiritual birth; Know how to die to the self; Live the “Born Again” life to the fullest. Download Now
 70 Born Again (2) Correct the misconceptions about  being “Born Again”; Understand the four phases of your spiritual journey; Activate your God-Power so as to fully and positively impact your generation.Download Now
 71 Healing the PRIMARY Disease Know what the PRIMARY disease of life is and be informed about the dimensions of this particular disease; Determine how this PRIMARY disease has enslaved many people and thus negatively affecting humanity; Be fully armed to overcome this PRIMARY disease so as to achieve more good for the benefit of humanity; The PRIMARY DISEASE of life is Laziness. Download Now
 72 Healing the PRIMARY Disease (2)Develop a practical and workable solution to all the forms (levels) of laziness; Become proactively creative in all your endeavours; Develop inner tools to overcome the animal consciousness; Empower others to overcome Laziness; Avoid Laziness! Download Now
 73 Rise and Conquer Overcome your marital, financial and health obstacles; Tap into your God power and claim your freedom today; Understand and benefit from the spiritual implication of the Biblical story of David and Goliath; Claim Your Freedom Today! Download Now
 74 Rise and Conquer (2) Identify the various dimensions of the possibilities of the soul; Know and use Love as the greatest and the ever-winning weapon in life; Apply life’s ultimate strategy, that grants you victory over your challenges; Be the channel of Life’s truth to humanity; Awaken to your God self; Your Freedom is Now! Download Now
 75 Claiming The Power of God in Scripture Understand the power in the promises of God in scripture; Activate and use the promises of God for your highest good; Manifest your divine blessings; Be the power of God unto humanity. Download Now
 76 Claiming The Power of God in Scripture (2) Receive kingdom keys to awaken to the Kingdom of God that you are; Capture the power of God in every passing moment; Use the indwelling presence of God that you are to manifest your highest good and to be a blessing to others every day; Be the blessing Now! Download Now 
 77 Breakthrough Spiritual Superstar Know that you were born fully endowed to be a breakthrough spiritual presence of God; Maximize your life using the seven principles for breaking through every obstacle; Use your pain as fertilizers for your growth in all areas of your life; Be the winner always. Download Now
 78 Breakthrough Spiritual Superstar (2) Master the practices that will cause you to manifest your innate potentials for the benefit of humanity; Practically empower others to manifest their highest good in all areas of their lives; Be the positive change you desire to see in others; Be the Practice towards Excellence! Download Now
 79 Channel of Blessings Be a conscious giver; Sacrifice for the betterment of others; Be the instrument of God’s blessings to humanity; Maximize your life this year; Position yourself strategically to be used by life to promote life; You Are God’s Blessings unto all People! Download Now
 80 The Law of Abundance and its ApplicationPractically apply the keys to successful living; Know and maximize life’s infinite supply through you for the benefit of all people; Connect to and download onto humanity the spiritual resources needed for the promotion of goodness on Earth; Be the solution to the problems of others; Manifest Your Divine Abundance Now!Download Now
 81Breakthrough Spiritual Superstar (3)Know and apply the seven principles for breakthrough; Make a maximum use of events in your life for your highest good; Breakthrough life’s obstacles and shine; Harmonize with life to promote life; Arise and Breakthrough Now. Download Now
 82Breakthrough Spiritual Superstar (4)Receive practical guide to maximize your life; Become the best you have always desired to be; Maximize your Life Now! Download Now
 83 Breakthrough Spiritual Superstar (5)Capture the ultimate intention of the power that brought you here for its own purpose; Discover you as a field of infinite possibilities that is here to make a positive impact on humanity; Turn your sad stories into God’s success story; Know your life as God’s eternal mystery; Understand your spirituality and your Oneness with God; Manifest your Magnificence Now!Download Now
 84 Breakthrough Spiritual Superstar (6)Have a practical vision for your life; Know and apply the principles of spiritual and logical visions; Achieve your desires in life using appropriate strategies; Empower others to achieve their visions become better in life; Have a practical vision now. Download Now
 85 Creation of HeavenKnow what your “Heaven” is and create it now; Know the four phases of life that pertains to all human beings irrespective of their religion, culture, race, status and background; Identify and step into the original intention of God for your life even before you were born; Use scientific proofs to buttress scriptural references of your divine assignment in this journey called Life; Receive spiritual guidance to maximise your success in all areas of your life; Empower others to become conscious of their spiritual lives. Download Now
 86 Creation of Heaven (2)Understand the spiritual implications of teachings in the Bible to enable you to receive insight into the symbolism, the age and the culture from which the Bible was written; Know the meaning and the truth about Jesus’ words concerning his Father’s house with many mansions; Determine and predetermine the state of your spirit here on Earth and also in the hereafter so as to create your Heaven now; Know what spirit of God you are and be empowered to activate your spiritual muscles now; Activate and capture the God consciousness of Jesus so as to understand and maximise your God nature; Capture the Reality of the Truth Now! Download Now
 87 Creation of Heaven (3)Identify the qualities of God and use it to create your Heaven (that is your state of ever evolving good); Know what spirit of God you are and create your Heaven now; Receive insights into the spiritual implication of scriptures that talk about Heaven; Receive spiritual discernment and practice so as to maximize your life; Become God conscious in your everyday life; Be The Heaven You Desire! Download Now
 88 Creation of Heaven (4)Let the good that you are outlive you so as to benefit the unborn generations; Activate the Kingdom of God which is the indwelling power presence of God in you; Know how to find the true Word of God in scriptures; Create your spiritual flowery garden, maintain it and keep it for the benefit of all people; Join us in saving the world from spiritual ignorance. Download Now
 89 Manifesting the Power of GratitudeUnderstand Gratitude as Nature’s Grand Attitude for manifestation; Practically focus on positivity so as to be strengthened in your manifestation of gratitude; Become a huge magnet of good so as to manifest your desires; Manifest your Gratitude Today! Download Now
 90 Manifesting the Power of Gratitude (2)Practically know how blessed you are so as to enable you to manifest more of your infinite goodness; Understand what the spiritual and practical process of gratitude entails; Receive insights into other areas of gratitude like “Event Gratitude” and “Gratitude Celebrating Failure” so as to better your life; Be the Vessel of Gratitude. Download Now
 91  Manifesting the Power of Gratitude (3)Acknowledge the benefits of gifts that you have received from life and also from people in order to activate more of their blessings in you; Practically understand the essence of the Bible quote, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’; Become a massive giver to sponsor programs that enhance the evolutionary advancement of all people; Be a conscious giver now! Download Now
 92 Manifesting the Power of Gratitude (4)Practically use the various forms of Gratitude to meet specific needs in your life; Manifest the good you desire in life; Step into your true destiny; Experience your True Destiny Now! Download Now
 93 “Ask Brother Ishmael” (Part 1) This was an opportunity to ask questions from all areas of life. Continue to enhance your Spiritual Journey by awakening to the Truth. Download Now
 94  “Ask Brother Ishmael” (Part 2) This was an opportunity to ask questions from all areas of life. Continue to enhance your Spiritual Journey by awakening to the Truth. Download Now
 95 “Ask Brother Ishmael” (Part 3) This was an opportunity to ask questions from all areas of life. Continue to enhance your Spiritual Journey by awakening to the Truth. Download Now
 96 “Ask Brother Ishmael” (Part 4) This was an opportunity to ask questions from all areas of life. Continue to enhance your Spiritual Journey by awakening to the Truth. Download Now
 97 RESOLUTION 2017Nothing new will happen to you in 2017; a new you will happen to 2017; When the roots of the tree are rotten, the tree is already dead; and until you revive the rotten roots of 2016 you will not have a vibrant 2017; In life, you don’t get what you want but you get what you exude; Have a Workable Resolution for 2017! Download Now
 98 RESOLUTION 2017 (Part 2)Be the good that 2017 hopes to be; Experience inner peace towards the achievement of all your desires in 2017; Lay a good foundation towards 2017. Download Now
 99  RESOLUTION 2017 (Part 3)Clear the filed of your soul, prepare it and plant the right seeds towards achieving your goals in 2017; Practically manifest your innate potentials towards the collective benefit of all people in 2017; Empower others to create and live a workable resolution towards 2017. Download Now
 100 RESOLUTION 2017 (Part 4)Embrace the infinite and ever-expanding goodness of God in the eternal now towards 2017; See the miracle that life is in order to be connected to greater miracles in 2017; Know that a magnificent you is about to happen to 2017. Download Now
 101  CHRISTMAS POWER Awaken the Christ Power in you; Manifest the indwelling Christ Power in you; Be fully anchored in the power of the season in order to achieve greater success in 2017. Download Now
 102 CHRISTMAS POWER (2)Use the necessary tools and spiritual guidance to awaken the Christ Power in you; Nourish, fertilize, and groom the Christ idea for your life; Know God’s vision for you and manifest it; Plant the Christ you into the prepared field of life; See the good and the divine in others and empower them to become better in 2017. Download Now
 103 LIVING THE CHRIST LIFE Practically know that at Christmas, Christ was born in you; Know that now is the time to live the Christ Life of power; Benefit from the season’s energy. Download Now
 104 Celebrate You in 2017Become the positive change that you desire to see happening in 2017; Become a conscious giver towards the progress of the good you believe in for the benefit of humanity; Receive the keys necessary to enhance the manifestation of your aspirations in 2017; Celebrate yourself by serving others; Sacrifice for the spiritual and physical benefits of others; Arise and shine in 2017. Download Now
 105 The New Me in 2017Manifest the God revealed and ordained Kingdom that you are so that the increase of your impact on humanity will be eternal; Identify the keys for embodying “Unity of Humanity” with the insight that you are God’s perfect idea and solution to humanity. Your success is here and now; Know that you were born into abundance and you are to add to the abundance of life. You are not a mistake but you are a service spirit of life; Write down what the New You in 2017 is. Describe it and declare it to all of life; Be determined to expand in all spheres of your life in 2017; Understand that this year is your year of abundance. Download Now
 106 TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW Embody the Destiny of 2017 which involves new beginning, freshness and New Life; Enhance your relationships this year with powerful life principles. Manifest newness in your relationship; Receive guidance on self-establishment. Start a new business or promote your existing business this year; Know the importance of boldness, joy and the taking of right actions towards your success this year; Embody “Unity of Humanity” towards your success this year.  Download Now
 107 TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW (2) Renew your relationships this year; Practically declare newness into the lives of others; Know God’s perfect idea that you are; Be the healer of situations happening around you; Be guided to write down the New You that is appearing to be the solution to the problems of humanity this year; Take spontaneous right actions towards your success this year. Download Now
 108 Maximizing Your Life in 2017Know the importance of reading and research to your progress this year; Identify what you can do to better the lives of people in your community; Know the power of positive declarations to your life this year; Experience abundance in all areas of your life this year. Download Now
 109 Maximizing Your Life in 2017 (Part 2)Receive the confidence to achieve your aspirations this year; Know and activate the Power of God that you are for a successful 2017; Become a blessing to humanity in 2017 through honesty and conscious giving. Download Now
 110 Become the Miracle of 2017 Maximizing your Relationships in all levels of your life in 2017; Practically improve your relationship with people in all areas of your life; Be free from the misconceptions about relationships; Understand that relationship is the fundamental issue that affects all realms of life on this planet; Receive practical life guide about what to do in order to build and maintain successful relationships; Become a Relationship Counselor. Download Now
111Become the Miracle of 2017 (PART 2)Maximizing your Relationships in all levels of your life in 2017(PART 2); Receive a practical relationship guide that cuts across all areas of your life; Get your relationship questions answered; Understand the deeper spiritual implications of relationships to your life; Receive a practical education on the impact of technology on relationships and how to address the situation.Download Now
112“Ask Brother Ishmael” – 2017Ask questions and receive in-depth answers to enhance your understanding about specific areas of life.Download Now
113“Ask Brother Ishmael” – 2017 (Part 2)All questions from all areas of life are welcome.Download Now
114“Ask Brother Ishmael” – 2017 (Part 3) Your Answers Are Here and Now! Download Now
115 “Ask Brother Ishmael” – 2017 (Part 4) The answers to your life’s quest is here and now! Download Now
116  “Ask Brother Ishmael” – 2017 (Part 5)Receive the answers to all of your life’s quests.  Download Now
117  “Ask Brother Ishmael” – 2017 (Part 6) The answers to all your questions are here and now. Download Now
118  “Ask Brother Ishmael” – 2017 (Part 7)Your questions and suggestions about all areas of life are welcome. Download Now
119 “Ask Brother Ishmael” – 2017 (Final Edition) Receive guidance to better all areas of your life. Be the blessing unto humanity.  Download Now
120  Our Man Jesus and ChristianityKnow Religion as the cause of numerous confusions in the world today; Understand the history of Christianity and the Holy Bible; Who is Jesus and who wrote the Holy Bible?; Free yourself from the dogma of religious doctrines and live the reality of what Jesus stood for; Know the True Jesus Now! Download Now
121 Our Man Jesus and Christianity (Part 2)Discover the Kingdom of God that you are as taught by Jesus and to live by it; Understand the real meaning behind most of the sayings of Jesus in the Holy Bible; Embrace a new way of life that enables you to activate and fully express your God-given potentials; Be inspired to become the way, the truth and the life through which many people will awaken to the divine truth that Jesus stood for.  Download Now
122 Our Man Jesus and Christianity (Part 3)Know and embody the importance of Jesus’ death; Understand and be the “true miracle” that Jesus taught; Manifest the salvation of God and be the light of humanity; Heal your world and be the channel through which all people are blessed; Invite all people to true empowerment and enlightenment; Manifest the True Jesus Today!  Download Now
123 Our Man Jesus and Christianity (PART 4) – FINAL PARTActivate the Kingdom of God within you as taught by Jesus in Luke 17:20-21; Receive the practice that will enable you to be more of your true God nature; Manifest the divine life in an abundant measure so as to be the solution to the problems of humanity; Be enlightened to receive a renewed focus of what religion should teach. This will help you to understand the relevance of spirituality in your daily life; Become a Jesus Ambassador and heal the world from the shackles of dogma caused by the literal interpretation of religious beliefs; Be More of your God Nature Today! Download Now
124 The Blessings of PainKnow that pain is part of the equation of life. When pain is embraced, it leads you to ultimate success and when denied or rejected, it crushes you; Discover the secrets of using your pain as catalyst for positive transformation and as fertiliser for your growth; Embrace the Glory of your Pain Today! Download Now
125 The Blessings of Pain (Part 2)Heal yourself from past pains and failures so as to rise into your full God magnificence; Learn from practical real life experiences about how other people used their pains to rise into greatness; Receive insights into the benefits of pains or obstacles to life as a whole; Free yourself from the misconceptions about pains in life; Manifest your Glory in your Pain! Download Now
126 Speak God into your LifeSpeak God (solution) to your challenges. Use evidences and testimonies of God to reveal the greatness of your God to every problem in your life; Know the power of words to your life. You cannot think, feel and talk defeat and and up having success and victory; Realign your thoughts and actions about God so as to make you the wonder that you were brought to planet Earth to be; Be the God Blessing Today! Download Now
127 Speak God into your Life (Part 2)Overcome mediocrity and become what you were brought to this earth to be. Get the tools to empower you in your life journey; See yourself as God sees you. Arise to your full God power; Speak possibilities into your life and watch them come into manifestation; Start a new success story for your life today; Manifest your Success Story Today! Download Now
128 Speak God into your Life (Part 3)Embrace the keys to your total spiritual freedom and creative opportunities; Understand and manifest the power of your God nature using clear evidences of God; Declare your testimony of the possible good that can come out of the pain or the situation. This will empower you and lift you beyond the pain; Receive the core principles of life and also get the requisite tools and abilities to handle your life; Experience Your Testimony Now! Download Now
129 Speak God into your Life (Part 4) – FINAL PARTTake the right actions towards excellence in all areas of your life; Heal yourself from the primary disease in life; Embrace the keys to your total spiritual freedom and creative opportunities; Understand and manifest the power of your God nature using clear evidences of God; Declare your testimony of the possible good that can come out of the pain or the situation. This will empower you and lift you beyond the pain; Receive the core principles of life and also get the requisite tools and abilities to handle your life; Take the Right Actions Towards your Success Today! Download Now
130 Be The BlessingEvery now and then, people are waiting for someone else to bless them with prosperity, with health, and with good things; The truth however is that everyone has God’s original blessings; You are here to be the blessing and it is only when you recognize this that you receive more blessing (unto he that has more is given – Matthew 25:29); You will learn about God’s original blessing. We will empower you to be the blessed presence of God on earth. Download Now
131 A Congregation of “What?”A Congregation is not just a gathering of worshipers. It is actually the assembly of our thoughts and feelings;  When people gather in fear, they create or build a fear energy system. When you join a system of love you are lifted up in love; Those you gather with influence your thoughts and mood. Check who you congregate with; Be Awakened to join the right congregation now! Download Now
132 The Call to CourageAwaken the Spirit of Courage in you. There is this single thread that runs through life which mostly we do not have – COURAGE. Hence, the need to call all people to embrace courage and to awaken this powerful Spirit in them; Be willing and ready to use courage to achieve your goals in life. Many people are mostly comfortable with their old ways of doing things and they mostly do nothing to add to what they have come to meet as people. This does not promote life but retards progress in all areas of life; Be courageous and take responsibilities towards your success in life. Many people are living a life of timidity and fear. Many people through lack of courage have directly or indirectly preconditioned their minds with stagnation and refused to give change a chance; Be yourself and embrace the courage to bring about a positive change in your life. Mostly, people prefer to follow the crowd in order to avoid blame should things go wrong. Hence, many people are still crawling instead of rising with a dispatch using courage; Overcome your fears today and rise to the full embrace of your innate God-nature that sees all things as possible. Your time for action is now; Take Charge of your Life Today! Download Now
133 The Courage to be RealAre you yourself or you are living the life of others? Do you have the courage to be real or you are going according to the dictates of families and society? ; Do you have the courage to have a dream and work towards its manifestation or you are a shadow in other people’s dreams?; Have the Courage to do and welcome mistakes as a normal learning process for growth; Have the Courage to ask the bold questions of ‘who am I?’ , ‘why am I here?’ and ‘where am I going from here?’; The courage to forgive yourself and others; The courage of confession. Set yourself free from telling lies that cloud your mind. Lies break trust and causes you to lose trust of yourself and also of others; The courage to bless your enemies; Be Your True Self Today! Download Now
134 Success Principles and LawsCreate your wealth; Create your health; Think, see and feel success in all your endeavors; Use natural principles to achieve success; Create your loving relationships; Experience God and dine with angels; Learn from real life situations for your personal success; Gain divine keys to unlock your success; Be empowered to achieve more than you can imagine! Download Now
135 Success Principles and Laws (Part 2)Create the map to your wealth; Create your happiness and success; Have the consciousness of wealth creation; Remove the obstacles to your success; Connect to your spiritual source of wealth; Know the secrets behind wealth creation and success; Impact humanity with your wealth; Use action to create more wealth; Be Empowered for Success and Wealth Creation! Download Now
136 The Question of Asking QuestionsOur world appears to have so much of ready-made answers than questions and as a result, the asking of relevant questions has become rare; Every scientific finding starts off as a relevant question. To make progress in any sphere of life, we have to ask more questions; One area where asking certain questions is considered blasphemous is the realm of religion. In Christianity for instance, one is forbidden from questioning the authority of the Bible; Our discussion for this evening on “the question of asking questions” is to embolden you to question whether or not the Bible is truly the word of God. It is to open you to seek truth for yourself rather than depending on an authority, be it scriptural or human; Receive Answers To Your Mind-Boggling Questions! Download Now
137 God’s Holy IdeaWE all originate as divine ideas in the mind of God. You were born as a unique universal proposition with the potential to propagate itself as a divine Ideal of Love, Intelligence and Creativity; Do you know what Holy Idea of God you are? And how well are you cultivating it?; Catch the wave of a fresh awakening; Manifest God’s Holy Idea for your Life Today! Download Now
138There is the Need to Remain Eternally YouthfulYour body is not your own. It is the house of your spirit. It is on lease to you in this embodiment; It is therefore your responsibility to keep your body in perfect shape to glorify your maker; Know that your spirit does not fancy a weak and neglected  body; Know how to keep your body strong for your spirit to function better; Remain Eternally Youthful from Today! Download Now
139 How to Purify your Mental, Emotional and Physical BodiesKnow that you are a composition of mental, emotional and physical bodies; Understand that these bodies are constantly being contaminated while you live; To live a meaningful and joyful life, you have to purify these bodies; Receive insight into the  application of proven workable tools and exercises to free our bodies; Discover how to take charge of your being; You are a God-being and so you need to think, feel and live as such; Purify your Mental, Emotional and Physical Bodies and Take Charge of your Life Today! Download Now
140 The Purpose Driven LifeWho brought me into being and for what reason have I incarnated here on Earth?;   In what capacity am I to live this Life to the full?; How is it that some people are seen as successful and others are seen to be struggling with little or no results at all?; Are all people meant to make some impact in life in their life time or it is only a selected few who can make remarkable impact such that their memories of the great good they did will linger on from generation to generation?; Will I be a fulfilled person at my time of transition (death)?; Begin to Live a Purpose-Driven Life  from Today! Download Now
141Living the Purpose Driven Life (Part 2)Receive the practical steps in developing and living a purpose driven life; Understand that a life without purpose is meaningless and a waste of time; Practically Live a Purpose-Driven Life from Today!Download Now
 142 The Burning Desire for SuccessWho do you know you are according to yourself, according to other people and most importantly according to God?; What are your values in the five regions of your life?; Identify thoughts that have stopped you from attaining success; Identify and re-evaluate your desires for success in your life; Embody The Burning Desire For Success Today! Download Now
 143 Time-Conscious; Space-ConsciousWe often speak of or hear about time-consciousness but its twin element, which we often do not consider, is space-consciousness; What you invite into your space tells how you spend your time. What does your space look like? Man can never be effective when he is time-conscious and space-unconscious; Nature tells us of the importance of both time and space. The right combination of time and space are necessary ingredients for conscious living and our conscious evolution; Be in dominion with the awareness of your time and space; Be Time-Conscious and Space-Conscious from Today! Download Now
 144  Nature: Our TeacherWe have an inner need to know. We have questions that we need answers for; How do we seek for answers and where do we search for answers that Nature teaches!; Life is not a problem to be solved, it is a reality to be explored. Exploration requires observation and participation. How do we observe and participate in Nature to get the desired answers to our questions?; Turn to Nature and get its wisdom now!; Receive Nature’s Answers To Your Mind-Boggling Questions Today! Download Now
 145 Now Is All I HaveWhat is your current level of Success?; Make a personal and conscious analysis of your life; Face your giants; Receive the steps to take so as to make the best out of “THE NOW.”; Identify and make use of practical tools that will make your life better; The Future is Now and the Time for Action is Now! Download Now
 146 Angelic Connections: Lessons for the Advanced SoulDiscover the channels that God uses to bless you; Learn how to summon Angelic support to meet your needs. Connect to Your Angelic Support Now; Use the power of Wisdom and Love to advance your life; Heal yourself from certain Religious Misconceptions; Take Charge of Your Life Today! Download Now
 147 Living ResponsiblyDo you give up the control of your life to others to determine how things should go in your life?; The responsibilities you shirk today will become your burden tomorrow. Wake up and be responsible for your life!; Responsible living educates and empowers!; Be the change you want to see in the world by living responsibly!; Abraham Lincoln said, “There is but one way to train up a child in the way he should go, and that is to travel it yourself.” That way is the path of responsible living; Start Living Responsibly Now! Download Now
 148 The Quest for Happiness (1)Place your self at the Centre of Happiness; Have you any plan for your Happiness?; Are you a Happiness beggar?; Does your over-concern for people’s views outstrips your Spirit of Management?; Happiness is a Choice, choose it; Choose your happiness now! Download Now
 149 The Quest for Happiness (2)Cultivate attitudes that insulate you from people’s attitude; Manage the over-concerns for people. When you do not see the solution, then know that this is something for God to do; Happiness does not happen automatically. You have to CHOOSE to make it happen; Be The Happiness Today! Download Now!
 150 The Need to Make Time for Silence in our LivesWe often make ourselves so busy that we don’t make time for Silence; What is Silence?; Is Silence simply the absence of sound or noise?; Nature who brought us here on the planet amply demonstrates silence; Let us study Nature and learn from Her Ways, and be silent;  Encounter and utilize the power of silence; Be Ready to Encounter the Power of Silence! Download Now
 151  Focusing on Our Divine IntentionsDiscover the reality of the divine intentions of God that you are; Know the divine reason why you are on this planet. Many people go through life without knowing why they are here; Understand the reason why some people have intentions of following one activity, a profession or other things in order to better their lives; Identify the reason why due to lack of effective focusing, many people deviate, they feel disappointed and they end up leading a life that is less than their potential. Hence, they become unfulfilled in life; Receive the secrets of Nature in empowering you to live a life of fulfillment. All around us, Nature demonstrates how to live a fulfilling life; Receive the guide in going to Nature and in learning Her ways so as to stay focused and fulfilled at all times; Be More Fruitful in your Divine Intentions Now! Download Now
 152 SELF LOVE – How Much Of It Do You Give To Yourself?You are Greater than you think; What is your Relationship with yourself in the Five Regions of Life; What Roles do your senses play in your life?; Stop Reducing Yourself and use your Power Within; Be Dependent on Yourself; You are all that you have; Be yourself; You Are the Most Important Person on Earth and so Express as such; Express Self Love Towards the Benefit of all People! Download Now
 153  ACCEPTANCE: THE ROAD TO INNER FULFILLMENTKnow what acceptance is not; Discover what acceptance is; Be empowered to accept Life; Practically accept yourself; Begin to accept others; Accept your environment; Accept your mistakes; Receive True Inner Fulfillment through Acceptance! Download Now
 154 Do You Choose Or Your Choices Choose You?Understand how choices produce counter choices or consequences in your life; Know the things that influence your power of choice; Step into the power of conscious choice; Receive The Insight To Choose Consciously! Download Now
 155 For the Lack of Knowledge, my People PerishHave the right knowledge of the self; Receive the right knowledge of God; Know the benefits of having the right knowledge of God and of Self; Seek and find knowledge and truth; Receive The Right Knowledge Now! Download
 156 The Journey to Self-AwakeningWhat is Self-Awakening?; What one needs and how to achieve it; What to expect and what to do; Life at the end of the journey; Join the Journey to Self-Awakening Today! Download Now
 157 Stop Playing VictimWhat it means to play victim; Why do people like to play the victim card?; How do you identify if someone is playing victim?; Be guided concerning what you can do in order to stop playing victim; Know why you need to stop playing victim; Stop Playing the Victim Card Now! Download Now
 158 Sensitivity to OrderAre we putting things in their proper places?; We live in a world where people live disorderly lives; There is order in the universe. Let’s learn from the orderliness of the universe; Let’s think of ways to support our children’s sensitivity to order; Our lives must be in divine order for us to be able to be fruitful and multiply, replenish the earth and have dominion; Restore Order in Your Life Now! Download Now
 159 Life: A Give and Take AffairLife is a give and take affair. We are giving or receiving each moment of our lives; God gives and God takes. What are we taking from what we receive from life and what are we giving to life; Let’s have a guiding principle so we can know what to take from life to evolve us and what to give to life to promote it; “Give to yourself; not to others and receive from no one except from life.” – Brother Ishmael Tetteh; Using this principle will make us enrich ourselves and others with the teachings of life; Let’s Start the Giving and Taking Process Now! Download Now
 160 Principles of Soul EmpowermentReceive a practical, radical, and innovative New way of thinking and living for total harmony with yourself and with Life; Identify the great potential that you are. You are a great spiritual superstar; Know how to use life’s pains to become better. Life is about pain but the pain is to unleash the hidden treasures within you; Free yourself from the patterns of past pains and failures; Receive the Courage to be the real you that Life has brought here to be a blessing to all of humanity; Become a life empowerment coach to bless all people. Download Now
161Principles of Soul Empowerment (Part 2)“Unforgiveness is the decision you make to remain emotionally constipated.” – Brother Ishmael Tetteh; Many people are trapped in emotional pain that weighs them down from progress and success; Negative emotions are mental bargages that interfere with thinking and creativity and reduces your God quality; Recover your lost mental energy and advance your life; Break the vessel of pain in your life; Receive solution-oriented thoughts and free yourself from wandering thoughts; Learn the power of true forgiveness and be at peace with all people; Discover and recover the power of you; Be At Peace With Yourself And With All People!Download Now
162Principles of Soul Empowerment (Part 3)“When you stop yourself from doing good, you block the flow of divine goodness through you. The good that flows through you blesses you and you must not stop it.”
– Brother Ishmael Tetteh; Receive practical tools that will make forgiveness natural to you and open you to be a fountain of good to the world; Free yourself from the trap of the need for Apology and Gratitude; Recover your lost mental energy and advance your life; Break the vessel of pain in your life; Receive the Practical Life Enhancement Tools Today!
Download Now
 163 Principles of Soul Empowerment: The Principle of Growth and Community Building (Part 1) At the  heart of every conflict is the lack of understanding. Conflicts occur at the mental, emotional and physical levels and is responsible for pains in relationships and in businesses.  Until you master the art of understanding, success in any area of your life is a struggle; Identify Nature’s Principles of understanding; Know how to understand yourself so as to be in harmony with yourself and with all people; Manifest your dreams by destroying what sabotages them; Reclaim your Love Energy and become the real you for the benefit of all people; Receive the solution to the cause of many of your woes in life. Download Now
 164Principles of Soul Empowerment: The Principle of Growth and Community Building. (Part 2)Receive practical answers to your mind boggling questions; Be empowered to live above your pains and challenges and be the spiritual superstar that you have been been brought here to be; Become a centre of God’s Love and free yourself from the need for gratitude and apology; Learn to accept life and work in harmony with life towards your collective growth; Avoid blame and take responsibility towards your progress and that of others in life; Receive your freedom today. Download Now
 165 Recap on the First Three Principles of Soul EmpowermentThe first three principles challenge conventional thinking and all that you have known in Religion and in Spirituality.Today, you have the opportunity to ask your questions as well as make contributions.

In Principle One, we captured the following: Pain is part of God’s equation and it is a dominant reason why you are here; If your sad story has been heard by others before, then it is boring; Life is about pain but pain is not about you; Pain believes in you and it will not go away until you use it.

In Principle Two, we captured the following: It is your own explanation or interpretation of people’s actions and inactions that hurts you; No one owes you apology for the wrong done to you; No one owes you gratitude for the good that you have done; You do not have the power to do good. Life does its good through you.

In Principle Three, we captured the following: Release yourself from the need to be understood; You are not meant to be understood; Love is a one-way street and your lover does not have to love you back; Genuine love does not need to be reciprocated.

 Download Now
 166 Principles of Soul Empowerment: The Principle of FreedomHaving known the first three Principles of Soul Empowerment, you are now set on the path of freedom.In this fourth principle, you will discover your true freedom as you join us on this journey.

Every individual wants to control others or something. One religion wants to control another religion and one tribe wants to control another tribe. This alone has been a major threat to world peace; You need freedom in order to step into that magnificence of yours that you are here to experience; The drive to control is not evil. However you need to learn how to work with the passion of control for the benefit of humanity so as to promote life instead of using it to cause chaos; The principle of freedom will make you a breakthrough spiritual superstar.

 Download Now
 167Principles of Soul Empowerment; Blame: The Destroyer of Personal PowerDestroy one of the greatest destroyers to your success. It is called BLAME.In this fifth principle, you will be guided to understand one factor that has destroyed the personal power and freedom of many people. This common factor is called Blame.

Everybody wants to blame another person or a group for their misfortunes in life. This is the cause of the numerous conflicts, confusions and wars; Discover total freedom as you free yourself from the blame game that keeps destroying generations; Blame is the conscious surrendering and the abuse of your power. Blame reduces you and renders you powerless; Receive your total freedom today.

 Download Now
 168Image and Likeness of GodA perfect knowledge of who and what you truly are is the surest way of becoming the true image and likeness of God that you have been brought here to be.Join us to discover this mystery!

What do you think you are? A higher animal? Or you are defined by your fame, status, prowess or position in life?; Are you your body?; Humans happen to know more about things around us than ourselves; Let’s explore who and what we are and what life expects from us.

 Download Now
 169  The Way Of The CrossAs a sequel to our discussions on Tuesday where we discussed Man as the image and likeness of God, today we shall delve into this powerful statement the Man, Jesus, the exemplar, made in Luke 9:23 “And he said to them all, ‘If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.'”Discover the keys to your spiritual upliftment and freedom; Know the secrets to your life advancement; Understand the principles that will make you beneficial to unborn generations; Discover how to pay the price towards advancing your spiritual journey. Download Now
 170 The Awesome “I” WithinThere is an Awesome presence within you that directs, guides and shapes you into becoming more of itself. A conscious awareness and expression of this awe-inspiring presence means a life free of mediocrity and limitation.Have you achieved everything in the world yet you feel unfulfilled, unhappy and incomplete? Join us discover the missing link in your life; Broken down and tired of living life on a merry-go-round? Do you think life is beating you so much you have to give up? Hold on, discover the true power you possess to change your situation now!; Re-discover the truth about you and the reason why you are here on earth; Discover the ‘I’ of your soul and your spiritual mandate in this life journey on earth; Receive total freedom and rise up to your true power and God-confidence. Download Now
171Awakening The Awesome “I” Within – The ProcessThere is an Awesome presence within you that directs, guides and shapes you into becoming more of itself. Know HOW to tap into the power of this presence and promote life with it.

Let’s discover HOW to identify, activate and express the I AM presence within you; Using practical spiritual technologies which are in harmony with nature, discover how to fulfill your cosmic evolutionary imperatives; Rise up to true God-confidence and power and know your true worth; Receive total freedom from bondage.

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172Who Are You Wearing?There is an Awesome presence within you that directs, guides and shapes you into becoming more of itself. Know HOW to tap into the power of this presence and promote life with it. The key objective is for you to do a self assessment of whose identity that you are wearing in your life ( which includes your Social, Psychological, Physical and Financial lives)

Identify the types of identities you are wearing and how they are supporting your evolution; Receive a practical guide so as to be watchful of the identities you pick up and wear in your day to day engagements; Using real life experiences, notice how you can heal yourself from certain identities that you have picked up either consciously or unconsciously.

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173Who Are YOU wearing? We will be discussing the “YOU” in the question “Who Are You Wearing?”You are a breakthrough spiritual superstar that is here to unleash your innate potentials and to be a blessing to all people. You are unique. You are on this life journey to grow your God qualities and to become more of the image and likeness of the Living God. You are a mystery yet to be unfolded. The world hungrily awaits your manifestation. The key objective is to practically assist you to identify the real you so as to empower you to be the miracle of God unto humanity that you have been brought here to be.

Discover what spirit of God that you are and become more of it. This will ignite the God potentials embedded in you into manifestation; Receive a practical guide towards consciously choosing your thoughts, feelings and actions. This will make you a success in all your endeavors; Become the God solution center that is here to liberate humanity from the shackles of the senses and to birth an essential noble person in all people.

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174God – the Presence of All PresencesJust what God is! Humanity has experienced innumerable religious conflicts due to a misconception of what God is. All religious groups are either directly or indirectly set against one another on the basis of a disagreement concerning what God is. The prolonged religious conflict among Christianity and Islam is a clear example. The obvious question is “Will there ever be World Peace?” For us to achieve World Peace, we need to fully address this topic to its depth so as to deal with the religious conflicts.
The focus here is to teach you what God is. A perfect knowledge of what God is will empower humanity to know and see God as the “All in All.” This will heal their sense of separation and birth an essential noble person in all people. World Peace will then be assured for the benefit of the unborn generations.Often we try to humanize God and assign human emotions and characteristics to God; God created man in his image and likeness but now we create God in our image and likeness; God is not a person that can be encountered in a human way but by the presence of all presences. You can feel and experience God in all of Life; Free yourself from the misconceptions entrenched by religion concerning what God is. Discover God for yourself; Become a peacemaker as you get to understand God in the most perfect way. God is Love and God expects you to follow peace with all people.
Download Now
175The Devil DeceptionReligious doctrines on the so-called “Satan” or “Devil” have encouraged fear and crippled the dreams of many people who instead of rising up to make impact in life tend to relax and blame the imaginary devil for the cause of their woes. This has retarded meaningful developments and it has encouraged the blame game in all areas of life. We need to deal with this root cause of fear and teach humanity to heal themselves from this long-held deception about the so-called Satan. The focus here is free you from the long-held ideology on the Devil that has destroyed individuals, families, lovers and societies as a whole so as to restore you to the image and likeness of God that you have been brought here to be.The concept of a Devil is an instrument wielded by certain people in authority to cower and instill fear in the masses; When you consider the awesomeness of God and creation, there cannot be a devil standing in opposition to the All Powerful, everywhere present and All knowing God; What is often referred to as Devil is the personification of evil which comes from within man. And what is considered evil will depend on the time, the space, the energy or the circumstances around a particular happening Learn how to become a force of good unto all people.Download Now
176Peace Is Possible In Our LifetimeWith the day-to-day terrorist attacks and the war cries of some Super Power nations of this world, the obvious question that will continually struck the mind of every thinking individual is that “Will There Ever Be world Peace?” Despite the active presence of numerous Peace Organisations both at national and international levels, the world seems to be getting worse day after day. What Actually Is Wrong? What is the fundamental problem? Join us to effectively discuss this relevant issue. To enhance your participation, you may download The Peace Manual FREE at: www.WorldPeaceInOurLifetime.comJoin us to free your mind from the impossibilities associated with the attainment of World Peace in Our Lifetime. Join our Peace Campaign to raise the awareness of the possibility of “World Peace In Our Lifetime.” Together we become the bigger voice to make world Peace in our lifetime possible.

Activate your inner peace and help others to attain this inner peace towards the realisation of world peace; Discover a new practical vision of World Peace; Know how to create a perfect character of World Peace that will change the course of thinking of humanity and make World Peace a reality; Identify how relevant the schooling of the senses will be towards achieving World Peace in our Lifetime.

Download Now
177Peace Is Possible In Our Lifetime (PART 2)Discover the practical strategy necessary to enhance religious and political oneness in our world today. Religion and politics are two strongholds that need to be handled cautiously in order to attain world peace; Receive the three levels of intervention that will make world peace attainable. They are the Tertiary Interventions, the Secondary Interventions and the Primary Interventions; Begin to create a character for world peace and learn how to practically school your senses towards world peace; Let us give peace a voice and let us keep peace alive. Join us to become a bigger voice that will cause international bodies to support this practical approach to world peace in our lifetime.Download Now
178The Possibility of World Peace In Our Lifetime (PART 3)Discover the urgent need for Global Peace and Reconciliation; Understand the Tertiary courses of wars and conflicts; Receive insights on the Tertiary Intervention which is the third level of intervention that will make world peace attainable; Join us to become a bigger voice that will cause international bodies to support this practical approach to world peace in our lifetime.Download Now
179Ask Your Questions And Receive Answers About The Possibility of World Peace In Our LifetimeAsk Questions about World Peace In Our Lifetime; Receive practical answers to your questions concerning world peace in our lifetime; Join us to become a bigger voice towards making world peace in our lifetime a Reality; Call and give your contributions towards making this big vision of World Peace in our lifetime possible.Download Now
180Principles of Soul Empowerment: The Practice of Conscious GivingIn a world where everybody is struggling to make ends meet in one way or the other, GIVING to others becomes uneasy. However, we need to recognise that giving is a Law of Life. The way to prosper is to give.

You are bound to give because one day, all that you have acquired would be given away. And you are to give consciously; If your gifting does not promote life, then it is a waste. Everything you receive, you are receiving from Life. Let your giving prosper you and the receiver.

Download Now
 181 The Practice of Conscious GratitudeToday, you have the opportunity to attract more good into your life by creating your new world and becoming the hope of the world through the Practice of Conscious Gratitude.Experience abundance in all your endeavors through conscious gratitude. Jesus said ‘To those who appreciate or use well what they have, more will be given to them and they will have abundance; but for those who do not appreciate what they have, even the little that they think they have will be taken from them’; Grow your love energy and be at Peace with all people. He who shows appreciation even for the least assistance offered becomes a center of God’s love unto humanity. Gratitude resolves inner conflicts among people. All external wars and confusions we see around us begun from within. Bible says that all issues of life proceeds from the heart (within.); Be in the place of fulfillment through gratitude. In the African culture, we are taught to be grateful for any help offered you irrespective of the event; Learn to be grateful to Life at all times. Life provided you with abundance before you were born and still supplies your every need. Show appreciation to God and people at all times; Become a blessing to all people as you learn how to align yourself with Life through the practice of conscious gratitude; Experience the Mystery of Life. Download Now
 182Principles of Soul Empowerment: The Power of ChoiceToday, you have the opportunity to be the good that you desire. You are constantly making choices in thoughts, feelings, actions and in your desires; and those choices create your life. The current state of your life is the result of your CHOICES. Every choice you make either rules you or you rule it. What you choose; chooses you and you became either a slave or a master to that choice. Discover how to take mastery of your life through the practice of conscious choice. Avoid the automatic mode of choosing and learn how to practice conscious choice; Discover how to make your choices increase you and not reduce you in the future; Heal your generation from the error in parenting. Parents choose to raise their children to be like them. This is an error. Every child is a unique expression of God; Choose to use your time else your time will use you; Be open for God to do His or Her good through anything to you. Take charge of your life; You are your own enemy or savior. The only one who can stop your progress is you; the choice is yours. Backed by action, your Choice will begin to bear tangible fruits. Download Now
 183 The Practice of Love and Confidence Love is not a sentiment; it is a spiritual awakening and like all disciplines, it requires practice. You have always desired to be a loving being. This energy indwells within you but you need to know the practice and the guide to its activation, attainment and use. The opportunity is here for you to know what to do for the activation of this great energy that you have been created to be. This is your surest way to excellence and the healing of yourself and all people around you.Get to know the true love energy that you are; Discover how to use this energy to create your desires; Be guided to activate this love energy and become more of it; Heal yourself and your loved ones from the misconceptions about love; Become God’s center of love for the promotion of life. Download Now
 184Principles of Soul Empowerment: The Practice of Love and Confidence (PART 2)“When Love speaks, the world hears.”Today is an opportunity for you to learn the workable tools and guidance towards the activation of the LOVE energy that you are. This will empower you to experience excellence in all of your life endeavours.

Practically use the Love energy that you are to create your desires; Become a breakthrough spiritual superstar through the practice of Love and Confidence; Activate your Love energy and become more of it; Overcome past pains with the practice of Love and Confidence; Become God’s center of love for the promotion of life.

 Download Now
 185 The Only Power That IsUnderstand why many people doubt the existence of just one power expressing as all things; Know the various school of thoughts on what happened in the beginning that led to creation:• Scientist – Big bang.• Christians – In the beginning was the word; Whatever theory you believe brought about creation still proves of the fact that there was a power or energy present through which all things expressed; Practically discover why God is expressed as all things; Receive insight on the various categories of God according to Man • Christian God • Islam God • Hindu God; Is your knowledge of what this power is making you feel free or enslaving you?; Discover how to stay in tune with the one power that is. Download Now
186Working With The Universal LawGet more insights on the universal law that runs your life; Understand the concept of reincarnation; Know why you are unable to remember your past life; Be enlightened on the various ways by which the universal law manifests in your life; Discover how to consciously create positive energies with the application of the law; Practically apply the law in your daily life for your collective good.Download Now

How Life Works

The best way to say “Thank You God” is by using what life has given you; Be the Miracle and stop asking God for miracles. For God is not a Miracle Working God. God is the Miracle. Created in the image and likeness of God, you are a Miracle!; You don’t own the Miracle you exude. Don’t expect it back. Freely exude!; Miracles are unconditional. It shouldn’t depend on the actions of others; Survival of the fittest! Download Now
 188 The Law of Abundance And Its Application – Replay Practically apply the keys to Successful Living; Know and maximise life’s infinite supply through you for the benefit of all people; Connect to your Source and download onto humanity the spiritual resources needed for the promotion of goodness on Earth; Be the solution centre to the problems of others. Download Now
 189 The Power Of ChoiceToday, you have the opportunity to be the good that you desire. With every thought or desire, you plant a seed and with every CHOICE, you water it. The current state of your life is the result of your CHOICES. Every choice you make either rules you or you rule with it. What you choose; chooses you and you became either a slave or a master to that choice. Discover how to take mastery of your life through the practice of conscious choice. Join us on Hour of Empowerment to discover more. Avoid the automatic mode of choosing and learn how to practice conscious choice; Discover how to make your choices increase you and not reduce you in the future; Heal your generation from the error in parenting. Parents choose to raise their children to be like them. This is an error. Every child is a unique expression of God; Are you choosing to use your time or your time is using you?; Be open for God to do His or Her good through anything to you. Take charge of your life; You are your own enemy or saviour. The only one who can stop your progress is you by the choice you make. Backed by action, your Choice will begin to bear tangible fruits; Discover The Power Of Conscious Choice Today! Download Now
 190 The Quest For HappinessActivate the frequency of Happiness for your highest good. Create your desires with this creative power of Happiness; Know where to seek happiness. There is nothing wrong with seeking happiness but the problem is from where you are seeking it. Happiness is in you and it awaits your recognition and claim; Become a centre of divine happiness. Happiness is experienced to the degree that you give it out. You are here to make others happy and not to seek happiness from anyone. The world owes you nothing but you owe the world every happiness; Be filled with the divine values of happiness. Happiness makes you God strong. You will begin to manifest your full God power; Walk in abundance with the consciousness that you are here to give what you have always been and that you cannot give what you have never been. The sun never keeps its light. The trees never eat their own fruits. The ocean never drinks its water; Be The Centre Of True Happiness Today! Download Now
 191 Manifest Your Christmas PowerYou can celebrate thousand Christmases but until Christ is born in you, they are all useless and essentially, you are a pagan; Christmas is not chicken-mass; it is the birthing of the God Idea for your life; Awaken the Christ Power in you by reconnecting to the Indwelling God Presence in you; Now is the time to live the Christ Life of power, wonder and counsel; Manifest Your Christmas Power! Download Now
 192 Evolve The New You Into The New YearYou need to cleanse your soul and recreate the new you into the New Year; When you cross over with your old self or breakthrough with your old self into the New Year, it will still be the old you wrapped in its pains and making the same mistakes for the same life-inhibiting results. Instead, learn how to release you from your old image so as to develop and evolve the God seed you are into 2018; It will not be a new year; rather, it will be a New You – a New God Magnificent you; Know that 2018 has nothing to offer you; instead, you are the hope of 2018. Learn how to position yourself in order to manifest this great good to the benefit of humanity and to all of Life. Be The New You In 2018 Now! Download Now
 193 Principles Of Soul Empowerment: Purposeful LivingPractically discover the successful guides that will maximise all the areas of your life; Identify how your purpose can free you from the trappings of the world. Become a breakthrough spiritual superstar; Create a dream that will outlive you for the benefit of the unborn generations; Make good use of the purpose of each day for your highest good; Enjoy the benefits of successful living; Live A Purposeful Life This 2018! Download Now
 194 Principles Of Soul Empowerment: Practice The Vision Of WholenessDiscover your interconnectedness with all of life and utilise it for your highest good; Learn how to create your desires with the practice of the vision of wholeness; Utilise pains, confusions, and adverse circumstances to manifest the God-given potentials that indwell you; Practically heal your life and become a blessing to others using the right guide to life mastery with the practice of the vision of wholeness; Manifest Wholeness Now! Download Now
 195 Principles Of Soul Empowerment: The Principle Of ResponsibilityIdentify your innate potentials and manifest them for the creation of your desires; Free yourself from the pains and the confusions of the past and surrender to the purposes of Life for you; Learn to trust the goodness of life all the time; Become a breakthrough spiritual superstar in all your endeavours; Become a blessing to all people; Become A Greater Blessing To Others! Download Now
196Principles Of Soul Empowerment: Mastery Of The SensesDiscover how to take mastery of your senses so as to birth forth an essential noble person in you. Your freedom is here and now; Avail yourself for Life to do and be its goodness through you as you identify your dominant sense or senses and know how to use it to bless your life and other people; Be spirit-led as you receive the practical guide to maximising your life. Be healed from the sense-driven life; Make peace with all people as you understand the reason why people do the things they do or behave in certain ways. Become a restorer of broken relationships; Learn to be conscious of your life so that you can identify and maximise your innate potentials to benefit all of life; Take Mastery With Your Senses Now!Download Now
197The Price of Knowing the Truth: What is the Truth and How Costly is it?Discover the truth about you. Your freedom is here and now; Discover the cost of this truth about you; Liberate yourself from your self-imposed prisons as a result of ignorance; Recognize the consequences of knowing the truth; Learn to be conscious of your life for your evolution and the promotion of life; Free Yourself With The Truth Today!Download Now
198The Price of Knowing the Truth (PART 2): Living The TruthDiscover the cost of being ignorant of the truth about you; Discover the consequences of knowing the truth; Liberate yourself from societal labels and discover you; Recognize the way to live the truth; Make the conscious choice to be a promoter of life; Manifest The Truth That You Are Today!Download Now
199Principles Of Soul Empowerment: The Practice Of PeaceReceive the practical tools that will make peace manifest in your life and eventually make world peace possible in our life time; Overcome the factors that fight against peace in your life and also those that fight against World Peace in general; Heal yourself from the old mindset of segregation and embrace the new mindset of loving all people irrespective of their situations or affiliations in life; Practically identify and freely express your innate potentials for the benefit of all people; Be spirit-led and heal yourself from the sense-driven life; Become a Peacemaker; Embrace Your Uniqueness And Become A Centre Of Peace!Download Now
200Principles Of Soul Empowerment: The Cosmic Intelligence At WorkFree yourself from the misconceptions about God. Get to know what God truly is and advance your life; Heal yourself from your past and present fears perpetrated by Religions about God; Discover your oneness with God. One with God, you are all power; Take charge over your life and become the breakthrough spiritual superstar that you are created to be; Enhance your spirituality as you cooperate with the Purposeful Cosmic Intelligence that runs the universe for its own good; Develop a vibrant trust and faith in God; Discover the vast nature of God; Be at peace with God and unleash your God indwelt potentials; Discover the practices that will awaken you to your God power for the benefit of all people; Discover And Manifest Your God Power Today!Download Now
201“ASK BROTHER ISHMAEL” – 2018Receive the right answers to your life’s quest and become a great blessing to all people.Download Now
202“ASK BROTHER ISHMAEL” – 2018 (Part 2)Receive perfect solution guide to your challenges.
203“ASK BROTHER ISHMAEL” – 2018 (Part 3)Join us to ask any question and receive the right answers to all your life’s quests.Download Now
204“ASK BROTHER ISHMAEL” – 2018 (Part 4)Ask any question and receive the right answers to all your life’s quests.Download Now
205The Law Of “I Am”Discover the creative and prosperous power that indwells you as you and utilise it for your highest good.  Practically identify your God-given potentials and receive the guide to unleash them for your highest good; Awaken to the true meaning and utilize the power of “The I AM LAW”; Revolutionize all areas of your life with the correct application of “The I AM LAW”; Become a breakthrough spiritual superstar as you know who and what you are as spirit and as the indwelt presence of the Ultimate Reality which we choose to call God; Become a peacemaker and support the “World Peace In Our Lifetime” agenda that is here to heal humanity and make the world a better place for the benefit of unborn generations; Discover And Manifest The “I AM LAW” That Is Within You Today!Download Now
206THE PROSPEROUS YOUEmbrace Prosperity as your natural spiritual inheritance and manifest abundance in all areas of your life; Outgrow or release yourself from the false beliefs about wealth and free you from all the guilt associated with it; Give your Prosperity a spiritual foundation through regular and consistent conscious giving; Learn how to consciously avail yourself for life to fulfil its promises through you!; Manifest Prosperity In All Areas Of Your Life! TodayDownload Now
207The True Art Of WorshipAwaken your consciousness to the “The True Art of Worship”; Learn how to worship God through Nature with “The True Art of Worship”; Activate Your Cosmic Divine Imperative potentialities; Join us today to discover and unleash the power of God in your life!Download Now
208The True Art Of Worship (Part 2): The Power Of SilenceAwaken your consciousness to the “The True Art of Worship”; Unleash “The Power of Silence” from within you; Learn practical ways to achieving your desires; Join us today to awaken to the magnificent power of silence!Download Now
 209 The Art and Science of Listening To God Become a centre of creative ideas that provides practical solutions to all problems; Practically heal yourself from diseases as you learn how to listen to your body; Maximise your life as you discover the various ways by which life speaks to you and allow life to work it’s goodness through you; Benefit from every conversation as you identify the principles of listening. With this, you begin to listen with the clear intent to understand and grow your soul; Know how to transform your destiny by connecting with your thinking and by listening with all the four elements; Tap from the wisdom bank of all people and become a good listener.Download Now
 210 The Art and Science of Listening To God (Part 2)Free yourself from hate, anger and fear that reduces you and embody love, joy and peace for your highest good; Discover how to listen to the voice of God concerning your life ; Awaken your inner spirit to its infinite possibilities and manifest your indwelt potentials ; Become a solution centre to all the challenges of humanity. Become a greater blessing to all of life.Download Now
 211 The Art and Science of Listening: The Key to Right Relationships for Optimum SuccessLearn how to communicate from your soul level; Discover how to listen to the exact intent of what is been communicated to you; Enjoy your relationships and families; Maximize your business outreach and profits; Learn how to listen using your senses.Download Now
 212 The Art and Science of Listening: The Key to Right Relationships for Optimum Success (Part 2)Learn how to communicate from your soul level; Discover how to listen to the exact intent of what is been communicated to you; Enjoy your relationships and families; Maximize your business outreach and profits; Learn how to listen using your senses.Download Now
 213The Resurrected You (Part 1)Learn how to set yourself free from the Bondages of Anger, Fear and Hurt; Discover how to carry you own cross and live a Christ-like life which would evolve your soul and promote life; Awaken to the indwelling Kingdom of God; Restoration of your True nature as a Divine Child of God filed with all power and possibilities.Download Now
 214 The Resurrected You (Part 2)Learn how to identify your soul purpose in life; Discover how to awaken to your Christ virtues; Know how to live an impactful life that would evolve your soul and promote life; Awaken to the indwelling Kingdom of God.Download Now
 215Anatomy of Understanding in RelationshipsUnderstanding is the medicine to all conflicts and the key to all progress, yet understanding is little understood;  learn the true Anatomy of understanding relationships.Download Now
 216Anatomy of Understanding in Relationships(Replay)Understanding is the medicine to all conflicts and the key to all progress, yet understanding is little understood;  learn the true Anatomy of understanding relationships.Download Now
 217Anatomy of Understanding in Relationships (Part 2)Understanding is the medicine to all conflicts and the key to all progress, yet understanding is little understood;  learn the true Anatomy of understanding relationships.Download Now
 218Anatomy of Understanding in Relationships (Part 3)Understanding is the medicine to all conflicts and the key to all progress, yet understanding is little understood; learn the true Anatomy of understanding relationships.Download Now
 219What is God?All religious paths hover on this master topic “God” but have we found what God is?; In name of God, there has been so much goodness and in the same name of God there is so much destruction.Download Now
220Man and His Purpose in God’s KingdomIn what is your pride in life? Is it in what you have or what you are?; At the end of your days, all you will have is your soul; How big is your soul and how much do you know about it?Download Now
221The Bible As it isIs the Bible the word of God in its entirety as we have been made to believe?; If it were, there would be no errors or contradictions  in it; I would be clear and consistent, giving  direct guidance to the soul who is seeking to find the Father.Download Now
222Creation to The Fall of ManWe were created in God’s spiritual image and likeness and blessed to expand and express the qualities of God; But we fell from that grace of full God expression by yielding to the persuasions of the senses instead of the spirit within.Download Now
223The Conquest of The DevilThe Devil is said to be responsible for all the evils in our lives. He is the arch enemy of God and been waging an eternal war against God; If so, can he be conquered and by what means? If not, what is the truth?; We have evidences and confessions of several evils of witchcraft such as Tukpui and juju. What are these and what is the path to full protection from them?Download Now
224Jesus The ChristIs Jesus the ultimate God, or he was sent by another greater than him? If so, what did it take for Jesus to be called “Christ”?

; In Luke 8:10 “And he said, Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand; “The master Jesus is saying that there are mysteries that are taught only to the true seekers of truth; Therefore Christianity is not a way of doing certain things; it is a way of doing all things.

Download Now
225Karma, Reincarnation And LiberationThere are laws in every game such as soccer, basketball and chess, thus flouting the rules of the game will call for specific actions; Similarly, Life has laws and with the wise or the unwise use of the law of Life we win or fail with it; The Law of Karma, Reincarnation has been misunderstood for decades, thus people are in debt to their Karmic past and it seems there may never be liberated.Download Now

Focus: How To Create Your Desires

The saying goes that “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” The truth is, wishes are horses but beggar will have to learn how to mount them; Desire is a sincere expression of a wish, hope or longing for something, however its manifestation seems farfetched for most people; Everyone has an innumerable list of desires, but how many of these desire have we been able to manifest in our reality.Download Now
227PRAYER, MEDITATION AND FASTINGThe urge to pray is a universal feeling that comes to us usually when discomforts, troubles or diseases come our way. In the bid we feel a strong desire for some strength or help apart from our own selves in the form of prayer, meditation and fasting to meet the situation; Prayer, meditation and fasting are master keys we hear been used through all religions for the manifestation of desires, but how well have they served us?Download Now
228MANTRA-THE SCIENCE OF SOUNDMusic in general has the quality of stilling the storms of the heart and mind. It has the magical effect of causing people to change their stubborn minds about an issue and leading lovers to discover each other; Many of us just listen to any form of music without knowing its effect on our emotional, psychological and physical lives.Download Now
229POSSESSION AND OBSESSIONPeople on the path of spirituality are most likely to meet Possessive or Obsessive situations in their spiritual journey, thus it is very imperative on us to seek for their true meaning; usage and application; Many people have lost loved ones, beautiful relationships, businesses and wealth because of these two phenomena.Download Now
230GLORY OF DEATHMerriam Webster Dictionary gives this definition of death: “A permanent cessation of all vital functions: the end of life.”; This general definition of death, and what we see evidentially when we attend funerals makes it the most feared phenomenon in life; mainly because we do not know where we are going when it occurs.Download Now
231REDEFINE THE REALITY OF YOUR SOULWhen you observe all the things that are happening in the world, you will realise that humanity is living in constant anxiety of the unknown in all areas of their lives. People have become more materialistic focused, thus they are attached to their wealth and the fear losing their wealth makes them roam from one religious sect to the other seeking for protection. Such people are not aware or have forgotten the truth about their soul/spirit.Download Now
232YOU ARE THE ESSENCE OF LIFEThere are people living in the shadow of their lives by pretence, thus these people move or act by the thinking of the masses; Many people under-value their worth. They live their lives as unworthy and as sinners; they live their lives as though they are unworthy; they see themselves as they have nothing to offer life and forgetting that they were created in the image and likeness of God;Download Now
233THE DAY THE GODS WERE BORNThere are divine reasons why each one of us came to earth on a particular day, month and year, thus we are here on earth with a divine assignments and our impacts must be felt as though it is God happening to life; Each and every one of us is an expression of God here on earth with a specific purpose, and this purpose is for our evolution and the promotion of life. So it is imperative for each and every one of us to find this purpose and live it to the fullest; But unfortunately , most people have even forgotten that their dates of birth is the day God reveals herself/ himself on earth and therefore must be observed with reverence other than the fanfare programmes.Download Now
234BE THE LIGHT THAT YOU AREMan, the image and likeness of God, loaded and coded with infinite potentials that he is to unfold is perpetuating acts which are in direct nonconformity with his or her true nature; These acts are corrosive to the fabric of harmonious coexistence with himself, herself, others and the environment as a whole.Download Now
235THE SNARES OF YESTERSDAYMan, being a pleasure being in his quest to deal with the feedback of his erroneous application of wisdom has coined philosophies that are in harmony with life. But despite this conventional method, man still faces several levels of dissatisfaction in his Spiritual , Social, Psychological, Physical and Financial regions of his life.Download Now
236LIFE’S INTENTION FOR MANAre we here to live and struggle through life and just die? To what end and for how long will these have to continue? Are we here to make money, serve God and be judged at the end?Download Now
237TURNING YOUR LIFE AROUNDWe have been influenced by our homes, friends, loved ones, communities and experiences which has resulted in us having perceptions or a knowledge base which tends to run our lives either positively or negatively.Download Now
238NOTHING IS LOST IN GODThe thought of losing cherished possessions, be it a loved one, a job or business opportunity or even as simple as an item; can throw us into deep despair, pain and anguish; Appreciate losses at a higher spiritual perspective having in mind the concept of God, the relativity of reality and the concept of judgement; Honour the fact of changes in life, as well as what is the soul value of what is physically non-existent; Ultimately acquire tips on how to successfully deal with events of losses which trigger pain and regret.Download Now
239GIVE YOURSELF OUT TO BE MORESpiritually, the Art of Giving implies that man is in a position of security and dwelling in a state of abundance; Do we really give reverence to these states when giving? Are we conscious of the power which we wield in giving? Do we only limit the art of giving to material possessions exclusively? Can we give who and what we are as spirit beings? What does nature teach on Giving?Download Now
240THE SINGLE EYE: MAINTAINING A HARMONIOUS VIEW OF LIFEThere is disharmony in our being which causes emotional swings and this is as a result of us being sense led instead of being spirit led. We have become externally focused instead of internally focused; We worry about the past and are anxious of the future. We worry and complain all day about small things, big things and everything in between. And this keeps us from seeing the light in all situations.Download Now
241LOVE YOURSELFAre you eating to live or living to eat?; What are you doing to show love to your body?; Are you doing things that honour you and the relationships you share with others?; How mindful are you of your thoughts and emotions? Or do you just allow negative and unproductive thoughts to use your mind as a playground?Download Now
242LIVING THE LIFE OF GODIs what you call your life actually yours?; Who are you as the breath of God?; Who and what is prayer really meant for?Download Now
243FROM GUTTER TO GODHOOD – ADOPTING THE WINNING PERSPECTIVEEveryone has a treasure hidden deep within but unearthing the hidden treasures from a deprived state can be very challenging, thus the importance for man to harness the victory of the Source to win from within.Download Now
244LIFE IS FOR-GIVINGThe essence of life is to find your life’s gift and the purpose of life is to give it away to make life better;  Life gives us it’s virtues for- giving;  Let giving be your way of life so you easily express your virtues in painful or uncomfortable situations; Your greatness lies in what you give not what you get. The giver gets a double portion of what he gives, a receiver gets one portion of what the giver gives hence Bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35)Download Now
245CHOOSE YOUR ‘PAIN’Have you ever wondered why in our society some of the greatest achievers are those who encountered and overcame great challenges or difficulties and experienced the greatest pain; Could it be that they understand the fundamental principle of life that; ‘Life is about pain but pain is not about you’; What is the essence of pain and how well have you appreciated pain and exploited all of its benefits as a Spiritual being; What are you achieving with your present pain and which pain are you willingly and consciously choosing for your soul expansion, evolution and life’s promotion?Download Now
246THE WAGES OF FEAR IS DEATHOut of fear man attracts wrong energies to his space and goes through unnecessary experiences; Many people seem to be afraid of change, because they are not sure of what the future holds for them. In reality it is not the future they are afraid of, but rather they are afraid of losing what they are accustomed to; Thus, fear gives birth to attachment to things and situations in life, and this stall growth in every area of our lives.Download Now
247‘TRUST’ IN THE LORDMost people unfortunately, have become unconscious of what  ‘Trust’ is hence, in times of very difficult situations, we tend to forget about ‘Trust in the Lord’ and even the existence of a Supreme Being, The world needs a deeper teaching of this well-known phrase ‘Trust in the Lord’ such that, it is not only an understanding on the surface but a deep rooted awareness.Download Now
248WHOM ARE YOU WEARINGThe inner drive for experiencing the sense of belonging and acceptance inherent in every humankind, which gave birth to the saying ‘No Man Is An Island’, has become the reason for the committing of crimes against the soul. For this reason, many are experiencing pain in their lives.Download Now
249BORN AGAINThe call for rebirth is common to many religious traditions including Islam, Hinduism and many African Religions; It is surprising that most Christian priest and pastors have ignored the two requirements of ”being born again” as taught by Jesus in (John 3:3-8); Instead we are taught to just know the name or blood of Jesus, then by confessing our sins we are forgiven and heaven attained.Download Now
250THE WORLD IS YOURSThe process of attainment (Spiritual awakening) depends on the choice of the individual, but in the long run the result is the same irrespective of experience or background; To be anchored in the awareness of your true and essential nature is the first as well as the last step towards attainment.Download Now
251EVOLUTIONARY IMPERATIVEThe soul is the spirit that is identified with mind, feeling and body. In the body are forces of mind, feeling and senses that are used for its survival. The spirit is beyond these but to exercise its virtues, and to bring them into conscious significance, it gets involved in them, hence the Earth Life Evolutionary experience.Download Now

Theme: Co- create your soul with God

The soul is the spirit that is identified with mind, feeling and body. In the body are forces of mind, feeling and senses that are used for its survival. The spirit is beyond these but to exercise its virtues, and to bring them into conscious significance, it gets involved in them, hence the Earth Life Evolutionary experience.Download Now
253ASK BROTHER ISHMAELAll questions from all areas of life are welcome.Download Now

(Part 2)

All questions from all areas of life are welcome.Download Now
255YOU DESREVE LOVEMost people seeking relationships are looking for true and lasting love. They want to find that special person who will meet their deepest expectations while loving them equally in return. When they try over and over, and cannot seem to find what they are looking for, and when it seems they cannot find it they give up.Download Now
256CONSCIOUSLY LIVE THIS LIFEThe constant inquiries of how one can make it into the world of success are never-ending. This is due to the fact that, we as human beings, desires a life that is visually appealing to those on the outside looking in. This lustful on look of attention fills us with a sense of accomplishment. Therefore, their sense of pride is based off of outside validation instead of internal happiness; Whereas, conscious living, leads to an awakening of who and what a person truly is and what he or she is authentically here to do on earth that in turn causes deep soul level satisfaction and internal happiness.Download Now
257STRENGTH OF CHARACTER: A KEY TO SUCCESSBeing the most talented person doesn’t make you great or successful. Talented people have the potential to be successful and make a difference; a strong character drives them to be successful and make a difference; What is your strong and progressive character? A strong character sets you apart. A strong character is like the skeleton that gives the body shape and structure, without that you are thrown by the wind. Your strong character defines you! Live in such a way that you wouldn’t be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.Download Now
258SENSE OF BELONGINGHuman beings are social beings so we have the desire to belong, thus everyone wants to be identified with one thing or the other. Groups motivate people to achieve a goal, group achievements is often more than individual achievements hence the saying “In unity lies strength.”; However, people identify themselves with groups and are driven by the expectations of the group. The group defines them and they lose themselves in their quest to meet the expectations of the group. At the end our idea of belonging rather creates division instead of promoting the beauty of variety.Download Now
259BE A GOOD STEWARD OF GOD’S TEMPLEMan was created in the image and likeness of God to be in control of man’s universe. Thus it is imperative on man for being absolutely responsible for this body’s expression of perfect health and vitality by obeying the rules that governs its perfect functioning.Download Now
260THE RESURRECTED YOU: (REPLAY)You Divine Commission here on earth given to you by life is for you to; evolve your soul and promote life. Everything you have in life such as  your play mates (Humanity) and play toys (Properties, Educational and Business achievements) where given to you for your evolution in your Spiritual, Social, Psychological, Physical and Financial regions of your life and the promotion of life in its entirety.Download Now


”Liberate yourself from the servitude of the senses and rule life through them.” Brother Ishmael Tetteh; Almost all of the problems and woes of humans are due to their dependence on information received through the senses. Untrained, the senses have the capacity to choose how they present information to you and may dictate what your responses to the outside world should be.Download Now
262GOD,MY DAILY BREADOur lack of the understanding of God is one of the fundamental problems of life, thus our human ideas and perceptions of God is one of the main hindrance to our evolution. Similarly, our idea of God is reflected in our relationship with life.Download Now
263GOD,MY DAILY BREAD (PART 2)Our lack of the understanding of God is one of the fundamental problems of life, thus our human ideas and perceptions of God is one of the main hindrance to our evolution. Similarly, our idea of God is reflected in our relationship with life.Download Now
264CALL TO REMEMBRANCEIn a materialistic driven world, we have forgotten who we are and what we are originally made of, thus we have separated ourselves from the One source of Life that connects us to all things and are rather operating from division.

We look out for that, which separates us instead of that, which unites us, and just like the allegorical story of Adam and Eve in the Bible; we are eating of the fruit and seeing ourselves as naked thus we run and hide from God.

Similarly, we have lost the teachings of our ancestors and forsaken true wisdom and power that sustain our very existence.

Download Now
265LIFE KNOWS BESTWe worry about the past and are anxious of the future which stops us from seeing the opportunities in the situations that come our way. We spend precious time worrying about what has already happened and anxious about what we think might happen. We fail to see the purposefulness of life which has blinded us to realising the purposefulness of life’s events.Download Now
266THE PLEASURES OF PAINWe are living in a world where most people see pain as an enemy, thus they feel and think life is only about pleasures. Such people therefore in encountering or experiencing pain believe there is someone out there that is against them.Download Now
267LIVING DEAD Vrs LIVING A LIFE OF DYINGIt is often perceived that good people suffer the most. However realistic this may sound to you, truth also is that, good people in their suffering become evil people because they cede their God-lights to darkness! In bad situations, good people dim their light and some even ‘die’.Download Now
268THE STORE HOUSE OF POSSIBILTIESIn life we have desires, we wake up daily with long list of things we want to acquire thus we pursue courses and acquire skills, abilities and knowledge we need to get what we want.

The whole human activity is geared towards the satisfaction of one want or the other but at the core of these activities of satisfying our wants is the inner quest of being joyful, peaceful, happy and blissful, which do not show up front, but remain in the background.

Download Now
269PRAYER: CALLING FORTH YOUR DESIRES INTO MANIFESTATIONPrayer is the most natural, direct and easy means for connecting the individual with the great intelligence behind the universe. Thus the urge to pray is a universal feeling that comes to us usually when discomforts, troubles, disease and unfulfilled desires come our way.

In our bid to remedy these unpleasant happenings, we feel a strong desire for some strength or help apart from our own selves to meet the situation. And when our desires are fulfilled, we refer to it as answered Prayer.

Download Now
270THE GRACE OF GODThe Grace of God has become a mantra everyone at a point in time of achieving success recites. Similarly, when a person gets a job or passes an exam or attains any form of success, we attribute it to the Grace of God.Download Now
271MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALLWhen you look in the mirror on your wall you see yourself. However, the ‘image’ you see in your mirror, is dependent on your perception of you!Download Now
272THE POWER OF ADDICTIONLife created us to have free will and free will gives us the opportunity to make a choice which in turn may become an addiction;

Mostly when the word addiction is mentioned what normally comes to the mind of majority are the negative addictions we know in the world such as; addiction of cocaine, addiction of cannabis, addiction of alcohol, fear, anger, shyness and many more but all the lists of addiction mentioned are all part of the equation of addiction. They are all frequencies of addiction that are operating on their own ; But we can therefore use the power of addiction to fuel us to fulfil the God purpose that we are here earth to be and do.

Download Now
273THE FRUIT BEARING SOULHumans crave for gold, diamonds, clothing, expensive Cars, houses thus focusing on materialism and ignoring the most important aspect of life; that is the soul; In nature, the fruit bearing tree such as the mango tree uses all of life resources such as the sunlight, water, carbon dioxide in the air and earth to grow and nourish life. It nourishes life with its fruits, leaves and roots (tubers) to feed thousands of souls including animals and birds; Similarly, we are here to use life resources of playmates, which include our families, friends and communities and the play toys which include our possessions of cars, money and properties to evolve our souls. The seed grows into a beautiful fruit-bearing tree to nourish life and you are to evolve into a soul, bearing fruits of Love, Intelligence and Creativity for the promotion of life.Download Now
274CHOOSE TO BE FAITHFUL TO GODThrough the ups and downs of life, in the quest to attain set goals to no avail, in desires not being fulfilled or even in the tiresome walk of the journey of spiritual enlightenment, we break down in despair when things do not go as planned. We try our best to explore several solution centres and sources to understand certain trials we face, all to no avail.

What is our fate in such happenings? What do we do when we get to the break-down point? Do we give up on our journeys and desires to the fate of life or we diligently exercise the choice to pursue these goals come what may? If the selected option is the second, then how do we go about it?

Download Now
275THE POWER AND CHARM OF A SMILEA merry heart does good like medicine but a broken spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22; Simple as this may sound, often, the trials of life and expectations of society forbids us to smile to certain situations. Why smile in pain? Why smile when there has been a loss? Why smile when it seems the whole world is against you? A smile thus becomes a calculated act towards only happy and positive endeavours. Should this be the limit to this divine expression of bliss and contentment? Must we always only smile with an intention?Download Now
276BE THE LIGHT THAT YOU AREMatthew 5:14-16

You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.  Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a BUSHEL, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

We are the light of the world, but today in the reality of the lives we live, most of us have become darken by our life’s experiences, thus we have forgotten our original identity as The light of the world.

Download Now
277THE BEAUTY OF IMPERMANENCEChange is inevitable and is happening all the time but when embraced early it occurs with joy, but when delayed it comes with pain. Thus impermanence or change is part of life’s equation and the right attitude towards it, is what makes the difference.

Many of us go through life unconscious of the changes that are occurring in our lives, but it is time for us to consciously participate in our lives so we can have a say in what changes within and around us and what it changes into.

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278THE BEAUTY OF THE SPIRITSpirit is formless, birthless and deathless!!

Is man made up of just flesh, blood and bones? Or are we also spirit. But the truth is that Man is essentially spirit but has a projected physical body.

Every human being is a spiritual being endowed with all of the capabilities of spirit. We are a blend of divine qualities within mind, feeling and a body.

The beauty of your spirit that you are here to grow is the evolved spiritual being you go into after death.

Download Now
279ARISE AND FULFILL YOUR DREAMDreams they say come through, but desire has been an inseparable part of man since the beginning of time and it is also known as the fuel of all feelings and actions that move our dreams into manifestation.Download Now
280VICTOR OR VICTIM, THE CHOICE IS YOURSWhat is choice: A choice is the act of choosing between two or more possibilities.

Life is a field of infinite choices and a combination of choices that produce new options that we continue to choose from on our life journey. Thus each moment we are making choices in our thoughts, feelings and actions.

The choices we make and the combinations we put them to, determines our happiness or sorrow, success or failure, creativity or destructibility, invincibility or vulnerability, truthfulness or falsehood, your Godhood or human hood.

Download Now
281BE A CONSCIOUS LEARNERMoment by moment man is always learning something either consciously or unconsciously, but we do not pause to find out whether what we are learning is in harmony with our purpose here on earth.Download Now

The awakened consciousness that sees only goodness and abundance and calls it forth into manifestation; Gratitude is a way of life, thus you cannot pray for abundance in your life and go about cursing others experiencing abundance because life doesn’t work that way; The secret to abundance is to give thanks for the goodness in your life even though you do not see it. But most of the time we rather complain about all the things that are not working in our lives instead of appreciating the goodness of Life in this abundance universe.

Download Now
283IN THE GARDEN OF EDENImagine a unified world; where skin color does not define us and where our geographic location is no barrier to our future. Imagine a world free of division and segregation, a world filled with unity and love. In that world, we are not just existing we are evolving; The differences we observe in life are necessary tools to propel us into the attainment of our GARDEN OF EDEN and until we awaken to this realization, we will become Slaves in our own Heaven.Download Now
284FEAR IS AN ANGEL OF GODWhat is FEAR: It is an energy field of possibilities which when tapped into, catapults you into your desired future of greatness; Fear is innate and exists in everyone, serving as the inner compass and alarm system of human beings. But due to its misunderstanding, many live in the bondage of fear, choosing to fight against it instead of working with it. Thus, we are unable to harness and leverage this energy field to fulfil specific purposes and desires.Download Now
285PRAY BELIEVINGPrayer: Is an art that enables us to express our innermost desires and communicate with our higher selves; Mark 11:24: “Assures us that whatever we ask for in prayer, if we believe, we shall receive. Therefore, we must in all our praying, have belief to manifest that which we seek.Download Now

”Love is the ability to find the good or the possible good in one another” by Etherean Mission; Under the guise of love, many ills are being perpetuated that is plunging humanity into total chaos; Scripture says in Romans 13:10 “Love does no harm to a neighbour; therefore love is the fulfilment of the law.”; Thus the ills we are experiencing and seeing lie not in the ways of love but its adulteration.

Download Now
287THE PROPHESY OF YOU FORETOLDWe are the solutions to the prayers of each generation that existed before us and each generation yet to come after us yet, many are living less than the magnificence as a result of fear; Fear has many looking down on themselves hence acting in ways deviating from their magnificence.Download Now
288LIFE’S MENU OF POSSIBILITIESLife has provided us with infinite possibilities and yet we have become narrow in the exploration of these possibilities; We have become blinded to the infinite channels that life presents to us and so we continue to live in a world of scarcity and limitation.Download Now
289EMBRACING A FREE NEW YOUFreedom is your ability to know and freely express the truth of your being without any restriction or doubt. “Velma Anim”; We are born free but we have chosen to imprison ourselves in various ways. Such that some have become prisoners of religion or their painful life experiences , while others have been enslaved by their own minds; To be free is to be in dominion of yourself and not others. “You lose power the moment you think of ruling over someone, because such a drive makes you see power outside of you” Brother Ishmael Tetteh.Download Now
290EMBRACING A FREE NEW YOU (Repeat)Freedom is your ability to know and freely express the truth of your being without any restriction or doubt. “Velma Anim”; We are born free but we have chosen to imprison ourselves in various ways. Such that some have become prisoners of religion or their painful life experiences , while others have been enslaved by their own minds; To be free is to be in dominion of yourself and not others. “You lose power the moment you think of ruling over someone, because such a drive makes you see power outside of you” Brother Ishmael Tetteh.Download Now
291NATURE, OUR LIFE TEACHER“The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be.”

~Anne Frank; There is no better place to find guidance, meaning and messages than nature and I will even go so far as to say nature has all the answers. Why? Because nature is a microcosm of the macrocosm of the universe, thus nature is a small version and reflection of the infinite diversity found in the universe.

That means there is no limit to wisdom and answers available to us, because our environment contains all things. But in today’s world human beings have developed unhealthy attitudes that have separated them Nature, thus they regard nature as inanimate or lifeless.

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292PROCLAIM YOUR GOOD (DON’T CONFESS SINS)‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.’ John 1; Looking beyond the religious suggestions, we could all learn something from this well-known Bible verse, that Everything begins with a word.

Words consist of vibration and sound, thus it is these vibrations that create the very reality that surrounds us. Words are the creator; the creator of our universe, our lives, our reality. Without words, a thought can never become a reality; Similarly, when we speak of the evil we water them into growth and when we speak of the good that we are, we grow then in us.

Download Now
293FULFILING THE LAWToday’s presentation takes a look at the Revolutionary Jesus and what he said in the preamble to his teachings that: “Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfil it, Matthew 5:17”Download Now
294LOVE IS THE LAWThe Law was made by Man so shouldn’t be subservient to the law. The Law is to make man better and it loses significance without this. As a reformer, Jesus sought to improve the law and made them aware it is not cast in stone.  Are you like Jesus?

What beliefs are you holding that are not progressive? Do you believe in things that empower you, make you respect others, and seek to make our world a better place? Or your beliefs are instilling fear in you and others.

Download Now
295THE QUEST FOR FULFILLING HAPPINESSCan you truthfully say to yourself that you are a happy person?

Do you feel fulfilled?

Have you been wondering what it takes to be happy and fulfilled?

The Volume of your Happiness is the Volume of Your Heaven.

Download Now
296THE QUEST FOR FULFILLING HAPPINESS (Part 2)Can you truthfully say to yourself that you are a happy person?

Do you feel fulfilled?

Have you been wondering what it takes to be happy and fulfilled?

The Volume of your Happiness is the Volume of Your Heaven.

Download Now
297THE BLESSED EVILIn living a life of pains caused by situations we label as Evil, we become accursed, filled with fear, anger, envy and live in the why me syndrome; thus we spend our time looking for someone or something to blame.

But when we step into the natural principle that life’s pain has a divine duty to break the glory out of your soul, it is only then that we begin to live a blessed life.

Download Now
298THE PRAYER OF JABEZ, A LIVING SOULThe name Jabez was giving to this man because his mother gave birth to him in sorrow. However, the energy of sorrow had no hold on him.

How he triumphed over this seemingly destined negative energy to rise above his situation and furthermore, compel the God of Israel to fulfil his PRAYER, the ultimate prayer for any living soul, remains a mystery.

Download Now
299LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST THROUGH RE-LIVING AND PRE-LIVINGLife must be lived to the fullest irrespective of what has happened in the past or the expectations of the future. Thus we all have the opportunity of the NOW to live the life we deserve.

Humanity lost the mark when we forgot we are CO-CREATORS with GOD and need not limit ourselves for the future or live in regret for the past.

Download Now
300LIVING AN AUTHENTIC LIFEEach one of us is an original that has emerged from God to shine our unique virtues and attributes. Like the sun rays, we shine directly from our source which is God, Life, Onyame, Mawu, Allah.

But unfortunately, we fail to shine when we live in the shadows of others and become like the salt that has lost its taste.

Download Now
301THE UNCOMMON CURSE OF FREEWILLFreewill is the ability to choose between different possible courses of thoughts, feelings and actions unimpeded.

Life is a field of infinite choices that come together to give birth to new products, which life in turn endows with the power to make choices. We are, therefore presented with an infinite variety of choices and this may be overwhelming.

Each moment, we are making choices in our thoughts, feelings and actions; and but most often, however we do not make our own choices; we allow choices to make us.

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302GIVE GOD A CHANCELife is an orchestration of many intelligent forces within the being of God, hence you cannot know it or do it all.

When you seem to find no solution to a problem, it is an indication that it is to be handled by another God-presence. Do not fight this. When your best cannot do it, then IT IS SOMETHING FOR GOD TO DO. Realize this and surrender gracefully.

Download Now
303FAITH IT OUTHope is a drug that many of us are hooked on to, thus our entire lives are fuelled by hope and our dreams and aspirations are dependent on it.

Like all other drugs that give a high and the temporary feeling of ‘all is well’, hope is fleeting and to ground it, we need faith.

Download Now
304LIVE IN THE GREYTrue living is living life in the grey; embracing the uncertainties of life and participating fully in the magic that life is.

Consciously  and unconsciously, we have painted life black and white and so we only see dualities and limitations of what life actually is and not the awesome wholeness of this One Life!

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305PUT AWAY THE CHILDISH THNGSIf change were not an integral part of your life, you would remain in your mother’s womb. Life is constantly changing; thus the old must transmute into new life and new life emerges from the old. Similarly human beings grow in age, but sometimes the quest for maturity that is acquired through experiences seems to elude a lot of people.

The question therefore is; do we ever grow to our full potentials in all the areas of our lives? This can be best answered by you the individual.

Download Now
306TAKE THE RIGHT ACTIONHumanity today in search for quick fixes attend every seminar, workshop and training sessions that promises to provide them with solutions; but many of them end them feeling very disappointed  and in some cases robbed because they did not get any workable specific plan and process of an action(s) that would provide long lasting solutions.Download Now
307THE VOICE OF GODWe are all channels through whom God speaks to and although God speaks to everyone, most people find it difficult to recognize the voice of God.Download Now
308LIVING LIFE AS AN ADVENTURELife is an adventure that we need to explore. Many of us are caught up in a monotonous routine which eventually gets boring for us, because we have shut ourselves from discovering the various possibilities that lie waiting all around us.Download Now
309A CALL TO GREATNESS – THE STORY OF JONAHLife calls on each one of us to know and experience our greatness. To respond to this calling, there is a need to find our individual purpose on earth, fulfil it and make an impact. Scripture speaks of the prophet Jonah who was called to fulfil his greatness.Download Now
310THE POWER OF BLESSINGMany people are misusing the power of their God Energy. The world has become a battlefield of cursing one another instead of being a field for the promotion and expansion of Good.Download Now
311BE TRULY DIVINELY EMPOWEREDWhen some people attend church and become born again, they misinterpret the saying by Yeshua (Jesus) in Matthew 6: 33, which says “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you.”.

To seek the kingdom of God is to be divinely empowered in your spiritual life and this must reflect in all other areas of our life which include; social, psychological, physical and financial.

Download Now
312THE TRUE ESSENCE OF OUR EXISTENCEOur purpose in life is to emulate God, thus every human being irrespective of race, creed or culture is created in the image and likeness of God. Genesis 1:26-28.

But we have allowed our human experiences here on Earth to shift our minds from our true essence to living a life of human misery.

Download Now
313TRUE WORSHIP; Exalting The God You AreIt is trite learning that God indeed delights in the Worship of His people. Psalm 149:4.

Worship is often understood as an external show of intense praise and adoration to validate the existence and wonderment of an entity in heaven called God. This paradigm of belief is characterized by a God outside you who demands your lip praises to favor you in all endeavors. Does God really demand our validation to know its truth?

In the loops present in such a belief, I present a new paradigm in the understanding of worship as exalting the God virtues you are to glorify Ultimate Reality, God.

Download Now
314THE CROSS OF PAIN AND PLEASUREThen said Jesus unto his disciples, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.

Everybody is on the quest for pleasure whiles Pain is associated to a certain CEO called devil that we have created.

Can man live without the cross of pain and pleasure if yes, how is this possible? and if no how do we use them for our growth

Download Now
315DISCIPLINE; GOING THE EXTRA MILEThe race is not for the swift but for he who endures ~Ecclesiastes 9:11

Many are those who seek instant gratification in life yet do not want to go the extra mile to achieve greatness.

Some go to the gym for a week and expect extraordinary results.

Some practise meditation for three days and expect to be spiritually enlightened.

The one thing missing from all of this is the discipline needed to achieve reasonable results.

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316A SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITYMost people lack a sense of responsibility to satisfactorily fulfil their obligated duties.

We often blame others for the problems and failures we encounter in life. We blame the government, our friends, family members and colleagues for things we are responsible for.

We end up living a life full of excuses.

Make time with Emmanuel on Akwantufuo as he takes us on a journey to understand and learn to develop our Spiritual, Social, Psychological, Physical and Financial sense of responsibility so we live a more purposeful and fulfilling life that evolves and promotes life.

Download Now
317SOUL DELIVERANCEThe word deliverance is a common word known to almost everybody in the world and most pastors use this word as a pivot for operating their churches.

Many of these pastors and prophets believe that binding the enemy (ies) is the best process they can use to deliver their members from the devil; but has not yielded expected results, but mostly it ends up worsening the case because the devil you fight; fights you back.

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318WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY?Everything in life has a story; the Earth, the Bible, Religion and everything that exists has a story and their stories speak about their origin and the purpose they are here to fulfil on earth.

But we are essentially spirit who started our journey from the spirit world and are here on a transit in this human world to exercise and develop of spiritual virtues which we would eventually exist into.

Download Now
319BE AVAILABLE TO LIFEDo you want to experience;

  • A life of spiritual, social, psychological, physical and financial liberty?
Download Now
320CELEBRATE LIFE AS IT ISMost people do not appreciate and value what they have. They complain about almost everything they have; from their salary, friends and even their physical bodies.

Others also see life only as a problem to be solved and they end up exiting their bodies without finding solutions to the problems.

Life is a journey to be lived, experienced and celebrated as it unfolds itself to and as you.

Download Now
321The Lord’s PrayerThe Lord’s prayer is a universal supplication of living the life of God. Its words go deeper than their surface meanings.Download Now
322The Lord’s Prayer Part 2The Lord’s prayer is a universal supplication of living the life of God. Its words go deeper than their surface meanings.Download Now
323What defines you? Branding you the God-wayIn a world where personal branding has become a necessary tool to negotiate relevance in this crazily competitive world, man’s ultimate struggle and concern is to repackage themselves with societal definitions so as to identify as unique or extraordinary.

Focus has shifted from identifying what man is truly inherently made up of and defining or branding him/her with or based on those inherent God qualities; more attention has been given to what we have on the outside with little or no focus on defining us the God-way.

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324The Miracle called ‘Today’Every day is a miracle and within each day lies all the possibilities of the future.

Tomorrow is a disease and those who wait until tomorrow suffer this disease.

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325Our Amazing worldThe world we live in is amazing on its own and has birth it’s amazing self as us to live and enjoy in it. Unfortunately we have swept ourselves off the magic and wonderful creatures we are in our amazing universe.

What has led to this forgetfulness? Is there a possibility of us becoming blissful once again if No why and if Yes how?

Download Now
326Surrender All To GodA very common theme throughout scriptures is the encouragement to surrender all to God. Contrary to surrendering to your instinctual interests, which can be selfish and destructive by nature, relinquishing yourself to God is to pursue truth and righteousness above all else.

In this pursuit, we may also cast our distress upon God as we trust in Him in complete surrender.

Download Now
327Responsible LivingResponsibility has become a burden upon most of us.  It has put away the attention we need to promote ourselves and instead  we have placed  this attention on others who we think we have to promote.


Can you be responsible for another person?

Download Now
328Life Serves LifeMany people go through Life without hope and are often worried about how they are going to achieve their desires, this is because they are not tuned to the frequency of life to open up themselves for Life to outpour it’s blessings and goodies to them.Download Now
329Evolve Through LoveLove is a universal energy that brings about progress and increase. It is seen in all of life thus it is the most celebrated and spoken word.

However, the most important use of Love intended by God which is; to use the *Love* energy to evolve our is most often forgotten or ignored.

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330The Power of GratitudeGratitude is the most powerful energy for transformation on the planet, because it moves you to the end result of every prayer, hence the highest form of prayer.

Therefore, it is in the practice of gratitude that life becomes magical and wonderful and thus there is no perfect healing without the spirit of gratitude.

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331The Theft of Personal PowerWhatever you blame becomes your superior. Be you and fulfil you for you. When you are fulfilled, all those around you experience the fulfilment and bless you for it.

You are here to be in dominion that is your absolute destiny. Blame gives you excuses and reasons to remain small, defeated and insignificant.

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332The Way of LifeFrom the moment man emerged from life, he has sought to understand this vast and magnificent universe of which he is a part of.

In man’s quest to grasp life, many philosophies, theories and laws have been propounded which are not in harmony with the way of life; hence experiences pain.

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333The Lost God ExperiencesHumanity to a large extent are in a sleep state where they are unconscious of the magnificent experiences of this life within which they live, move and have they being.

In this state on unconsciousness the glorious opportunity of pain is computed together with all of the events preceding it, as not worth remembering hence losing all of their God experiences hence never feeling fulfilled

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334KEYS TO BREAKTHROUGH LIVING (Part 1Life is full of obstacles and you are either succumbing to obstacles or mastering them thus the game of life revolves around playing with obstacles.Download Now
335KEYS TO BREAKTHROUGH LIVING (Part 2)Life is full of obstacles and you are either succumbing to obstacles or mastering them thus the game of life revolves around playing with obstacles.Download Now
336NOW, FORGIVE YOUEveryone has been hurt before and experienced pain. Often, we acknowledge that this pain is caused by external factors and people and we work at forgiving them, hoping that this will erase the hurt or make it better.

We conveniently forget however, that we play a critical role in these pains we experience. As such, we do not even see the need to forgive ourselves, and so we only deal with our hurts halfway.

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337THE RIGHTEOUS PART 1Jesus taught in Matthew 5:20, ‘For I say unto you, that  except your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and the Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter the kingdom of heaven.’

This was an apt statement made by our Master Jesus, after teaching the Sermon on the Mount, also known as The Beatitudes.

He established two distinct forms of Righteousness. Righteousness as known to the Scribes and Pharisees and righteousness which the soul must be inclined to to evolve, clearly exceeding that of the Scribes and Pharisees. How Righteous are you?

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338THE RIGHTEOUS PART 2Jesus taught in Matthew 5:20, ‘For I say unto you, that  except your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and the Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter the kingdom of heaven.’

This was an apt statement made by our Master Jesus, after teaching the Sermon on the Mount, also known as The Beatitudes.

He established two distinct forms of Righteousness. Righteousness as known to the Scribes and Pharisees and righteousness which the soul must be inclined to to evolve, clearly exceeding that of the Scribes and Pharisees. How Righteous are you?

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339BE A BELIEVER 1Many verses in the Bible have been subjected to literal interpretation. One of such verses is 2 Corinthians 6:14-15, which says, ” Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers” .

This literally suggests that Christians should not yoke with people of other faiths, in other words, non-Christians who are deemed unbelievers. This thought pattern breeds segregation and does not support the true practice of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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340BE A BELIEVER 2Many verses in the Bible have been subjected to literal interpretation. One of such verses is 2 Corinthians 6:14-15, which says, ” Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers” .

This literally suggests that Christians should not yoke with people of other faiths, in other words, non-Christians who are deemed unbelievers. This thought pattern breeds segregation and does not support the true practice of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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341ACTIVATION OF INNER POTENTIALSEverybody in life believes deeply within themselves that they have potential to offer life but find it difficult to express these potentials. Many also cannot express their potentials because their potentials are being trapped in painful situations which suppress the soul from expressing his or her potentials; Our soul works with evidence and if the feeling tone of the evidence you feed your soul with becomes high then your potential will manifest.Download Now
342SELF UPDATINGMan emerges into this planet to be more of himself, but it seems many people are not growing into what they want for themselves. Only a few people are able to update themselves into what they want to achieve on this earth; There is a cosmic law that has proven to us that the universe is updating herself each time, thus we need to awaken to the working presence for this law and work in resonance with it and apply it to the five regions of our life.Download Now
343WHEN THE BATTLE CHOOSES YOUWhen your plans seem to be in perfect place but all of a sudden, life’s battles choose you like the biblical story of Jehoshapath, what is your life like?


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344A LOVE AFFAIR WITH LIFEIt is the dream of every human being to evolve for life’s promotion but are we responsible enough to embrace the process of our evolution through the loving arms of life?Download Now
345SPIRITUAL EMPTINESS CAUSED BY IDENTITY CRISISGod placed you at a divine pedestal that is enough to solve all the problems of humanity.

However, spiritual emptiness caused by identity crisis has made you to demote yourself from that high divine status.

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346LET’S SAVE OUR SOULSMost people are in their comfort zones and leave the responsibility of their salvation to some higher spiritual authority. Most Christians believe that Jesus died to save them. However, Jesus clearly said in _Matthew 16:24-26; “if anyone would come after me, deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me”_. This makes it obvious that he didn’t die to save anyone, thus salvation is an individual responsibility.Download Now
347BE SPIRITUALLY LOADEDEvery human being has a true divine inheritance that he or she is tirelessly seeking to manifest, but there seem to be inadequate spiritual empowerment tools and practices in place to assist the individual.

The focus of this presentation is to guide you on your path to fulfilment through the use of workable spiritual tools and practices that will heal you from spiritual emptiness and set you on an enormous journey towards your spiritual fullness.

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348BE ANCHORED IN GODWe all go through storms or challenges in the form of trials, tragedies or devastations. Challenges are inevitable but how we respond to them is what matters; We all respond to our challenges differently. Usually, our responses are influenced by what we are anchored in. Some find themselves anchored in pain, anger or hatred so they respond in ways that are not honourable.Download Now
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Row:350 Cell:1Row:350 Cell:2Row:350 Cell:3Row:350 Cell:4
Row:351 Cell:1Row:351 Cell:2Row:351 Cell:3Row:351 Cell:4
Row:352 Cell:1Row:352 Cell:2Row:352 Cell:3Row:352 Cell:4
Row:353 Cell:1Row:353 Cell:2Row:353 Cell:3Row:353 Cell:4
Row:354 Cell:1Row:354 Cell:2Row:354 Cell:3Row:354 Cell:4
Row:355 Cell:1Row:355 Cell:2Row:355 Cell:3Row:355 Cell:4
Row:356 Cell:1Row:356 Cell:2Row:356 Cell:3Row:356 Cell:4
Row:357 Cell:1Row:357 Cell:2Row:357 Cell:3Row:357 Cell:4
Row:358 Cell:1Row:358 Cell:2Row:358 Cell:3Row:358 Cell:4
Row:359 Cell:1Row:359 Cell:2Row:359 Cell:3Row:359 Cell:4
Row:360 Cell:1Row:360 Cell:2Row:360 Cell:3Row:360 Cell:4
Row:361 Cell:1Row:361 Cell:2Row:361 Cell:3Row:361 Cell:4
Row:362 Cell:1Row:362 Cell:2Row:362 Cell:3Row:362 Cell:4
Row:363 Cell:1Row:363 Cell:2Row:363 Cell:3Row:363 Cell:4
Row:364 Cell:1Row:364 Cell:2Row:364 Cell:3Row:364 Cell:4
Row:365 Cell:1Row:365 Cell:2Row:365 Cell:3Row:365 Cell:4
Row:366 Cell:1Row:366 Cell:2Row:366 Cell:3Row:366 Cell:4
Row:367 Cell:1Row:367 Cell:2Row:367 Cell:3Row:367 Cell:4
Row:368 Cell:1Row:368 Cell:2Row:368 Cell:3Row:368 Cell:4
Row:369 Cell:1Row:369 Cell:2Row:369 Cell:3Row:369 Cell:4
Row:370 Cell:1Row:370 Cell:2Row:370 Cell:3Row:370 Cell:4
Row:371 Cell:1Row:371 Cell:2Row:371 Cell:3Row:371 Cell:4
Row:372 Cell:1Row:372 Cell:2Row:372 Cell:3Row:372 Cell:4
Row:373 Cell:1Row:373 Cell:2Row:373 Cell:3Row:373 Cell:4
Row:374 Cell:1Row:374 Cell:2Row:374 Cell:3Row:374 Cell:4
Row:375 Cell:1Row:375 Cell:2Row:375 Cell:3Row:375 Cell:4
Row:376 Cell:1Row:376 Cell:2Row:376 Cell:3Row:376 Cell:4
Row:377 Cell:1Row:377 Cell:2Row:377 Cell:3Row:377 Cell:4
Row:378 Cell:1Row:378 Cell:2Row:378 Cell:3Row:378 Cell:4
Row:379 Cell:1Row:379 Cell:2Row:379 Cell:3Row:379 Cell:4
Row:380 Cell:1Row:380 Cell:2Row:380 Cell:3Row:380 Cell:4
Row:381 Cell:1Row:381 Cell:2Row:381 Cell:3Row:381 Cell:4
Row:382 Cell:1Row:382 Cell:2Row:382 Cell:3Row:382 Cell:4
Row:383 Cell:1Row:383 Cell:2Row:383 Cell:3Row:383 Cell:4
Row:384 Cell:1Row:384 Cell:2Row:384 Cell:3Row:384 Cell:4
Row:385 Cell:1Row:385 Cell:2Row:385 Cell:3Row:385 Cell:4
Row:386 Cell:1Row:386 Cell:2Row:386 Cell:3Row:386 Cell:4
Row:387 Cell:1Row:387 Cell:2Row:387 Cell:3Row:387 Cell:4
Row:388 Cell:1Row:388 Cell:2Row:388 Cell:3Row:388 Cell:4
Row:389 Cell:1Row:389 Cell:2Row:389 Cell:3Row:389 Cell:4
Row:390 Cell:1Row:390 Cell:2Row:390 Cell:3Row:390 Cell:4
Row:391 Cell:1Row:391 Cell:2Row:391 Cell:3Row:391 Cell:4
Row:392 Cell:1Row:392 Cell:2Row:392 Cell:3Row:392 Cell:4
Row:393 Cell:1Row:393 Cell:2Row:393 Cell:3Row:393 Cell:4
Row:394 Cell:1Row:394 Cell:2Row:394 Cell:3Row:394 Cell:4
Row:395 Cell:1Row:395 Cell:2Row:395 Cell:3Row:395 Cell:4
Row:396 Cell:1Row:396 Cell:2Row:396 Cell:3Row:396 Cell:4
Row:397 Cell:1Row:397 Cell:2Row:397 Cell:3Row:397 Cell:4
Row:398 Cell:1Row:398 Cell:2Row:398 Cell:3Row:398 Cell:4
Row:399 Cell:1Row:399 Cell:2Row:399 Cell:3Row:399 Cell:4
Row:400 Cell:1Row:400 Cell:2Row:400 Cell:3Row:400 Cell:4
Row:401 Cell:1Row:401 Cell:2Row:401 Cell:3Row:401 Cell:4
Row:402 Cell:1Row:402 Cell:2Row:402 Cell:3Row:402 Cell:4
Row:403 Cell:1Row:403 Cell:2Row:403 Cell:3Row:403 Cell:4
Row:404 Cell:1Row:404 Cell:2Row:404 Cell:3Row:404 Cell:4
Row:405 Cell:1Row:405 Cell:2Row:405 Cell:3Row:405 Cell:4
Row:406 Cell:1Row:406 Cell:2Row:406 Cell:3Row:406 Cell:4
Row:407 Cell:1Row:407 Cell:2Row:407 Cell:3Row:407 Cell:4
Row:408 Cell:1Row:408 Cell:2Row:408 Cell:3Row:408 Cell:4
Row:409 Cell:1Row:409 Cell:2Row:409 Cell:3Row:409 Cell:4
Row:410 Cell:1Row:410 Cell:2Row:410 Cell:3Row:410 Cell:4
Row:411 Cell:1Row:411 Cell:2Row:411 Cell:3Row:411 Cell:4
Row:412 Cell:1Row:412 Cell:2Row:412 Cell:3Row:412 Cell:4
Row:413 Cell:1Row:413 Cell:2Row:413 Cell:3Row:413 Cell:4
Row:414 Cell:1Row:414 Cell:2Row:414 Cell:3Row:414 Cell:4
Row:415 Cell:1Row:415 Cell:2Row:415 Cell:3Row:415 Cell:4
Row:416 Cell:1Row:416 Cell:2Row:416 Cell:3Row:416 Cell:4
Row:417 Cell:1Row:417 Cell:2Row:417 Cell:3Row:417 Cell:4
Row:418 Cell:1Row:418 Cell:2Row:418 Cell:3Row:418 Cell:4
Row:419 Cell:1Row:419 Cell:2Row:419 Cell:3Row:419 Cell:4
Row:420 Cell:1Row:420 Cell:2Row:420 Cell:3Row:420 Cell:4
Row:421 Cell:1Row:421 Cell:2Row:421 Cell:3Row:421 Cell:4
Row:422 Cell:1Row:422 Cell:2Row:422 Cell:3Row:422 Cell:4
Row:423 Cell:1Row:423 Cell:2Row:423 Cell:3Row:423 Cell:4
Row:424 Cell:1Row:424 Cell:2Row:424 Cell:3Row:424 Cell:4
Row:425 Cell:1Row:425 Cell:2Row:425 Cell:3Row:425 Cell:4
Row:426 Cell:1Row:426 Cell:2Row:426 Cell:3Row:426 Cell:4
Row:427 Cell:1Row:427 Cell:2Row:427 Cell:3Row:427 Cell:4
Row:428 Cell:1Row:428 Cell:2Row:428 Cell:3Row:428 Cell:4
Row:429 Cell:1Row:429 Cell:2Row:429 Cell:3Row:429 Cell:4
Row:430 Cell:1Row:430 Cell:2Row:430 Cell:3Row:430 Cell:4
Row:431 Cell:1Row:431 Cell:2Row:431 Cell:3Row:431 Cell:4
Row:432 Cell:1Row:432 Cell:2Row:432 Cell:3Row:432 Cell:4
Row:433 Cell:1Row:433 Cell:2Row:433 Cell:3Row:433 Cell:4
Row:434 Cell:1Row:434 Cell:2Row:434 Cell:3Row:434 Cell:4
Row:435 Cell:1Row:435 Cell:2Row:435 Cell:3Row:435 Cell:4
Row:436 Cell:1Row:436 Cell:2Row:436 Cell:3Row:436 Cell:4
Row:437 Cell:1Row:437 Cell:2Row:437 Cell:3Row:437 Cell:4
Row:438 Cell:1Row:438 Cell:2Row:438 Cell:3Row:438 Cell:4
Row:439 Cell:1Row:439 Cell:2Row:439 Cell:3Row:439 Cell:4
Row:440 Cell:1Row:440 Cell:2Row:440 Cell:3Row:440 Cell:4
Row:441 Cell:1Row:441 Cell:2Row:441 Cell:3Row:441 Cell:4
Row:442 Cell:1Row:442 Cell:2Row:442 Cell:3Row:442 Cell:4
Row:443 Cell:1Row:443 Cell:2Row:443 Cell:3Row:443 Cell:4
Row:444 Cell:1Row:444 Cell:2Row:444 Cell:3Row:444 Cell:4
Row:445 Cell:1Row:445 Cell:2Row:445 Cell:3Row:445 Cell:4
Row:446 Cell:1Row:446 Cell:2Row:446 Cell:3Row:446 Cell:4
Row:447 Cell:1Row:447 Cell:2Row:447 Cell:3Row:447 Cell:4
Row:448 Cell:1Row:448 Cell:2Row:448 Cell:3Row:448 Cell:4
Row:449 Cell:1Row:449 Cell:2Row:449 Cell:3Row:449 Cell:4
Row:450 Cell:1Row:450 Cell:2Row:450 Cell:3Row:450 Cell:4
Row:451 Cell:1Row:451 Cell:2Row:451 Cell:3Row:451 Cell:4
Row:452 Cell:1Row:452 Cell:2Row:452 Cell:3Row:452 Cell:4
Row:453 Cell:1Row:453 Cell:2Row:453 Cell:3Row:453 Cell:4
Row:454 Cell:1Row:454 Cell:2Row:454 Cell:3Row:454 Cell:4
Row:455 Cell:1Row:455 Cell:2Row:455 Cell:3Row:455 Cell:4
Row:456 Cell:1Row:456 Cell:2Row:456 Cell:3Row:456 Cell:4
Row:457 Cell:1Row:457 Cell:2Row:457 Cell:3Row:457 Cell:4
Row:458 Cell:1Row:458 Cell:2Row:458 Cell:3Row:458 Cell:4
Row:459 Cell:1Row:459 Cell:2Row:459 Cell:3Row:459 Cell:4
Row:460 Cell:1Row:460 Cell:2Row:460 Cell:3Row:460 Cell:4
Row:461 Cell:1Row:461 Cell:2Row:461 Cell:3Row:461 Cell:4
Row:462 Cell:1Row:462 Cell:2Row:462 Cell:3Row:462 Cell:4
Row:463 Cell:1Row:463 Cell:2Row:463 Cell:3Row:463 Cell:4
Row:464 Cell:1Row:464 Cell:2Row:464 Cell:3Row:464 Cell:4
Row:465 Cell:1Row:465 Cell:2Row:465 Cell:3Row:465 Cell:4
Row:466 Cell:1Row:466 Cell:2Row:466 Cell:3Row:466 Cell:4
Row:467 Cell:1Row:467 Cell:2Row:467 Cell:3Row:467 Cell:4
Row:468 Cell:1Row:468 Cell:2Row:468 Cell:3Row:468 Cell:4
Row:469 Cell:1Row:469 Cell:2Row:469 Cell:3Row:469 Cell:4
Row:470 Cell:1Row:470 Cell:2Row:470 Cell:3Row:470 Cell:4
Row:471 Cell:1Row:471 Cell:2Row:471 Cell:3Row:471 Cell:4
Row:472 Cell:1Row:472 Cell:2Row:472 Cell:3Row:472 Cell:4
Row:473 Cell:1Row:473 Cell:2Row:473 Cell:3Row:473 Cell:4
Row:474 Cell:1Row:474 Cell:2Row:474 Cell:3Row:474 Cell:4
Row:475 Cell:1Row:475 Cell:2Row:475 Cell:3Row:475 Cell:4
Row:476 Cell:1Row:476 Cell:2Row:476 Cell:3Row:476 Cell:4
Row:477 Cell:1Row:477 Cell:2Row:477 Cell:3Row:477 Cell:4
Row:478 Cell:1Row:478 Cell:2Row:478 Cell:3Row:478 Cell:4
Row:479 Cell:1Row:479 Cell:2Row:479 Cell:3Row:479 Cell:4
Row:480 Cell:1Row:480 Cell:2Row:480 Cell:3Row:480 Cell:4
Row:481 Cell:1Row:481 Cell:2Row:481 Cell:3Row:481 Cell:4
Row:482 Cell:1Row:482 Cell:2Row:482 Cell:3Row:482 Cell:4
Row:483 Cell:1Row:483 Cell:2Row:483 Cell:3Row:483 Cell:4
Row:484 Cell:1Row:484 Cell:2Row:484 Cell:3Row:484 Cell:4
Row:485 Cell:1Row:485 Cell:2Row:485 Cell:3Row:485 Cell:4
Row:486 Cell:1Row:486 Cell:2Row:486 Cell:3Row:486 Cell:4
Row:487 Cell:1Row:487 Cell:2Row:487 Cell:3Row:487 Cell:4
Row:488 Cell:1Row:488 Cell:2Row:488 Cell:3Row:488 Cell:4
Row:489 Cell:1Row:489 Cell:2Row:489 Cell:3Row:489 Cell:4
Row:490 Cell:1Row:490 Cell:2Row:490 Cell:3Row:490 Cell:4
Row:491 Cell:1Row:491 Cell:2Row:491 Cell:3Row:491 Cell:4
Row:492 Cell:1Row:492 Cell:2Row:492 Cell:3Row:492 Cell:4
Row:493 Cell:1Row:493 Cell:2Row:493 Cell:3Row:493 Cell:4
Row:494 Cell:1Row:494 Cell:2Row:494 Cell:3Row:494 Cell:4
Row:495 Cell:1Row:495 Cell:2Row:495 Cell:3Row:495 Cell:4
Row:496 Cell:1Row:496 Cell:2Row:496 Cell:3Row:496 Cell:4
Row:497 Cell:1Row:497 Cell:2Row:497 Cell:3Row:497 Cell:4
Row:498 Cell:1Row:498 Cell:2Row:498 Cell:3Row:498 Cell:4
Row:499 Cell:1Row:499 Cell:2Row:499 Cell:3Row:499 Cell:4