I am the good shepherd; and I know my sheep, and am known by my own. (John 10: 14)

God is not just your shepherd, but also your creator. God is not a hired labourer who has been given the task to watch over the sheep of another. God is both the creator and the owner of the sheep.

Every shepherd knows his sheep. He has innate knowledge of all his sheep. God knows you by name. He/She knows your personality. God knows your strength and weaknesses. He knows your dreams. He knows your fears. God knows your aspirations. He knows you so much that he can read your innermost thoughts even before we construct them into ideas. Nothing about you escapes the attention of God.

Not only does God know your nature, but He knows your needs as well. Don’t forget that the Lord knows what it is like to be human. He knows what it is like to face limitations of humanity because He lives among us and He experiences what we experience. He knows what it feels like to feel the pressure of temptation. He knows what it is like to experience loneliness, sorrow and pain.

Today, you can come to God with all your concerns and pour out your heart to Him in deep meditation. He is ready to help and guide you. He is more powerful than the limitations you see or face so you can trust Him to empower you to endure and overcome all the challenges of life.

Your good Shepherd cares about you. And He knows what you are going through. He wants you to trust Him today with your cares. God wants to lighten your burden. He wants to make you glad today.

Cast all your burdens on the Lord, and receive rest from all your struggles (do this in meditation now).