This is the stage when you were a conscious spirit in the womb of your mother. You were kicking and responding to stimuli. Bible says “And while you were the womb, I ordained you to be prophet to the world”. Your formed spirit was breathed unto the dust of the womb of your mother.

Your divine ordination enabled you to select the physical and spiritual genes for your unique formation and character. A clear purpose is registered as your life.
Bring yourself into spiritual remembrance of your origins. The more you can remember, the more capable you can be; and this means that the past is your power.

Your Primary Past was the period in the womb when you were selecting your genes for your formation. You were also at that period receiving your spiritual ordination. Hence, Scripture says, “And when you were in the womb, I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

Today, let every in-breath take you into the womb and with all of your senses, feel the divine ordination of God for your life. Your out-breaths bring the downloaded Divine Ordination of God into your body temple.

Reconnected to the Divine Voice of God in you, you are Power and through your voice, you create your desires. So, make a few connections and with your out-breaths speak your desires to create them. At a point Spirit takes over and speaks greater desires you have not thought of into manifestation.

In this Phase, you were a conscious Spirit and that is what you are now. Live every moment of the day knowing, “I Am Spirit.”