“Don’t procrastinate – there’s no time to lose.” Proverbs 6:4

Procrastination is an evil worm in our social life. This dangerous attitude even though we less consider it tends to affect everything that connects to us. Stay away from procrastination. Do what you ought to do now. Do not postpone what you can do now to another time.

Often you get caught up in little things that you thought did not take much time. Rather, realize that every bit takes a bit of time. Don’t also think certain things don’t require much time for their accomplishments and for that matter you postpone them. What you might consider to be requiring less time to complete might end up taking a whole day.

A simple delay on certain simple things can trigger certain unexpected setbacks. Save the time now and do what you must do now! This way, you can be sure that nothing can take you by surprise and you will be happy to be awakened to realize how consciously you are participating in your own life!

Every bit takes a bit of time! Do what you have to do now!