Judging the actions and decisions of others without having the patience to first and foremost make the attempt to understand the reasons behind the actions we see them take is a malicious evil.

Who has made us judges over others? Who is man to even declare one person as good and another as bad? Which of us is perfect? When we do a careful introspection of our own selves, we will realize that at a point in time or the other, we all did what we now accuse others for: we lie, we insult, we gossip and we all steal or have ever stolen. So, who are we to judge others?

Instead of us judging others, we should rather pray for them, instead of us being righteous in our own eyes, we should rather pray to God to help us to walk in perfection. This is because the human mind is very delicate and needs a cosmic awakening to become conscious.

Don’t judge!