Many good things are happening in life but for the most part we hear of the bad news. Here is one such beautiful story.

In Ghana, we have porters at the markets, often referred to as “Kayayoo”.

A noble woman went to the market to do her weekly shopping. She came across a Kayayoo carrying a heavy load with her 2 year old son also behind her. The boy was as soaked with sweat as her mother. “If child abuse-would be redefined it must include the prevention of child laboring with their parents,” she said.

She stopped the Kayayoo and demanded to know if the boy behind was her child. “Yes of course.” She asked her how much she would be paid for that heavy load, “One Ghana cedis , fifty pesewas (50cents),” she responded. She then asked the Kayayoo to go and off load her goods and come back to her. She waited for her. On the return of the Kayayoo she engaged her in a conversation and got to know that she makes a total GH¢15.00 ($4.00) a day. She has 6 children by different men. Such porters usually come from the villages to the city to seek greener pastures and often sleep rough and the women get used for sexual satisfactions.

This noble woman had the Kayayoo buy water to wash her mud-painted feet and brought her to her home. Her smelly cloth cannot enter into her living room; she had the Kayayoo wash down and offered her 4 pieces of clothings.

It is about one year now. Now her son goes to school and she comes every weekend to just sweep her compound and get a good three-square meal and money to live on.

A life is changed by this noble woman. The sight of this noble woman with the Kayayoo and her child is a joy to see.

Life is made up of many beautiful stories like these and they, by far, outnumber the bad news.

Today, bring to mind many pieces of such good news and let them inspire the goodness of God in you into expression. Let it also bring you to discover, what a loving, generous and beautiful world this one is. Such joy will heal your bones and inspire Creative Success.