Now God who supplies seed to the sower, and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge  the harvest of your righteousness (2 Corinthians 9:10).

One thing we must all learn is to see God as our source. We must decide to look to GOD ONLY as our source of supply. We need to tell God that we are going to look to Him/Her alone to provide for our needs and that we will not look anywhere else.

We get ourselves in trouble when we confuse the channel with the source. God may use our salaries from work as the channel to supply our needs, but our employers are just the channels for God’s provision and God can shift to another channel anytime He/She wants. When we start looking to something or someone else to meet our needs, when we begin to confuse the channel with the source, then we start getting into trouble. We start worrying.

We allow worry and fear into our hearts when we start looking to our jobs as the source instead of the channel of supply. We start thinking, “what if I lose my job?”  You know what, the channel may close but the source of our every need is still active and abundant. When our Father-Mother God turns off one channel, he turns on another one.

We need to give God the right to choose whatever channel He chooses to fulfill the need. It may be a channel that is different from what we are used to or are expecting.  In fact, God may deliberately choose a different channel in order to teach us to keep looking to Him for all our needs.

It is exciting to just let God be God. It is very exciting to watch God meet a need in a way that we never thought possible or could have never thought up on our own.

Receive the grace of Father-Mother God to bless the work of your hands and multiply your multiple streams of income that you can use to bless all of life and humanity.