When you step into the forest and you define forest life by what you see as the lion and other predators preying on weaker animals, you might conclude that life is harshly competitive and only the strongest survive.

Someone else who has spent more time in the forest will tell you that the tiny ant is better adapted to the conditions of the forest and a better survivor than the lion.

Amazingly, there are more ants in the forest than there are lions. The ant knows the changing times and seasons so it is safe all the time. The Bible even confirms that ‘young lions sometimes go hungry.’

So Scripture tells you to “Go to the ant, and consider his ways and you will be wise”according to the book of Proverbs 6:6.

We therefore conclude that it is not by brute force that one succeeds but by foresight and industry.

Arise and rebrand your life today for this is the surest way of achieving greater success in life.

God bless you.