3. Jesus refutes the Satanic Suggestion from Peter

When we function from spirit we don’t see an enemy to be protected from. Spirit is so infinite that it does not need protection from any enemy. Human suggestion coming from Peter was that I will defend you. Jesus instantly rejected the suggestion coming from fear because fear reduces you when you focus on it as in Mathew 16:23. This, however, does not mean Peter was really Satan; Jesus knew Peter was going to be the foundation of Christianity (Mathew 16:13-20), but the suggestion was human or flesh motivated.

What suggestion out there is reducing your divinity? What is making you less than your highest spiritual self? Command those attitudes and limiting beliefs to go behind you now. You go through some relationship and when the man or woman leaves, you begin to feel unworthy. He or she might have left due to their own weaknesses of their sense of unworthiness. Feeling unworthy means you have allowed satanic suggestions to get you down. Does your wife tell you certain things that put fire of anger in you? That is satanic suggestions. Sometimes you hear something about another friend and you are on fire to condemn that friend; that is satanic.

Whatever statement or suggestion reduces you into low self-esteem, fear, anger is satanic. You are either love motivated or fear motivated. There is the need to make practical this lesson of Jesus and Peter for your life. If the suggestion reaching to you is going to inspire you to take action from love that is God. If it is inspiring you to take action from anger, hate or fear, then it is satanic. If it is going to reduce you to flee from your enemies, then it is satanic.

4. Jesus’ Washing of hands and feet

Be willing to love and serve even those who will hurt you. Jesus washed the feet of his spiritual family. In Jewish tradition doing that means I have forgiven you of every error. Before they committed the error, he had already forgiven them. Apart from Judas and Peter who betrayed and denied him, Jesus also forgave the rest of his disciples who deserted him. In other words, live a life in which there is no one to forgive. Jesus said in the Lord’s Prayer, “…forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us…”

To a live a life in which there is somebody to forgive means you are harbouring pain and the pain could cause diseases and even heart attacks. The pain is reducing your thinking and creativity and creating your future situations of lack and limitations.

Wash the feet of the world and you do this by seeing the holiness in everyone in life. I want to see you by your holiness. The evil you see in people comes from the concepts you have about them. Washing the feet of those who have hurt or could hurt you is also the washing of the human concepts you have about them. Then you step into, “from now on I am willing to see you in your divinity.”