Somebody asked Brother Ishmael Tetteh, the Founder and Spiritual Leader of the Etherean Mission International that, “Sir, please where does your wisdom come from; is it by research or through your educational background?”

Read Brother Ishmael’s response below:

“I have not been to the theological college. When I got to my God realisation, I even resisted having a church.

Again, Etherean Mission was founded around me. I was doing my normal activities of healing people; I did a monthly convocation and spoke to people about an all loving God and also the non-existence of the devil as an entity.

The people who attended these monthly convocations felt that these teachings are what they needed and so they encouraged me to have services on Saturdays and these service was eventually held on Sundays.

Actually, God tricked me into becoming His or Her minister and I have faithfully surrendered to this righteous course.

Therefore, my wisdom comes from Father-Mother God.”

Beloved be the channel of God’s blessings by allowing yourself for the infinite goodness of God that indwells you to flow through you for the benefit of the unborn generations.

God bless you.


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