God gave us variety for our celebration, but we use it for our destruction.

All people are an expression of the wonderment of God. Imagine a world of all black people or all white people. Imagine a world where everybody has a pointed nose. Will you enjoy such a world?

What about one everybody smiling, laughing, coughing, sneezing, and doing all things at the same time and all people are dark, or fair, fat, tall and speak the same language across the world?

If all nations of the world had the same culture, what a boring place would the world be! Instead of appreciating and making the best out of creation, we are destroying one another.

There are righteous people in every religion, but none of these righteous people preach and live oneness. They believe and preach that their religion is the only way to the kingdom of God.

God sent different masters to different generations to teach the way to his kingdom.

People should not fight because of their religious differences be they Muslims, Christians, Buddhists or of any other faith.

Celebrate the variety of God in one another!