A people without cultural identity are a doomed people.

All developed nations of the world have maintained their culture, despite the presence of Christianity or Islam. For instance China, Japan, Britain, India and Malaysia have all maintained their cultures and national identity. Ghana and Malaysia attained independence in the same year but Malaysia is far advanced than Ghana because they wear, eat and drink of their culture. They have not allowed Islam to influence their identity.

With what identity will Ghana and the rest of Africa present to the world market as our product? Africans have been brainwashed to believe that everything about Africa is evil and so Africans do not effectively patronize their cultural selves. Africans love to patronize other cultures and identity. How then can we develop?

After colonization, Africa is being recolonized indirectly through religion. The borders of Africa were not created by Africans, but by the powers that be.

Do not be enslaved in the name of religion. Wake up Africa for oneness!

Celebrate what God has given to you. Appreciate what you have instead of chasing what you do not have