The Human Pilate Conditions

Confront your human Pilate conditions that thinks it is powerful.

If you were confronted with a situation of life and death and the judge were to taunt that he has the power to kill you or set you free, you would quickly plead for his mercy for life, but Jesus would have none of that.

He sharply disagreed with Pilate, telling him in the face that he has no power at all against him except that it was given to him from above, and that all power belongs to God. John 19: 11.

Jesus blamed no one; his consciousness was:  “To God be the glory for what I am going through.” This names and consecrates the pain and to transform it into goodness.

That is the teaching of Etherean Mission that, in the pain, name the good, bless the pain, and the energy of the pain will support the manifestation of the good you are pronouncing in your blessing.

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