The Anti-Christ Destroys Africa: Unsuspecting Africans are being brainwashed to look down on themselves and to self-destruct. The Anti-Christ system in place makes you feel that your name is evil so you take on Western ones; your skin colour is evil so you bleach.

Everything that is sweet and good must have a Western prefix to it such as “blofoakwadu” (Whiteman’s banana), “blofoakuto” (Whiteman’s orange), “blofonme” (Whiteman’s pineapple).

There was even an infamous belief  that if you meet a Whiteman on your way to church, you must return home because you have seen God.

When you pray inviting the souls of the departed to join you, it is called Ancestral Worship but it is okay to pray through a Saint; and there is an All Saints Day but we are made to feel ashamed to have All Ancestors Day. To pray with water or a drink to bless the Earth that produces all the food that you eat is called Libation and is condemned; but the Bible commands us to do the same thing and calls it Drink Offering. Numbers 28:7; I Sam 7:6.

Religion is the primary tool used to denigrate and reduce the entire African race into hopeless nonentities which is an insult to God, the Creator of all.

Africa is divided into 54 nations and none of these divisions was done by Africans. Africa must wake up! And Etherean Mission champions this cause!

The Unique Position of Etherean Mission

Etherean Mission is the embodiment of the three Christ Missions. Etherean simply means “of the heavens” and we are on a mission to anchor heaven on earth. We follow the teachings of Jesus and not the mass consciousness of the church.

Our mission is to ①teach the divine nature of man ②awaken all to oneness, and to ③ restore the mystical traditions and dignity of the African people.

Those who go with the Anti-Christ are doomed with it.