At the beginning of the year 2012, I asked a member of the church, as I usually do, what her goals were for the year. She said “I will look out for someone who needs real help to progress and help the person.”

Her response gratified my soul and I uttered a prayer of blessings for her life. She is a mother, unmarried and will soon come on retirement. You would expect her to think of what she should get from life to make her life comfortable. Instead, she was thinking of what to give out to life.

No wonder that this woman’s life always exudes with prosperity. She is not wealthy but she is the joy of many hearts. Her’s is a life of emptying what she has to bless life.

It is only in emptying that you receive. Life abhors vacuum and will fill in quickly. Be in a Social, Spiritual, Physical, psychological and Financial mode of emptying. Give out of your spirituality to enrich someone. Plan a noble thought for another. Give friendship to the destitute; feed another, and give of your money to a needy one.

Pause and ask yourself who needs a prayer and offer your soul’s fervent prayer for that person. Those who have hurt you are those who do not know better and will need such gifts of prayer from you. In offering it, you free yourself from the pain and you are increased in love.

It is in emptying of yourself that you become more. The more love, peace and joy that you give out, the more you are increased in those gifts.