1. Triumphant Entry of Jesus with Hosanna

We always use the word triumphant to describe the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem without cognisance of its spiritual denotation. Jesus had the consciousness that there is no one to apologize to, hence his triumphant entry with Hosanna (Mathew 21:9). The significance of this is the triumphant proclamation of your FAITH.

What do you know you are as spirit that moves this body of yours? If you have ever been to a funeral to see the motionless body of the deceased, you will know that there is a spirit in the body that makes it possible to move the arm. When you find it and triumphantly proclaim it then you are in Easter.

2. Jesus Whipping people in the Temple

Jesus stood for the truth no matter the situation. Jesus overturning the tables in the temple and using the whip does not mean turning the table of people or humans in the temple. He stood for the truth. During such times, people come and do sin offering. They bought dove, sheep, etc., and then the priest allowed black marketers. If the sheep is sold for GH¢1, during festival time, it is sold for GH¢10 and they share the profit with the priests.

Jesus would not allow error to grow and so do not allow error to continue; do like Jesus, take the whip. And take the whip does not mean go whip the people; but rather to stand for the truth. Overturn the tables of anger, fear, and jealousy. Whatever the error is in your body temple, take the whip and lash them out of your body and stand for the truth.

Whatever reduces your God image, be it hatred, envy, bitterness, etc., if guilt, shame, is stopping you from being the God that you are, these are tenants in your house, and Easter is telling you to take the whip of meditation and chase them out of your house.