It is always useful to start your day by being grateful to God for what you are, for what you do and receive. Especially, be grateful to God for you spiritual source, which is Etherean Mission for all the good reasons that you know of.

Your prayers may be:

“I am grateful to God for Etherean Mission that has or through which —– (state the benefits you have become or received both spiritually and materially.)

Beyond your daily regular gratitude works, we are gifted with Gratitude Etherean that makes you the blessing that the world prayed for. Gratitude Etherean life is not only to live a life of gratitude for all the good that you are, have receive and that surrounds you, but more importantly to be the reason why life and humanity is grateful to God.

By your presence, and what you do, let someone say, “Thank you God.”

When someone says “Thank you God,” because of what you are or did, the spiritual energy of the person has holified your name as God and your God abilities are evoked into expression.

Be the reason why the world will say, “Thank You God.” State, “I am the reason for the gratitude of the world;” and be the reason.

Our Vision Call states that “We are here on earth to do God and be gods of Truth and Love.”

Be a channel for radical acts of good. Let someone experience his or her miracle through you and that will open you to your own miracle.
Using Your Gratitude Etherean Contact

Gratitude Etherean has been consecrated into the handkerchief as your point of contact and reminder and you may use it in any way that your spirit is called upon to use it.

You may start your day by waving your Gratitude Etherean over your head and calling forth the Creative, Love, Intelligent Universe, God, to bless its world through you.

Here are some prayers you may use or add to your prayer works:

· By the life of my life, let life be grateful to God and praise God forever.

· Oh God, make me your instrument of blessing today. Shower your world (my family, church) with wisdom, wealth and worthiness through me today. Make me the reason why the world praises, honours and blesses you forever.

And now go out and be a great force of good and the Good of the Universe will be good for and through you. In any case, you are the first recipient of the good that flows through you.