Once you have heard the voice of the Lord, you need to follow. The word “follow” means to deliberately decide to comply with instruction. It is a deliberate choice for the child of God to follow the voice of the heavenly father. You need to deliberately decide to follow the Lord’s and to do what He/She tells you to do.

As you get to know the Lord better, you will come to realize that when He/She calls you , it is always worth obeying. When He says something, it is always for your benefits as His children. If He says “Go this way”, it is because He has green pastures and ‘still waters’ for you .  If He says “stop!  Don’t do that”, it is because He is trying to protect you from potential danger, possibly, something that could be life-threatening.

The fact that God speaks to you is clear throughout the pages of all religious scriptures. To some like Moses, God spoke audibly. To others like Buddha, Elijah, Mohammed, God spoke quietly on at least one occasion.

Often, we look for the occurrences of the big events, earth-shaking circumstances in which God speaks. And many times God is speaking to you , but in still, small voice. You should try turning off the television, the radio and the telephone and just listen (in meditation). With all the noise in our world, with all the information that bombards you, you can hear all those voices but miss the most important voice of all. Maybe one reason you never hear God is because you never stop to listen. Create some silence around you so that when God speaks to you in that still, small voice you can listen and follow Him/Her!

Meditate on the need to have an obedient heart to follow the Lord today