Testimonies about Saint Salome Ama Manubea Danso


“Who can find a diligent woman? For she is precious beyond incomparable precious stones.” Proverbs 31:10 – (Aramaic Bible in Plain English)

After every testimony, declare “I am in this fulfilled” and become a partaker of these Godly qualities.

7) ‘She is a finisher. She is always determined and ready to deliver results. She will encourage you to wake up and perform your role as required. She was reliable.’

8) ‘Mama Salo had a good interpersonal relationship. She is a conscious spirit. She believes in Oneness, Integrity and Service. She consciously participated in her life.’

9) ‘She was a giver. She gave to support the needy. She faithfully paid her tithes. She gave consciously and cheerfully.’

10) ‘Maa Salo was knowledgeable and humble. She was humorous as well. She will always love to teach others what she knew best. She will humbly and humorously teach you to become better.’

11) ‘We believe and know that your spirit is in town. She embraced all and is ready to give off her best.’

12) ‘She entered into my life for a reason. Truly, those who live in our hearts are more closer to us than those who stay even in our rooms. Mama Salo will continue to live in our hearts. We shall meet in eternity before the Most High God.’

“I am in this fulfilled.”
Our Mother Saint Salome Ama Manubea Danso, Rest in Perfect Peace in God.