No one is an orphan; you can get all the ideas and advices of parents to grow into maturity. Here are a few from youth and adults who have experiences.

You are unique. You will not succeed in trying to be like somebody else, so never try it.

If you believe you are a guy and of age and must date, go out with the one you will not be ashamed to own up to when she is pregnant. The worst crime is to deny your own flesh.

Child, where you are in age, I have been and no matter how hard I try, I can never return to it; where I am in age, you shall surely be and no matter how hard you resist you will arrive here. Whether you will be a failure or more successful than I am depends on how well you learn from my mistakes and successes and improve upon them. And you way to that is to LISTEN.

Focus on what is working in your life and many more things will work. If you don’t find what is working in your life, focus on what is working in life such as how the air seeks you and breaths you. Be grateful for what is working and know that for you to be alive is a great success of life itself.

Pot friend [alcohol or drug companion] will lead you to the pot but will leave you when the pot is dry.

Friendship is sweet but you must keep your personal focus and do the things that will promote your future because, one year after you leave school, you will rarely meet with any of those friends and if you have allowed them to waste your time, you doomed yourself.

Make friends with those whose thinking are progressing and from whom you can learn.

The rule for your future success is ‘Play Pay or Pay Play’. So, you can play now and in future, you struggle through life or work hard now and in future you have all the time and resources to have fun.

If you do not nurture the seedling, you will not have a great fruit yielding tree. Youth is the time to nurture the qualities you desire in life.

Never compare yourself with others. You are unique and in life, in some area of your life, there will always be greater and lesser people than yourself.

You are the only one who has full and total access to any part of your mind and feeling and do what you please in them. You can start, stop, change or recreate the thoughts and feelings in you as you please, so start by nursing thoughts and feelings that honor you and promote life.

Success has nothing to with you outmatching somebody; It is you coming out with the best that you are capable of.

Success is doing what you enjoy doing that honors you and promotes life.

Choices and Consequences: Whatever you chose to think, feel or do has far reaching consequences and may last for a long time or affect your entire life. Make choices that demand the best from you and you will have and be the best in life.
Who in life do you want to be like? Think of what they were doing at your age that made them what they are and do better in your uniqueness.

If thoughts manifest, and they do, then let your mind harbor only great thoughts that you can do or be and back them with concrete actions.

You are not entitled to anything from your parents or from anyone else. Their duties ended when they cared for you until you could walk. What they do after that is a bonus. When the bird can fly or the animal can walk they are weaned out of parental care. You are entitled only to yourself and what you do with it.

If you are not happy the way you are make fresh choices that honor you.

You are here to be the greatest impact and your happiness is proportional to the amount of positive impact you bring on people.
Before you sleep each night, ask yourself, “what have I done for my great good today?” It is only when you enter into your greatness that you are beneficial to the weak.

The only way to help the poor is to be rich; go ahead and be rich.