The scripture says in Genesis 2:7 that God breathed into the dust the breath of life and man became a living soul. This Breath of Life has become the breath of each person. If we can see the Breath of Life in each person, there will be love and respect for all. We will appreciate the infinite versions of the One Life here for our celebration.

Launching of the Peace Breath

The Peace Breath or the Breath of Ultimate Reality (God) was installed and launched on 19th September 2015.

The Mystics of Etherean Mission together with the body of Ethereans performed a 40 Day Covenant Works.

As part of the Covenant Work with Ultimate Reality specific commands were released for world peace.


Here is the summary of the Blessed Peace command:

“We bless the in-breaths of every soul on Earth to connect with and embrace the First Source Breath of Ultimate Reality (God) and with every out-breath, let the Earth be Baptised with the Supreme Energies of Wisdom, Truth, Love and Peace for ever.”

All are invited to participate in the creation of peace on Earth by spending two minutes of each day in downloading the Peace Breath for Planet Earth.
What to Do

Allocate 2 minutes a day to download the Peace Breaths using 12 breaths for Mother Earth.


To do this:

1. Meditate briefly on the Peace Breath Command above.

2. Mentally make the statement below and then take a deep breath to the Source of Life, wherever your soul knows it to be.

“Blessed be the Breath of Source Life in my Nostrils.”

3. At the Source, feel the Supreme Energies of Wisdom, Truth, Love and Peace and release them with your out-breath on Mother Earth.


To assist your inner visions, below are the summary definitions of Wisdom, Truth, Love and Peace.
Wisdom Defined

Wisdom is the application of Righteous Knowledge when and where it is needed and in the manner that it is needed. Righteous Knowledge is what promotes life.
Truth Defined

Truth is the liberating and potential activating information that is (proven facts with evidence), irrespective of Time, Energy, Space and Circumstance.
Love Defined

Love is seeing the good of the divine or the possible and the divine in you and in all of life.
Definition for Peace

Peace is the identification and free expression of our innate potential.