‘And forgive us our offences as we forgive those who offend us.’ (Matthew 6:12)

We are still celebrating Mothers and there is the need for all Women to renew their thinking about forgiveness.

The general knowledge of many people is that ‘women hold on to pains for long and mostly find it difficult to forgive their offenders.’

This should not be the case with our cherished mothers who have seen us through turbulent times of life.

Bible encourages you to learn to forgive others. This is the will of God.

Please stop blaming others for your pains. Be willing to let it go. Forgive others of the pains they have consciously or unconsciously caused you in life.

It is only in this direction that every blessing that God has endowed upon mothers will be unleashed in their full splendour.

Forgive and be free. The journey to your emotional stability has begun. You will become a channel of LOVE to all people.

Declare this: “I am free! I forgive all my offenders. I have no enemies. Love is my life. God is in me, with me and for me. I start anew and cleanse myself from all emotional pains of the past.  I am free!”

From Brother Dr Ishmael Tetteh. Founder and Leader, Etherean Mission International.