Ever so often we pray to God for long life. But what good is a 100 years dominated by fear, timidity, suffering and mediocrity? Is there any joy living a 100 years of pretense, poverty and slavery?

Certainly longevity has its place but what is more important is making IMPACT on life.
The rainbow is for a short while yet its beauty last in our minds for a very long time.
Jesus Christ lived for only 33 years but his impact transcends several centuries.

When your mind thinks there’s enough time, it has the tendency to procrastinate. This breeds laziness. And nothing gets done. In contrast, when your heart is set on making impact, the mind realizes that there’s no time to waste. And so much gets done.

So why not create Impact now?
The future is a dream. Dreams are for dreamers. And dreamers are asleep. Dreams don’t pay bills except they are converted into money in your pocket.

The only assurance you have in life is the NOW. Tomorrow you may not have. So while you still have the breath of life in you why not act now?

In my lifetime, I have seen a boy who once roamed the streets of Ashaiman become a Hollywood sensation. I have seen Leicester City, whose odds of becoming English champions where similar to seeing Elvis Presley alive today, win the Premiership.
I have seen a man of colour become President of the United States of America.