As a child you might have heard your parents lamenting how difficult life was and how money was hard to come by. Today, some of them may now be making reference to the good old days when good things were readily available and much cheaper.

At the time they were finding life difficult, there were people living in great comfort and luxury. While many may be lamenting about how there isn’t enough to ease survival today, there are still people enjoying better standards of living.

The truth is, there is abundance of everything. There is abundance of Air, Sunlight, Water and Earth. There is abundance of money changing hands. There is abundance of money flowing online through the internet.

There is, has been, and always will be abundance. When you key in to a sense of scarcity, then you will fail to realize abundance in your world. Scripture says ‘the thief comes to steal and destroy.’ ( John 10:10).

The sense of scarcity is the thief that robs you of a life of abundance. It blinds you to possibilities and is what makes people greedy and wanting things for themselves alone.

To do this, look around you and notice abundance in nature and in life around you. Cite several evidences of abundance to yourself.

Heal that sense of scarcity and embrace Abundance.