“Words fitly spoken are like apples of gold in frames of silver.” Proverbs 25:11

 The scriptural description is very appropriate. Words are so powerful that they can make or mar your life.

Every word you speak registers in your life as a thought-seed planted in the garden of your soul to be harvested in due season. Speak words that will grow into your desired future.

Words are audible thoughts. Not only must you speak life-enhancing words to yourself, you must speak them to others as well. Whatever you think, whether for another or for yourself, remains in your own consciousness.

Every word you speak must be fitly spoken, meaning, they are spoken at the right Time and Place; with the right Energy; and under the right Circumstances.

For every thought that comes to mind, or every word that you intend to say, pause for a moment for this self-check : “For what noble, loving and life-enhancing reasons do I speak these words or think these thoughts?”

Practice this self-inquiry and within a short period, the words that pop up in your consciousness will be rounded like apples of gold in decorated frames of silver.

Noble, loving and life-enhancing words will create a fulfilling life for you.

Speak golden-words for a golden life today.