The Life Branding Program is very exciting and soul nourishing. You must not miss any of the teachings and discussions on this great topic.

This is what people who have participated in the Teaching on Life Branding think it is:

  • Branding enables you to go beyond the routine.

  • For those who have done their Spiritual Persona, it is the packaging of your Persona plus an external way of living to create a unique lifestyle.

  • It brings about your purpose and how to live in harmony with it.

  • Build a New You and build a philosophy to guide it.

  • It is a new way of being born again.

  • It is Identity Creation; the packaging of the unique features of yourself for easy identification.

  • It is answering to the question, “Who do you say that I am?”

  • Be Different in a positive way.

The Branding Inquiry

  • What is the thinking, feeling, living and dressing style that is unique to me?

  • What benefit is that to me and to life? = with which you create a difference.

Below are a few notes that you may select from to add to your own to create your life brand.

Types of Branding

  • External Branding: Dressing, Walking, Writing, Eating,

  • Internal Branding: Thinking, Feeling, Spiritual philosophies.

Branding Areas

  • Spiritual: I know who and what I am that is here by the Collective Power of the Entire Universe as my reference in every interaction.

  • Social: I make friends and not enemies and I end every meeting on a happy note.

  • Psychological: I think and feel from the place of what honours me and life.

  • Physical: I eat for nourishment and not for entertainment and I exercise for 20 minutes thrice a week

  • Financial: I honour the wealthy and create multiple lines of income.

Your Life Image

You may blend all of your Spiritual, Social, Psychological, Physical and Financial Quests Brands into one Philosophical Statement that embodies all.

  • I consciously participate in my (Spiritual, Social, Psychological, Physical and Financial Quests) life.

The Branding Goal

I am here to make and, or be A Difference.

  • What must I be known for? What must I be that glorifies God?

  • The Story of Alfred Nobel.

Branding Considerations

Life Alternatives

  • What do you do when you are irritated or hurt or offended by NN NN (state people close to you)?

    • Spouse, Children, Parents Boss, Worker

  • What can you feel or do that is nobler than what you used to do?

Installation of Your Brand

Install and Broadcast Your Brand.

  1. Dialogue with the Old You to Embrace the New You

  2. Read Your SSPPF brands to the Soul of Humanity and to the Elements for at least 30 days.

Well, there is more, including the Installation Command. Join us at church to learn from the reviews.

Below are a few notes that you may select from to add to your own to create your life brand.


  1. I meditate on the awesome nature of God for at least 30 minutes daily.

Benefits: I grow a large and beneficial spirit; in harmony with divine provision; Divinely inspired and employed; In full courage and absolutely fearless; simple and confident.

  1. I study the flow of events and work in harmony with nature.

Benefits: At peace with self.

  1. I do the good I am and can do irrespective of other people’s negative attitudes.

  2. I boldly speak the truth I know and humbly and readily accept my shortcomings and embrace new workable ideas and knowledge.

  3. I see the good and divine or possible good and divine in myself and all of life

  4. I bless the elements daily as partners for accomplishments .

  5. I lead my family in prayers in the morning

  6. I patiently and consciously wait for God’s direction in challenging moments

  7. I use darkened and silence hours as moments of growing great ideas for life

  8. I cite my personas’ daily to start my day to be in tune with spirit.
    I focus on what is working in my life.
    I let go and forgive readily to move on.

  9. I read and meditate constantly to maintain retentive memory.

  10. I awaken people to see potential possibilities in their circumstances.

  11. I consciously operate in a centre of love wherever I am and this is felt by all around me.

  12. I step into each day in an attitude of gratitude.


  1. I make friends and not enemies and every interaction ends on friendship.

Benefits: Happy; Gain the support of all.

  1. I dress to promote and fulfil me and not to impress.

Benefits: Healthy; Self-affirmed.

  1. I am conscious that what people say to me are coloured by their history and emotions and I position myself to hear the unspoken truth in what is said or not said.

Benefits: Ever wise; Healer of malicious gossips; Filed with discernment;

  1. I look for the intention in what was done or not done; what was said or not said to enable me make wise decisions and choices.

  2. I speak what will motivate, inspire and activate potential or transform error into good.

  3. I guide all I say or not say by this rule: Can I be absolutely sure that it is true? Is it good? Is it beneficial? Or simply, Is what I am about to say or not say going to promote the Kingdom of God?

  4. I dress neatly and appropriately in African attire for every occasion

  5. I dress simply but attractively.

  6. I make sure children speak up and are heard
    I am a good listener. I do not cut in when others are talking.

  7. I am selective in the arguments I engage in, knowing that silence is golden.

  8. I wear a happy enchanting smile which influences everyone I meet.

  9. I show respect for the views of others and correct them gently when needed without making them feel defeated.

  10. When speaking to subordinates and children I make them feel respected.

  11. When angry I am slow to speak and do not speak unless I have taken in 3 deep breaths to disengage from the feeling

  12. When necessary, I consciously let go of my point of view to make others feel heard.

  13. I initiate family connections and meetings.

  14. I show interest in the welfare of people.

  15. I am a lover of children and play with them and make them happy.

  16. I keep a welcoming posture at all time, attracting goodness and people into my life


  1. I am result oriented and I think my problems through to solutions.

Benefits: Prudent; Creative; Counsellor; Success oriented

  1. I monitor and mentor my thoughts and I consciously feed with life-enhancing and evolutionary thoughts and feelings. (I read nourishing books, watch nourishing music and listen to nourishing music.)

Benefits: Always happy; Alive; fulfilled; Creative; In full intelligence.

  1. I read to deepen my horizon and understand different worldviews

  2. I talk less, listen more and take notes.

  3. I learn studiously to understand and teach others

  4. I keep a smiling face and spark confidence and hope in people.

  5. I am focused and results-oriented.


  1. I eat for nourishment and not for entertainment.

Benefits: Healthy; Mentally and emotionally alive;

  1. I dress for beauty, health and comfort. (I choose shoes and clothing that are healthy. A tight shoe on one foot will cause breath to locate in one nostril for a long time and not change. This will create energy and chemical imbalance.)

Benefits: Healthy;

  1. I claim a minimum of 6 hours sleep daily.

Benefits: Healthy; Rested; In focus; Alert and alive; Functional; Filled with energy.

  1. I exercise for at least 20 minutes three times weekly.

Benefits: Healthy; Mentally and emotionally alive;

  1. I nourish my senses with what is worthy of seeing, smelling, tasting, touching and hearing.

  2. I eat in silence to enable me commune with life’s intentions for providing me with the food.

  3. I make at least 12 complete out-breaths daily to ensure fresh air in my lungs.

  4. I keep my food close to natural and stay off meat and chemicalized food.


  1. I study and apply myself to ways for multiple streams of incomes.

Benefits: Money friendly, Rich and wealthy, Always resourced.

  1. I celebrate the success of the successful and encourage them to be more.

Benefits: Connected to the vibration of riches; Money friendly, Rich and wealthy, Always resourced.

  1. I give to support the activation or promotion of potentials.

  2. I live within my means and do not take loans.

  3. I settle my obligations on time.

  4. I give generously to support noble causes especially education.

  5. I am able to mobilize financial resources to meet unexpected expenditures

  6. I handle money with a sense of respect and honour.

  7. I have a savings, investment, spending and giving plan which I follow faithfully

  8. I bless losses and release them as investments into the creative medium of life.


  1. I am prompt and punctual and I honour appointments as scheduled.

Benefits: I am trusted and known as dependable; Less stressful; more alert to see details and opportunities.

  1. I spend my time on productive stuff only.

  2. I plan my day every day.

  3. When I am handling an activity I start on time and end on time


  1. I am more conscious at night and schedule to do my life demanding works at night.

  1. I consciously focus on absolute usage of resources to avoid any wastage.


  1. I Keep my spaces clean and neat

Benefits: I am healthy, respected, creates orderly mind for creative thinking.

  1. I keep plant and animal life in my home or office and show them love


  1. My attitude and inner filter for receiving bad news is “God knows about this one and a Higher Power is in control.”

  2. I approach all circumstances from the place of faith and love and not fear.


I consciously participate in my life and in life.

  • I make conscious choices that are relevant, necessary, life-enhancing and evolutionary.