All things work together for good to those who love God ( Romans 8:28)

Many evil things have happened to you in life. You have experienced loss, been cheated and made serious mistakes.

When you take a critical look at each of the misfortunes in your life, you will also realize that each of them gave you some learning or built some inner strength in you.

Often, those learning and inner strengths are not given any attention. They are the gifts of God for your greater good.

Many good things have also happened to you; friends have helped you, counseled you and given to you when in need. In these gifts of God lies God’s gift of learning and inner strength.

There is something to learn from every good that happens to you. Surprisingly, you consider it normal for good to happen to you so you do not recognize the lessons of life for your good.

Bible says, “All things work together for your good.” This means that good things as well as bad things may happen to you but they are instruments of God for your highest good.

Be in the awareness: “All things, including this day (or event) is happening for my highest good now.”

God bless you.