The Blood of Jesus

The blood means I am Christ, I am love.

While in the pain and in the pool of blood Jesus prayer, “Father, forgive them for they don’t know what they do.” This is the mastery of divine love and the goal of all. It is the claiming, announcing, pronouncing and broadcasting the love that you are.

That was what Jesus did throughout his crucifixion hence we call it The Christ Journey of Love.

Remember the blood of Jesus is not for cursing, binding and protecting us from enemies. The blood means love in action. The blood also represents transcendence; there is no self-preservation, (Mathew 16:23). The blood is also a symbol of self-denial.

Jesus said anybody who comes after me must take up his own cross, deny himself and follow me, (Mathew 16:24). Also, he taught that we must eat of his flesh and drink of his blood, (does not mean we should be cannibals) meaning, we are to be like him in body and.

Get out of your comfort zone, depart from all of your old ways, emulate the master as he would do in the body and in the spirit.

Join us to Celebrate your Christ Vision on our Easter journey called  “Good Friday: The Christ Journey of Love” on 14th April, 2017 and also “Easter: the Resurrection of Love” on 16th April, 2017. Call +233264177633 or +233548177633 for further details.

Join us now! God bless you.