You cannot plant rice and reap potatoes nor can you plant corn and reap tomatoes. Everything occurs according to divine plan.

The only way you can save any situation is to empower yourself to empower others – find that seed of immortality within and grow it into the tree of life that gives shade to the soul of humanity and bear fruits that feeds the weak and  hungry.

Even the wicked shall taste of you and change their ways. By your labours, your name also shall be on the lips of men and they shall immortalize it.

Move and change your world. You shall become the rudder that turns the ship of humanity and changes its course to the ocean of truth and love.

Seek and you shall be found. There is a divine plan for you. Wake up and live as the spirit that you are.

Let the revolution of empowerment must be against laziness, blind belief in authority, fear and apathy.

The solution is within you. The solution is calling out to you loudly inside of you. Do something now!