When scriptures said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” in Acts 20:35, it was saying that you must be a channel of blessing.

Often, people pray to get instead of being a channel of blessing. To get is to focus on the manifested world; on the material things. To give is to focus on the Source, the Infinite Spirit; and all things come from the Spirit.

To position yourself for getting is to be human who is always in need. To position yourself as a giver is to be God who is ever-abundant to give.

When you keep receiving, you will be swallowed up by what you get and be lost in what you have. When you keep giving, you will be there, fully awake to see your created world.

It is a giving universe, and science has discovered it; that the universe is ever- expanding, becoming more of itself and giving more to itself.

Giving expands you and makes you more, while getting reduces you. Giving comes from the awareness of Infinite Supply; getting comes from the sense of scarcity and produces fear and hoarding.

Thus, the simple prayer, “Oh God, please, make me an (your) instrument of blessing,” is a most powerful one. You will observe that your happiest moments were not the times you received something good from somebody but rather when you gave out or did something good for somebody.

When what you are or do brings happiness and soul elevation to someone, you engrave pure joy in your soul.

Go out now and start giving. Everybody has something to give to someone. 70% of your possessions may not be used and you can give from them. Beyond the material things that you can give, you can also give counsel, a visit, service and a smile to someone.

Give, not to show off, but to inspire or manifest goodness. Give, not to create dependants but to create fertile souls and to grow mighty trees.

Be a blessed conscious giver today. God bless you!