The Blessed Be Decree

Blessed be God, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth that is mightily arisen as Etherean Mission, the Church for Spiritual Empowerment.
In the name Etherean Mission, let there be Oneness of Life.
In the name Etherean Mission, let there be Divine Empowerment.
In the name Etherean Mission, let there be Cultural Self-respect and Dignity.
In the name Etherean Mission, let there be Healing to Wholeness. 3x (Plus Other Desires as stated in the Desire Guide below).
Blessed be God, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth in Me forever. Amen.
Desire Guide
In the name Etherean Mission ….
Spiritual: Let there be inner sight for me to see the face of God.
Social: Let there be joy between me and all people.
Psychological: Let there be wisdom celebrating creativity through me.
Physical: Let there be health that is radiating beauty in my body.
Financial: Let there be beneficial service through me that is manifesting great financial reward.

I Glorify God
Planets, Stars and Galaxies are born from you in an instant. Birth yourself Oh God through us and let what came from you glorify you forever.
The Breath of God incarnates in the dust of the womb of my mother birthing Itself as me. Oh God, what comes from you glorifies you; and I glorify God! Amen.

Etherean Mission Beliefs
I Believe, in One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all and through all and in all people.
I Believe, in the Universal Brotherhood of Life.
I Believe, that the Gospel of my life and of all people is Truth and Love.
I Believe, that it is my sole duty to spread this Gospel of Truth and Love to all people by the perfect example of my life.

The Etherean Creed
I believe in one sacred and ineffable Father-Mother God; who is above all, within all and through all units of life; seen and unseen.
And I believe in one life, the fountain of all life, of whose breath we are created; in which we abide and to which we shall return.
I believe in the mystery and the spiritual beauty of my life; as the unfolding presence of God on earth; filled with all power and possibilities.
I believe in the ever-transforming wisdom and stabilizing strength of God; as an ever-happening grace in my life.
I believe that through this transforming wisdom and stabilizing strength, I am constantly being reborn; and unfolding more of the presence of God on earth.
I believe in the universal brotherhood of life; in the knowing that, I am inseparably linked with all beings of the past, present and the future.
I believe that my life and all of life; is the embodiment of truth and love, ever unfolding and establishing perfect beauty.
And I confess my life as one, eternal, that was, is and ever shall be. Amen.

The Etherean Grace

The eternal grace of God abounds within my soul. As the flower unfolds its radiant beauty; so do I unfold the divine attributes of the living God. I am whole; I am complete and God-directed always. And So It Is. Amen.