I have never been an avid follower of football but there is something significant that showed in the performance of Ghana versus Germany in the 2014 World Cup and I draw a parallel between that and the life of many of us.

In so many ways we end our lives as “potentials” getting buried together with our talents.

As is said, ‘there isn’t much logic in football’ but let us look at the performance of Ghana and Germany. I read that FIFA experts touted the Ghana versus Germany match as the best game at a certain stage of the tournament. But what happened, Germany moves on to win the Cup turning Brazil, the host country and no mean a football nation into ‘whipping-weeping boys.’

Ghana presented the greatest challenge to Germany with an honourable draw. If we should bring logic to bear, we would say Ghana should have easily qualified for the next stage – this did not happen. After Ghana dropped out at the group stage, we heard statements like “we almost qualified,” “but for this and that”, “even that was no mean achievement.”

A lot of us want to repeat such ego-soothing statements of mediocrity when it comes to issues pertaining to our personal lives. We are very quick to settle for “something a little better” “noko fioo” “tᴐnye via dzi” ” kitwaa biara nswa” and not exactly feel deserving of the best.

Strive for the best all the time!