This is your present human life. You are to develop your spiritual muscles of Love, Intelligence and Creativity with all their shades of Kindness, Care, Knowledgeable, Music creation and performance Etc. Luke 17:20-21 & Galatians 5:22-23 & Ecclesiastes 12.

God put you here to “cultivate the earth (of your soul) and keep it” Genesis 2:15. Your soul is your garden that you shall have to evolve to embrace God’s paradise.

You may plant flowers of Love, Intelligence and Creativity in it and grow them into plantations or plant thorns of Anger, Gossip, Hate, Fear, Destruction and grow them into plantations. The Choice is yours.

You will certainly have to shed off your present human life’s body and enter into spirit.

You Are Here As A Unit of Life for the Evolution of Life.


From: Brother Dr. Ishmael Tetteh. Founder and Leader, Etherean Mission Int’l.